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  1. This is absolutely stunning. Great work getting 6 wheel drive and that beautiful grabber and everything else stuffed in there. I am in awe. It is builds like this that continue to drag me back to Technic after any sort of dark age. Keep up the great work!
  2. You should check out It shows the perfect (or close to perfect) lego right triangles in terms of length of beams which makes it nice to work with for lego since there is no adding/subtracting 1. And it's not just the ones with all whole numbers, some are for lengths that go down to a half stud.
  3. ginger-snapped

    [MOC] Wheel Loader

    I have always loved wheel loaders. Amazing work getting it to look so good and compact while still fitting those functions in. I will say the bucket tilting had me worried for a second seeing it be a bit shaky (possible due to that u-joint), but it seems quite strong working with those rocks. Great job!
  4. An impressive build in every way! Looks amazing and has great functions! I am quite in awe of what you have created. Beautiful work!
  5. Wow. Very impressive! The idea to build around the boat hull is really cool! Especially since it allows it to look technic all the way around. I expect to see this idea recreated by others. Nice work!
  6. Wow! This TC really brought the best out of everyone! Such amazing builds! Congrats to all the winners! I really wish I could have competed, but stupid college took up too much time. I guess I'll have to take my LEGO with me to college now. Nice job everyone!
  7. Well worth the wait! Such an amazing model. I don't know what it is, but a cool, tough suspension system like this is one of my favorite things to see in LEGO. So happy to finally see it in action, especially in the mossy, rocky creek. Great work!
  8. At around the 3-minute mark, he mentions in the subtitles that while it will be difficult to make it into a GBC module, he does plan to. It could be an issue with translation though. I think having 2 balls go at once and instead of 1 would help with the 1 ball/second requirement. I'm more worried about the clicking sound that occurs as the gear rotates and supports the rack after it is elevated. It seems like a lot of friction that will wear out the gears but shouldn't be too big of an issue to solve. But, if anyone is gonna make this into a great GBC module, it's Akiyuki.
  9. Well done! It looks so simple, but it is awesomely complex. Very impressive stuff!
  10. Awesome build! Definitely nailed the futuristic vibe with the oval cabin. Can't wait to see that suspension in action!
  11. I am a fairly tidy builder, which has possibly lessened productivity as I have no truly finished projects as of this date. It makes the building process go quick as I know exactly where each beam, gear, axle, connector, and pin is, but I spend a lot of time sorting to get to that in the first place. I love seeing the organization, but I will love actually seeing a finished project one day even more.
  12. ginger-snapped

    [TC17] FrankenBase

    Oh my goodness. This is amazing. This contest is shaping up to be a tough fight for first prize. I'm in awe of the sheer size and how you were able to achieve great steering and speed for such a massive vehicle. Very Impressive stuff!
  13. Okay. Very cool. That's quite impressive. I've got an idea of how I would keep 2 gears from being selected at once, but I still need to test it. I like how you kept with the original design for that. Looking forward to your next MOC!