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  1. It's brickfilm about Darth Vader's Transformation from Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. A cult scene from the Star Wars universe.
  2. Hello my friends! See my new cartoon about LEGO House. I created this cartoon special for LEGO Rebrick contest.
  3. @Huigberts Builds Thanks so much! Animation is very hard work but it's very interesting!)
  4. Hi! See my new work! Stop Motion + Review and Speed Building) What do you think? Thanks!
  5. @Littleworlds Thanks for the comment! I agree with you: more a speed build. Unfortunately I doт't speak English well. I'll add more information in video. Soon I can use new camera. Video quality will be better!
  6. @rollermonkey @BrickG Thanks)) I create LEGO cartoons. Do you have idea for cartoons?)
  7. MaxBB

    LEGO Batman - Crazy Neighbors

    @VaderFan2187 Thank so much!)) Do you have idea for new cartoon?)
  8. Hello! What do you think about this set? Thanks for watching!
  9. Hi! See my new LEGO Cartoon about Batman. Comment please!)) Thanks!