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  1. RTL7

    Box Art 6251 Pirate Mini Figures

    Oldies but goodies. And you still own it. Wow. And the pictures look like they were taken back when. Everything in its place
  2. RTL7

    My relax and addiction room :)

    As I see it is your leisure room. Looks very professional. And you've got a door lock as supposed. By the way, I like the diecast model cars in there as well :)
  3. I would like to build a block house of 6 or more floors with a working elevator (manually driven is okay, but it's not necessary to discuss about its controlling/moving right now). The main problem I've got with the simple elevator made of regular bricks is that it moves very roughly and finally get stuck. I need some space between the elevator and the shaft's (elevator's tunnel - I'm not sure of the right word) walls. I tried to use some tiles, some wheels but it didn't work. The height should be approx 8 bricks and the width is not specified. Just a regular LEGO Town scale or a little bigger. Any suggestions for building a smoothly riding elevator?
  4. Hi there, I'd like to know what is the min and max distance between axles to be capable of moving on all type of tracks (straight, curved, flexible). I would like to build as long as possible a single axle wagon and a double axle wagon.
  5. This is an interesting idea.
  6. I've never heard of these. Are they compatible with LEGO?
  7. Will this have enough free movement on some inclines?
  8. Sometimes it's not about the force. In some cases I'm just lack of magnets, so any idea would be welcome. Talking about those cases then I'm in need of strong coupling, that would be up to 4 kg force for the first wagon and less for every following wagon. I was trying combination like that and the second wagon got popped out while turning or doing slight inclines. Maybe I did something wrong. I will try it again once I have an opportunity.
  9. How about if I use a shorter liftarm? The distance between those hooks looks quite long.
  10. You are absolutely right. Somehow I didn't notice that. Thanks for that :) But also I would be glad with some other ideas, because I'm building more wagons than I have magnets available.
  11. Hi there. As my wagons are gonna be filled up with quite heavy material, I need a different type of a towing ball. A magnet ain't gonna hold the weight. That would be great if the new connection method would be balanced for tiny inclines as well. I just don't want to use any strings. Any ideas?
  12. This is a nice one. I think some gears would be more efficient than a rubber belt. The solution is quite good for some bigger vehicles. It should fit my 8-studs-wide bus as well, but here a disadvantage appears - the height of differential gear is the same as my wheels (30.4x14). That would cause the gear almost hitting the floor.
  13. It seems to have very limited angle. But I will find some time to test it out.
  14. Hello everyone. This is my very first motorized lego vehicle. I'm wondering if somebody could help me to improve all the mechanisms. The vehicle has front steering (this technique requires less space between wheels and mudguards). It's powered by two motors (PF L and PF Servo). I would like to know if there is a way to implement a differential gear. I'm also looking for the best steering technique. I would appreciate any ideas.
  15. This is a test, this is only a test.