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  1. Do the S3 space villain and S8 and S16 pirates with missing limbs count as disabilities?
  2. Maybe a farm related character as well or a new police figure since this wave of city sets are suspiciously light on police
  3. But it did happen with series 19 so IT is still possible but I know it won’t be the same every time
  4. You’d think if someone was able to get a whole figure from the series they would at Least get the collection sheet with all of them.
  5. If you swap the arms this could work as a old sci-if space figure. as for the figure it self I like it enough to buy 2 one for collection one for custom as said above. what I do not like about this is that we got 4 figures like it two years ago so I can see why some people would not be interested in this. since I didn’t get those other 4 I don’t mind as much. I don’t remember the poncho from the leak.
  6. 1Panda

    The minifigure Diary

  7. 1Panda

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    Nice work man.
  8. 1Panda

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    I just use a clear hard for my headless horseman also is it the one ring that you used to hold the cape on ?
  9. 1Panda

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    Looks like a red Balrog nice I also really like the Basil remake I’ve been to to make one of my own since I don’t have an original.
  10. 1Panda

    The minifigure Diary

    So that’s where the crab claws went
  11. 1Panda

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    Oh we went there ok. haha why am I on here at 2:00 am anyway .
  12. 1Panda

    The minifigure Diary

    Let’s see the army of chicken suit guys. Haha JKJK also I only have about 2,000 figures in my collection so you have almost passed me.