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    Legos, what else. Mostly the Collectable Lego minifigures theme. (particularly series 6,12,13,15,16 and 17)


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  1. 1Panda


    I meant to vote for the chess set but I can’t read the set numbers Also thanks for bringing the game back!
  2. 1Panda

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Mars mission sounds great ! Also I wonder if one of the space sets will include some new or old animal like a dog or chimpanzee since we sent them in to space before us although I’m sure this won’t happen but it would be interesting if it did. although I was hoping for a farm theme since the last one came out ten years ago.........
  3. 1Panda

    Future Castle Sets?

    Yeah I’d like some goats too.
  4. That fox suit looks good and I do think it will appear in series nineteen.
  5. 1Panda

    [MOC] Fus Ro Dah !

    Them saber tooth tigers are great !
  6. Technically every series could be a costume series if you want just saying.... probably not the best place for this but whenever I see someone complain about series 18 I just have to point that out.
  7. The black clip is to attach to the grey kickstand on the dirt bike and the grey telescope piece on top is where you put the helmet as for the blue pin haven’t even noticed it on mine.
  8. 1Panda


    This is my list 1. Australian guy with a boomerang and koala. 2. Basketball player . 3. Alien/monster ( basically combine the alien clinger and tentacle legs from alien conquest with the evil red shark head from Atlantis and a green torso.) 4. Zoo keeper guy with a baby elephant. 5. Dentist 6.Ocean warrior ( basically an armored merman with a trident and maybe an exclusive treasure key from Atlantis as fun reference ) 7. Aztec ruler 8. Headless horseman for Halloween 9. Frontiersman with opossum or fox 10. Firefighter (because ) 11. Pilgrim with a live turkey and musket 12. Dog suit person 13. Snowman 14. Scuba girl with sea turtle 15.pizza suit person ( using the new watermelon piece duh! ) 16. ELF KING!
  9. That’s interesting Can you tell us where the kimono girl’s fan and Highlander’s long sword were used before?
  10. I don’t know if this idea has been thought of yet but I think it would be cool if LEGO did a theme that I call “Bug fighters “ which is basically alien conquest but with giant build able bugs like spiders, insects and such.
  11. So you’re assuming that that all “all white clowns “ are evil because they are portrayed as evil in movies and books ? oops misread what you said never mind
  12. 1Panda

    Guess the next animal mould round 3

    I was thinking black with dark red.
  13. 1Panda

    Strap yourself in guys. CMF Game is landing back on EB!

    This is the main reason why I joined Eurobricks almost a year ago! its also nice to see each series against itself like I had suggested.
  14. Now that I finally got the entire series I’ve got some fun pictures that I will post soon. also I must say that all of these figs are better in person for sure. The one I like most is the dragon suit and close behind is the cowboy then after that it’s hard to say. and lastly in my area these have sold out twice at my local Walmart and yes there are still two cases of the Batman series.