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  1. And I shall go with you Sorry my last post Is messed up and I don’t think it was me I don’t know what happened?
  2. 1Panda

    Which is the best CMF Series? Which is the WORST?

    Simpson’s 2 was the worst
  3. Maybe they are bumping the price up so we can get a centaur! and as long as each figure has top quality printing all around, dual-molding, extra parts and at least one new piece I would be fine spending $5 on one pack
  4. Since the made a biker in series 19 maybe they’ll do a wheelchair racer in this series
  5. 1Panda

    Which is the best CMF Series? Which is the WORST?

    Series 10 and 3 are equally good for me
  6. Just got the whole series sealed on eBay they’ll be at my house on Monday
  7. I think I’ll have to get a hazmat guy. My copy of this figure is fine
  8. The Fox suit girls legs might work with the hazmat guy if they are the same color.
  9. 1Panda

    Which is the best CMF Series? Which is the WORST?

    It will be interesting to see what happens when we get to a round where all four series are the regular ones.
  10. The shower guy and programmer I got on eBay from some guy that apparently had multiples of the two figures in stock and the fright knight and bear guy I believe I got from the brother from another brick himself because the description on eBay said they were only used for YouTube reviews and who else had reviews of those two figs on YouTube I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to tell where I got them but since other people are getting box’s of them I hope it’s ok
  11. 1Panda

    LEGO Collectible Minifigures Dream Series Game.

    I now regret not reading the first post thoroughly before sending my lists to you oh well
  12. 1Panda

    Which is the best CMF Series? Which is the WORST?

    I like series 6 and 8 so I voted for the underdog just for fun
  13. I don’t either. however it ruins the exclusivities of the figure for people who care and opens the door for them to think they can get away with stuff like this in the future. they could have at least given him a tattoo on his back that says I ❤️ Lego or something. When I learn how to use flicker I’ll share and in case anyone wants to know what figures I got they are the programmer, the shower guy, bear costume and the fright knight
  14. I don’t know how to show photos on here but I just got some of these in the mail and noticed that the shower guys torso os the exact same torso from the city fun at the beach set