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  1. Fun times I’ll take all the unlicensed series I can get! I wonder if the want to get to series 25 so they can stop for a bit then do a reboot of some kind like some people were discussing about earlier without the numbering.
  2. So now that Indiana Jones is returning I wonder if we’ll get a CMF series to go along with the sets next year?
  3. So we got a red dragon suit based off a dragon from a castle set now we have a green dragon costume recolor now we just need a green dragon to complete the circle. Also I wasn’t aware about the bandmates series not being in a specific order for everyone I heard from someone that they were and when I went to Walmart I grabbed all the boxes from one side and got one of each so it worked for me.
  4. Sales will probably drop 50% or more but who cares they are $5 a pack and they’ll still make money off cases. I wonder if they will put them in a specific order in the cases like the bandmates ones? but either way I never thought the CMF line would end like this I was always hoping they’d get to like series 50 and call it good for awhile then reboot it a year or two later.
  5. Not sure if anyone else noticed but this is the first unlicensed series since series 6 to not include a cloth/fabric part and because the nutcracker has a sword series 2 is still the only unlicensed series to not include a sword of some type, also he has a printed tile of a nut. overall I think this series is ok none of the figures jump out at me (though I do kinda like turkey guy more than the others ) but I’m glad to see most of them be made. also if you swap the green dragon wings with the red ones it would look kinda like the one from the classic castle sets from back in the day. also am I the only one who thinks the snowman looks kinda creepy with that smile?
  6. 1Panda

    Ideas for CMFs

    Will we see a bacon costume in the next series or perhaps a zebra costume for series Z ? Also nice to you’ve been keeping at it I haven’t been around a lot lately so I’ve had a lot of catching up to do. My favorite from this most recent series was probably the AI robot and the Knight .
  7. I fixed it! (Sorry for the low quality) once again I had to use the S17 elf hair piece to complete the look of a CMF.
  8. * pats myself on the back* Looks like I was right about the husky color change and the minifig head piece on the snailien. And why is no one talking about the red “Karen hair “ ? Not sure why they covered up the moon warrior’s dual-molded arms?the figure looks better when you can see them IMO. And the foal and girl must be made to go with that new city set with the horse truck and trailer set. Overall I think this series is decent enough that I’ll probably get at least two of each for my collection and parts.
  9. Am I the only one who thinks the husky has blue eyes in the new better picture? Also the gray color looks lighter but it could just be the lighting.
  10. It appears to be a printed minifig head on the back of the alien attached to a minifig neck attachment piece… I like the use of the antenna piece too This is probably my favorite of the series the only ones I don’t really care for is the skater and the girl that comes with the foal. But other than that I’m liking this series. also I would have preferred a recolor of the baby piece for the mini robot I get that kids can actually assemble this one but it’s starting to look like a poly bag set with all those parts…
  11. So the crescent moon on the “ moon warrior’s” shield has got me thinking the moon night could maybe be have something to do with the Ottoman Empire possibly? I did a quick search and didn’t find anything to confirm they had moons on their shields but maybe they thought people would recognize what type of character they where trying to represent. never mind I didn’t see the 3 posts above so maybe I’m wrong 😑
  12. I wonder if the “snow warrior” and “moon warrior” figures are possibly foreshadowing something coming later next year. Kinda like what they’ve done before with… S19 Monkey King ( Monkey kid ) S1 Ninja ( Ninjago) S4 crazy scientist,Monster and Werwolf (monster fighters) S3 Elf (lord of the rings) And probably more. I’m not going to get my hopes up for a new fantasy theme but maybe they decided it’s time.
  13. I’m guessing the raccoon suit will be a straight up recolor of the fox costume but since I love foxes and raccoons I have no complaints the ones that intrigue me the most are the two warriors and the alien it’s good to see them finally realize that people want figures that aren’t easily compatible with other themes currently available like city. Not that I have a problem with that but It’s nice to have more of things we don’t have much of any more like sci-fi/historical/space/mythology and etc. the only one that’s looks and sounds boring to me is the skater.
  14. I don’t suppose someone can share a link to the instagram page because I can find it .
  15. ah yes that’s what it was thanks. Also I wouldn’t mind getting a space marine like that