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  1. 1Panda

    Ideas for a CMFs

    I like the knight and the centaur the others are great as well nice work.
  2. 1Panda

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    No the mutant t-Rex is bigger
  3. Hey I’m not far from there I should probably go looking thanks for letting me know. When I said show up I meant entering the home/building and or searching. I sometimes forget not every one uses the same wording as I and I apologize that I didn’t make it clear the first time. And thanks for answering my question.
  4. 1Panda

    Ideas for a CMFs

    It’s been a while since I’ve been on this page but those are some good ones man. The time traveler and composer I really like and the round tile with the hypnotist is interesting to look at.
  5. Pandering for money I suppose....
  6. The best way to tell if there is a market for something is how long it takes before it’s on clearance, but since that isn’t something that happens much anymore it will be harder to determine if that is the case. and just to be clear I’m not particularly for or against anthropomorphic figures I guess it depends how they look and the ones I have seen in the leaks aren’t for me but I’m happy that they are available for the people that are interested in them. Don’t police have to have a search warrant to show up at your house? Or is that an American thing? From my understanding if they don’t have one they either aren’t real cops or they a breaking the law so you could show up in court and they could be in trouble but if they do have some kind of warrant it’s probably because you did something suspicious in which case it’s good to know local laws so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen.
  7. 1Panda

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    If the city sets this year are going to be Africa related I would assume a crocodile will appear (hopefully in gray) and a male lion is kind of an obvious first choice and an elephant would be up there to I think. However I wouldn’t mind a cheetah ,rhino or giraffe but I don’t think they would be made. A zebra is possible and ostrich would be interesting if they brought that back. Of course they will probably have some small animals that they could throw in like birds, snakes etc. and as for some obscure choices I’d like to see an aardvark or meerkat. so if I had to guess I’d say we probably get a lion , elephant and crocodile and some small critters across the four sets.
  8. So this is how the centaur looks with a different hair piece
  9. How do we know that the alien isn’t the leader of some space terrorist organization that steals crystals from a from a mining company that uses them to power a space colony full of scientists and innocent people trying to survive and the space police are the brave heroes supposed to stop them and save the city. the crowbar could be his stylish walking cane.
  10. Did you tack that picture or is this from the internet?
  11. Oh really. I thought with how often most people on here whine and complain about every non licensed series and say things like why can’t LEGO make stuff like this guy?!? Or try to make their products like their competitors and etc. And the fact that LEGO doesn’t seem to try to compete with the standard that other people set, tells me they don’t care or are unaware of this place but I guess that’s just me. and no I’m not trying to start anything against anyone for having different opinions than me or referring to anyone specific person I’m just saying what I’ve see and lastly I’m not mad about anything as I type this some of its sarcasm from what I have seen the only time LEGO cares about people’s ideas is on their own terms through their various programs. And for the one person who will say “there was this one time” I am also aware of some exceptions.
  12. 1Panda

    Ideas for a CMFs

    A green Santa that’s nice. The duck is a good inclusion but it would have been cool if it was the classic wooden duck that LEGO made back in the day.
  13. For some reason the space police looks better on the back of the leaflet and knowing he has a better alternate face and gun makes him more appealing to me. my only complaint is the visor should have been the one from last years city space sets the helmet piece was designed to accommodate. in red of course since we have not gotten that part in red is the point that I’m trying to make.