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  1. DigitalDreams

    [MOC] IKEA Furniture Store

    Wow, that's amazing. Lot's of planning went into this, and it paid off.
  2. DigitalDreams

    (MOC) Some Arcade machines I've been working on

    Great idea for the sweets!
  3. DigitalDreams

    Rollercoaster and Theme park

    I was talking about the speed of the ride at the front-right that spins ;) Great display though. Would love to build something this big!
  4. DigitalDreams

    Rollercoaster and Theme park

    Great coaster build, and time-lapse video! I think the ride at the front could do with being slowed a bit, unless you want all the riders to die 😛
  5. DigitalDreams

    (MOC) Some Arcade machines I've been working on

    Some nice machines there. Wish I'd thought of the mini-bowling machine back when I did my shopping centre amusement arcade. My pinball machine used tubing cut-offs for the buttons...
  6. DigitalDreams

    MOC Portable roller coaster

    Excellent. If parts like these existed back when I played with real LEGO then I would definitely have built one of these. I couldn't tell from the short video, but what's controlling the rate that the cars pause and then advance onto the lift hill?
  7. DigitalDreams

    [MOC] Science Museum

    Thanks! Project took around 6 months, although at least half of that is optimization (for rendering on less than ideal PC), render preparation, trial renders, and then the final renders which weighed in at around 200 hours. Thanks!
  8. DigitalDreams

    [MOC] Science Museum

    Thanks for all the kind comments. I added a few more images to the album, including some cross-sections. I'll add this MOC to my list of things to build when I win the lottery
  9. DigitalDreams

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    And more importantly, if you get the cars up to 88mph, do they disappear back to the future?
  10. DigitalDreams

    LEGO Pet Peeves

    It's one of those program features filed under "cunningly hidden". Or perhaps it's "fiendishly disguised", I get the two mixed up
  11. DigitalDreams

    LEGO Pet Peeves

    Perhaps I've misunderstood your problem with MLCad, but if you're talking about the default colours on the Colorbar Toolbar, you can right-click on any of the 16 colour squares and replace them with any colour you want. I imagine most MLCad users use this to replace the old greys with the new, and I also removed something else (possibly pink?) to get (dark)tan in there too. If it's of any use to you for LDView, there is a javascript-based LDView parts list re-sorter that I wrote years ago.
  12. DigitalDreams

    [MOC] Science Museum

    Thanks Eggyslav. I think providing the builder puts in the effort to ensure the model is valid (parts, colours, structure, and where possible, dynamics) and is properly rendered then digital models can be excellent. Part of the problem was always the screenshot quality of LDD which didn't even show the separation between bricks, combined with the lack of technical skills many (understandably) have (fortunately not a problem for a software engineer like me), but things are certainly improving these days compared to 10 or 15 years ago, in part probably due to the LDDtoPOV converter. In any case, going digital was the only way I'd ever be able to afford to build my models (most of which are huge by LEGO set standards). Still waiting on that lottery win... Funny point about the signs - two of the colours pass through the sign to the other side where they also form part of a letter on the rear, the other colours are single sided. I used separate colours to keep track of it all whilst building but decided in the end to leave it that way because it looked good. I guess I was somewhat lucky with the length of the two words and the alignment on the rear. It's explained on one of the images, but the point of the hatch was to allow escape from a wing if the core was ablaze. The original concept was to put staircases at the front of the wings, but I didn't like it and ended up with the hatches where the concept is that you throw down a chain ladder to the ground. My concern was simply that this probably wouldn't pass fire regulations, but then if you're about to get burned alive that chain ladder will be a huge relief Thanks Blackbird. Total 60894 parts, including approx. 10k bricks, 4k slopes, 10k plates, 26k tiles, and for all those round structures over 3k hinge-halves. Thanks LegoModularFan. Unique shaping was certainly high on the list of design criteria. As for the colours that you don't like the original concept was to have the wings and support stanchions in a mix of red and orange with the central core a mix of yellow and black, with the multi-coloured approach intended to make the museum more kid-friendly. Although the stanchions looked good in red and orange I struggled to get the overall mix of colours to work well together, and limited part/colour availability (especially on the slopes and curved parts) left me wrestling with constant colour tweaks until in the end I decided to go with the more reliable mix of blue/grey/white/black. I agree about the foliage. I originally intended the grassy base to be about 8 bricks high with lots more plant and water features (and maybe even a hedge maze), but the brick count was getting too high for me to render on my ageing PC and I've run into some serious personal problems and wanted to get this finished and posted while I still could. Thanks koalayummies. Most of my MOCs are massive, which was really the whole point of getting into digital builds (built lots of real brick small stuff as a kid). There certainly are some challenges which put what I do beyond certainly the more typical digital builder, usually in relation to trigonometry calculations (fortunately I still remember my soh-cah-toa stuff from high school trigonometry ), and also complexity with trying to deal with such a large model in software. There's a lot of critical dimensions here, especially in relation to the offsets/angles for the circular sections, and for the overlaps to deal with the awkward 60 degree placement of the wings. On this model the stupidest little thing that would have taken next to no time in real bricks ended up taking an entire day. Around the rocket exhibit there is a semi-circular glass barrier connected to two straight glass barriers. The straight ones are stud-aligned and connected to the floor. The curved section (which could be built and then bent into shape in 10 seconds in real bricks) couldn't be achieved with the same angle between all hinged sections and given the way the software works I absolutely have to calculate all angles if I want the end of the hinged sequence to land properly on a stud. It was even worse on my Spaceship model where even more angles were needed at the front of the wings. Often with too many simultaneous equations to solve involving sin/cos/tan I've taken to just using a spreadsheet with macros to iteratively nudge multiple angles until the calculated offset error reads zero (or as close as it doesn't matter) implying stud alignment. I've even been known to lay out lots of post-it notes on the floor and shuffle them into position to get an understanding of how many hinged sectioned are needed and the approx. starting angle. As for the PC, you might be surprised. I'm building these on a 15 year old PC running XP with 1.5GHz single core and 1GB ram. Of course, it takes a bit of skill to get them to render on that Thanks Digger of Bricks! On the original paper sketches and mockup I was going for a blend of futurist and brutalist, although I arguably softened the brutalism with the rounded windows on the wings after I concluded that long repetitive rows of small square windows on the wings was going to look a bit unfriendly and not let in enough light, so I kind of see it as a blend of two styles now. I'm always interested to see what phrases people come up with to describe architecture styles
  13. DigitalDreams

    [MOC] Science Museum

    Thanks Wesley for your kind comments. There's a lot I like about this architecture too, but I have to confess to not being entirely happy. The strange shape made it a pain to light in the renders due to a great number of shadows. Not sure about how legitimate the proposed fire escapes from the wings would be in real life. I also ran out of room and didn't manage to include a service elevator. As for the rocket, I suppose the museum owners craned that one in from above before adding the dome :) The rocket was originally supposed to be dead center with a circular viewing barrier but then I had the idea of merging it with the glass-fronted elevator car so you can ride up the side of the rocket!
  14. DigitalDreams

    [MOC] Science Museum

    Full Flickr Album contains many more images, all with descriptions.
  15. DigitalDreams

    [MOC] LEGO Research Labs, 62000 parts

    Greetings! LEGO Research Labs 62000-brick commercial complex featuring offices & laboratories, various function, service & utility areas, stairwells, elevators, gardens, and parking for 106 cars plus additional spaces for motorbikes and bicycles. More pictures: Slideshow / Zooms: