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  1. Mjazzw7

    Small classic pirate schooner [MOC]

    Ahoy Provence! Now that’s a ship that I can finally build! A lot of the ships I can’t build because of the hulls they use, that is a very lovely ship and I admire the back. Wondering if you can send me a pdf of the instructions so that I could build one?
  2. Mjazzw7


    Yes actually there is a lot more! It will be hard though to feed them and get food. I’m looking at having at least 500 farms growing wheat to make bread
  3. Mjazzw7


    Actually I’m using that until I can build my own ship online. I did get it off the web to show people how to will look eventually.
  4. Mjazzw7


    Somewhere in the middle of the revolutionary war, the EITC (East India Trading Center) has risen and ready to take on anyone in here path. Here’s some bio: (Pictures coming soon) ships: 489 (frigates, 18 cannons) Here is what it'll hopefully look like: (Pictures coming soon) Troops: 16 mill Officers: 30,000 Commanders: 15,000 Majors: 600 Generals: 5 warlord (supreme ruler): 1 more coming soon!
  5. Mjazzw7

    Windmill Heist

    I love the trees! There aren't a lot of trees in lego, so this is fantastic! I LOVE the details to the house! Well done and keep at it
  6. Awesome! Luckily, I have all the peices! I will make that beauty and make a little battle. You know, constitution vs British
  7. Incredible! The "rocks" gave a really nice touch! I also love the cannon, I can't really see the cannon. I was hoping on building it can you teach me?
  8. Mjazzw7

    [SR-FB] The Rosa Lee (WIP)

    I still couldn't see it but I went on Flickr and I could see the 3-4 images. They look really nice!
  9. Mjazzw7

    MOC: Weekend at the Sea

    That is incredible work! I love the water features and the palm trees. Keep up the awesome work!
  10. I usually build the base of the house first so that I can know how big I want it to be. Than I pick what color I want the walls to be. If you have those two sets I would go for dark gray so it can make a downtown kind of feel, but it's up to you. Once you are done with that, decide what the building will be for (for example, a donut shop, a market, an antique store, etc). Put furniture in there, as much as you can put (no, not 4 couches in every room). The roof is the tricky part. What I do for this kind of building is getting flat bricks, and than adding railings to the top of the building. Oh, and remember to add a door. Hope this helped!
  11. Mjazzw7

    Custom Black Pearl

    Thanks a lot Cousarmy0001! I'll look around the site!
  12. Mjazzw7

    Micro Shipyard

    Oh! Ok thanks!
  13. Mjazzw7

    [ESL - FB] Royal Palace of Trador

    This is beautiful. I don't know what to say about this creation. Im downright speechless.
  14. Mjazzw7

    [SR-FB] The Rosa Lee (WIP)

    The photo is no longer available. But I already know it would look stunning!
  15. Mjazzw7

    Training day [NTSC]

    Never knew there would be a squirrel in the team. Is that the mascot? Or is there a drunk pirate photobombing the picture with a squirrel mask?