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  1. Life support systems maybe?
  2. F1v3s

    [MOC] Echo Base

    What was that ninja turtle for in your first post?
  3. F1v3s

    Tie-Transport moc help

    Thx, I did.
  4. If you take the trooper housing thingy off and then put troops in, you can fit 6 (Make sure to take there weapons off and place them in that huge upside down cockpit thingy.) With a tiny modification I added space for 2 more. By tiny i mean i removed 6 or 7 pieces.
  5. F1v3s

    Tie-Transport moc help

    Here are some reference vids of Lego TIE Reapers. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
  6. F1v3s

    [MOC] TX-225 GAVw "Occupier" combat assault tank

    Jesus Christ that is cheap. And useful, those droid kill tallys will be very useful for CW mocs. Thx. Lol i just found someone trying to sell them for 30 USD.
  7. F1v3s

    [WIP][MOC] All Galactic Empire Tie Variants

    2 things. First, did you get these from that youtube video that featured all the TIES? If not you should watch it. And second, the TIE Lander is Canon, having appeared in Rouge One. (They were those ships appearing after the Battle Over Scarif, two of them escorted Vader's TIE Advanced to the disabled Rebel flagship to board it and attempt to steal back the Death Star plans). Wow that was a lot to put in parentheses
  8. F1v3s

    [MOC] TX-225 GAVw "Occupier" combat assault tank

    Wow i actually know my stickers! And wait, you can buy stickers on bricklink? I need some of those for mocs! About how expensive are they?
  9. F1v3s

    [MOC] TX-225 GAVw "Occupier" combat assault tank

    Where did you get those back stickers from? I recognize them from the Battle of Salecumi set.
  10. We all know that Lego makes good sets, but there is always room for improvement. Whether it be removing those sometimes unsightly spring loaded cannons or making more space inside a starcraft, we all make modifications from time to time. I personally only have 2 unmodified sets, and am very proud of my modifications. This topic is a place to post them. I will be uploading my own eventually, i have no good camera right now. (I apologize if this topic has already been made, I am to lazy to check)
  11. F1v3s

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I am already considering buying and recoloring the set (I am currently searching my collection for the right pieces). This was just a small set idea I wanted to share, and I agree that it is low on Lego's priority list and probably won't happen. I do have high hopes for more Clone Wars sets, or at least battle packs, as the new Star Wars Battlefront game being released contains Clone Wars aspects to it. Where did you find it for 40% off? Just wondering since I'm considering buying it.
  12. F1v3s

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Don't forget the hovertank from a few weeks ago.
  13. F1v3s

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Does anybody remember those medical frigates in the Clone Wars, like the ones in the Malevolence episodes that are destroyed by Grievous? Wouldn't you love to see one of those made in Lego form? It would be perfect for anybody's Clone Wars collection, as a small and more affordable starship as compared to the Venator Class Cruiser. Actually, they have already made this, but as the Rebel Frigate, which was based off of a re-purposed Pelta-Class Frigate, or Medical Frigate. All Lego would have to do is recolor this set and put in new minifigures, and we would have an amazing set. My ideas for the minifigures would be Kit Fisto, since we haven't had a new version of him in a while, a Phase Two Clone Pilot or 2, Generic Phase Two Troopers, a Clone Naval Officer, and a Rocket Battle Droid.