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    Lego Games That You Expect (2016-2017)

    Seriously - Ben 10!? That'd sell like 5 copies!
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    Lego Games That You Expect (2016-2017)

    Warning: This will be full speculation and fanboyism please remain calm Meh: Star Wars IV: The Yoda Chronicles, Star Wars I - 3 remake, Star Wars 4 - 6 remake, X-Men, Rogue One, Star Wars VIII, Batman 4 (maybe based on LEGO Batman: The Movie?), Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Who, Superman, Superman 2, Overwatch, School, Empire, Ghostbusters, MCU ultimate experience, Spiderman Warning #2: Now because I'm super bored I'm about to go in depth into all of them. They will also be in parts (Summer 2018, Autumn 2018, Winter 2018 etc. Summer 2018: LEGO Rogue One (a LEGO version of Star Wars: Rogue One) LEGO Doctor Who ( a LEGO adaptation of key parts of Doctor Who) LEGO Ghostbusters (a LEGO adaptation of ghostbusters) Autumn 2018: LEGO Star Wars 4-6 remake (must... upgrade... graphics!!!!) LEGO Superman (he deserves the Batman treatment) LEGO Spiderman (Spidermen beating up Spiderman villains) Spring 2018: LEGO X-Men (Lego Marvel Superheros style) LEGO Overwatch (It's so popular, we need a game w/ a story line) LEGO School (about guess what... school!) Summer 2018/2019: LEGO Star Wars VIII (plzzzzzzzz no 'where to build' option it drives me crazy, it's satisfying not having the option) LEGO Batman 4 (What craziness will TT games bring on next?) LEGO MCU ultimate experience (levels based on the enitre MCU phase 1-3, so heaps of levels basically) Autumn 2019: LEGO Star Wars 1-3 remake (better graphics all around) LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy 1+2 and maybe parts of Avengers 3?) LEGO Empire (go on epic missions to gather gold bricks to expand your empire) Winter 2019: LEGO Superman 2 ( a remake, with more character diversity like they did with Batman) LEGO Star Wars IV: The Yoda Chronicles (remember that series? Let's go with that) Writers Note: Sorry that this got so long and speculative, I just got bored and a bit carried away with the speculation!