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  1. Hey all I am back to making models again, starting off with my Japanese Garden Shrine, always loved the Japanese architecture  and was lucky enough to go out and visit for a few months before all this lockdown stuff,

    This model is loosely based on and contains many iconic features of the amazing Daigoji Temple in Kyoto

    hope you like it and if you feel like wanting to support you can find it on ideas :)




    Project has now been removed by lego as they claimed this was stolen/copied, currently in the middle of a dispute on this claim as they removed my project for pretty much no reason and with no proof

  2. 17 hours ago, Mylenium said:

    Just another of those pointless "Uh-ah, someone stole my precious MOC!" *sob,sob* discussions. As long as LEGO haven't even approved your design, what should they even do about this? You know, the deed hasn't even been done and there is no such thing as pre-crime in the real world. At worst they can simply eliminate your entry from Ideas. Everything else is up to Nintendo, if they even care. Beyond that there is nothing to see here.


    you realise this is a huge problem in the Moc scene, they are making thousands from peoples passion, these knock off groups are now stealing large amounts of mocs that way they cant be in trouble with Lego, so sure it may be another snob story but the fact this is happening in huge numbers recently is awful...

    also when you submit a project to Lego Ideas they hold the license to it for around 3 years i think meaning you cant sell or profit from it until it has been declined, in some cases Lego has turned down submissions because they "copied" a chinese knock off project when in fact the person had their moc stolen before hand

    and this is the first time i have had my work stolen so i was just curious if there was anything i was able to do about it

  3. 1 hour ago, toastergrl said:

    Under regular cicrumstances you might be in trouble on account of LEGO legally owning any submitted Product Idea (for 3 years) so you can't take legal action yourself, and there are unfortunately multiple examples of clone brands taking Idea concepts and selling them themselves where the company has not seen it necessary to take the KO down. However since you're in review they have a vested interest in protecting the concept in case they place it into production, so I advise you contact a LEGO Ideas representative about it to discuss. If you've already been contacted about the 10k interview everyone gets I'd recommend shooting off an email to the person who sent you that; otherwise, support DOT ideas AT lego DOT com is your best bet.

    How do clone brands end up recreating these things so thoroughly, anyways? Have you shared the instructions or CAD model(s) online, or is it some scummy builder's job to go through promising concepts and attempt to recreate them brick by brick to try to snipe the opportunity?

    thanks i sent an email over to them now, 

    i watched a video of someone building this knock off set and the build itself is fairly different its just the parts you can clearly see that are the same, i assume someone copies what they can see in a digital program or with bricks and then fills everything else in as best they can 

  4. Hey guys i have been working on a new project that is basicly like For Honor in lego, It features Vikings, Knights and Samuari in one land, the project is quite basic at the moment however i am open to ideas in all areas, if this project gets some traction it could be considered as a theme by Lego, it involves the three factions coming together and defeating a big bad



  5. Hey all after having been away from moc making i was sent a message about a new website where you can submit Lego themes, i have started work on a new theme that takes Greek gods and mythology and brings them into the real world as sort of superheroes - think of it like Thor, Loki, odin etc from the marvel movies, Mount Olympus for example is located on a mountain overlooking a city and is similar to the Hall of Justice from Dc, the basic plot is Hades is a bit sick of always being left out and ignored and wants to be the centre of things so he brings together Myths and Legends from Greek lore and uses them as an army to try and take over the overworld 

    i think this would be a great way to get some Greek related builds and figures whilst still being intresting and unique with its modern twist any support would be greatly appreciated

    Below are the current completed Gods/Heroes still have a fair few more to go












  6. I personally would love this to be a set, I was very sad that this theme ended, the build is fantastic as well, but I am wary Lego may not do this set for the same reason I don't think they will do the Indiana Jones set these themes didn't sell very well for Lego and there wasn't much interest, I know they've turned down a fair few lord of the rings ideas so far but I'm hoping they won't with this one 


  7. On 5/8/2020 at 9:27 PM, TeriXeri said:

    5000 already, congrats so far !

    Thank you it's gone very quick so far :) 


    10 hours ago, -R8- said:

    This is a really phenomenal build and loving the idea of resurrecting Fabuland figures for a Lego Animal Crossing! :wub: I especially appreciate the attention to the in-game details, such as the three apples on the tree, the texturing on the ground, the water, and of course, the colors match perfectly. Congrats!

