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  1. ginger-snapped

    [MOC] Ford GT40 Mk1 1967

    Okay. Very cool. That's quite impressive. I've got an idea of how I would keep 2 gears from being selected at once, but I still need to test it. I like how you kept with the original design for that. Looking forward to your next MOC!
  2. ginger-snapped

    [MOC] Ford GT40 Mk1 1967

    Very impressive stuff! It is a very clean, good build, and the final model looks like a monster. I always love gearboxes with the stick shift solution like that, and I'll probably do something similar in a MOC of my own one day. I was very impressed when I studied the bottom view and realized just how you managed to make it reset when 2 gears are selected. Keep up the great work!
  3. ginger-snapped

    GBC General Discussion

    @Ankoku Not sure if you saw it, but the designer of that GBC Godet recently made a topic for that module: Just thought I'd point that out so the builder can get some recognition on their topic page. Keep up the great work of finding these awesome modules on YouTube!
  4. ginger-snapped

    GBC Bucket

    Very cool idea and smart solutions as well! I absolutely love the decision to only have 2 of the banana gear pieces for a half-circle instead of a full circle. It makes it appear snake-like and even as though it sort of floats. Only suggestions might be to try an all-glass (clear plastic) front so there are no frames interrupting the view and unless you are worried about the balls betting stuck, you could have the balls directly enter the pit instead of coming from the platform on the front side. It also looks a bit bulky, but not too bad. Really good work and a really strong idea! Keep it up!
  5. ginger-snapped

    [GBC] Assorted Modules

    I saw this video on YouTube a few days ago but did not realize that it was your channel. Very nice work! It's a cool module that had a lot of work go into it. I really like including the design process in the videos. Keep up the great work!
  6. ginger-snapped

    Keeping score

    Really smooth, quick, and consistent! I believe that having the output geared down 12z to 20z would give you 10 outputs (0-9) instead of 6 and the possibility to add another digit. Quite nice! Those large yellow plates are pretty cool and seem very useful for builds like this
  7. Still stunned with how strong and well working those machines are! love the special video. Really amazing stuff!
  8. ginger-snapped

    [MOC] 6x6 off-road tow truck

    Wow! Very cool. So many functions. Thanks for the update!
  9. ginger-snapped

    [WIP] Volvo ECR145E

    I like it! Definitely looks better with longer tracks. I personally use LDCad to do digital designing. This is the LDCad website: I recommend using the LDraw All-In-One-Installer to download and install everything you'd need, and that can be found at this website along with some instructions and explanations: Hope it works out! And happy building!
  10. ginger-snapped

    [WIP] Volvo ECR145E

    Seems quite compact. Nice progress. I agree that it would match the real excavator if the tracks were a few studs longer (and maybe a bit wider), but I think it looks good as is. Can't wait to see more!
  11. ginger-snapped

    [GBC] Assorted Modules

    Love these modules! The lift done without the scissor mechanism is really creative. Can't wait for these fancier modules you speak of!
  12. ginger-snapped

    [MOC] Experimental Supercar

    Very impressive! Really smart solutions. Doing the pushrod suspension at that 45° angle is quite fascinating and intriguing. Nice job!
  13. ginger-snapped

    [MOC] Tow Truck MkII

    Impressive as usual! You've been one of my favorite builders to follow. Always in awe that you can get your functions (especially drive and steering) to work on such a large scale with so much weight in play. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
  14. 3: 10 5: 6 8: 4 1: 3 11: 2 12: 1
  15. ginger-snapped

    [WIP] Miura concept [FKA Codename Silvestros]

    Looking awesome! I've been paying attention to this for a while, and it just keeps getting better. You mentioned you don't love the central column on the hood. I think it may look better if the upper portion was angled down and/or lowered. Also, trying 7x3x2 panels instead of 11x3x2 panels may help you match the concept drawings a bit better. I had noticed you switched from the Porsche rims to the Chiron rims, presumably without LEGO hubs for either solution. Have you had issues with either solution sliding off the axle? And I would love to see a pictures if able. Good luck!