    Thank you you the kind words, it would be interesting to have fabuland figures back I wonder if they have the mould? And we know that Lego are not against doing special stuff for Nintendo but I think normal minifigures will also work great, 


    Thanks I am a big fan of the art style on the game and I feel like it fits Lego perfectly even down to the colours I never once felt like I needed to compromise

  8. 16 hours ago, WhiteFang said:

    Now, I really wish this will come true. I am also an Animal Crossing fan too. This is best of both worlds with LEGO and Nintendo to come together. 

    Your built is spot on and I will love to have it in my collection if that day ever come. 

    Hint hint to TLG - to bring back Fabuland. Since Animal Crossing revolve around Animal residents and this should sit well with them. 

    haha thanks i do as well i am excited that mario is happening as it means the two companies are ok working together!

    hopefully it comes the project is on 4,500 in 4 days although its slowed a lot i think that the early boost has helped

    oo that is true maybe it will be a mix of animal based head moulds and normal minifigure parts?

  9. so for me technics is normally my go to if i build in digital, if i build in real life i actually use Duplo bricks as they fill in space quickly and are compatible with lego, another thing you could try is importing it into there is a feature there that shows you if things are floating, not connected or would put stress on things  

  10. 5XrPUs5.jpg

    Im sure some of you may of seen this if you frequent reddit but i want to share it here as well, this is my Nooks Cranny project based upon animal crossing, if you are fan of the game or cosey looking buildings then feel free to support the project :) you can also find more images on the project page

    (Tommy and Timmy uses a moulded bear head i just did a quick paint over which is why it looks a bit unlego like)

  11. 26 minutes ago, Darkdragon said:

    I'm so jealous you got to this before I could :iamded_lol: 

    I've looked at the houses on Ideas and they are nothing compared to what you've done. Most are not very good and definitely not going to work out as a set.    The main issue with doing more on Ideas though would be that it will start looking like a theme which then they will deny because they don't want to do those.    

    You definitely picked the right place to start and I'm all for you continuing your layout with more cool buildings.

    Hmm that is a good point maybe I will try and get a mini display island made for if my project hits 5k 

  12. 22 hours ago, Bugbot20082 said:

    Hi everyone I got something for you. 
    So now that we have the building known as the viaduct entrance i wanted to see how the rest of the long gallery and the courtyard might turn out using it as the basis for scale etc. 
    So after creating the base plates from the new astronomy tower set I have made this:

    Lego Hogwarts Courtyard Floor-plan Concept

    The red sections are parts of the castle we do not have yet, and hopefully should be very close to future sets. I have proposed locations for connection pins between some of the modules (Grey and black bricks). 
    Regular red is the baseplate of the each section, and dark red sections indicate the footprint of an upper level such as a tower.

    The pink strips could be grass plates. I have also shown how the ‘greenhouse’ we have could be part of the courtyard profile.

    What do you guys think?

    What rooms would you put in the remaining structures?

    Do you think lego has a plan like this?

    im not sure if this is legos exact plan, but they 100% have a layout in mind like they did with the older harry potter sets i would love to see a full hogwarts castle from all the sets joined up

  13. 14 hours ago, WhiteFang said:

    Perfect. I love this MOC very much and it is damn accurate. :wub: 

    thank you :), nooks cranny is pretty much perfect for lego everything just fit great without any fancy techniques 

    11 hours ago, Agent 86 said:

    Very cute! Are you planning on expanding your Lego island to include the museum, town hall and maybe some houses too?

    thanks :) i would love to, i think with the popularity of this project on reddit and lego ideas that i may do some more build, i didnt plan on doing houses as there is already houses submitted to lego ideas and i didnt think it was fair to to take their votes  

  14. 4 hours ago, PixelProtectors said:

    Well deserved spotlight man, you did a great job. It looks so clean and fun! :)

    thank you :)

    3 hours ago, Darkdragon said:

    You completely deserve it, it's perfect. :wub: 

    Just remember, Eurobricks featured you first! :laugh:

    hahaha dont worry i always come to eurobricks first!

  15. On 4/15/2020 at 8:34 AM, Loslyn said:

    Love the colour scheme and display windows.  I especially love the roof,  really captures that Mediterranean feel. 

    It's the grey window detailing (as well as the grey tiles) on the side elevation that stands proud and would stop other modulars adjoining the Bakery.

    Yeah I noticed that as well, I will have to re render it to remove them 

    I'm glad you like the roof and colour scheme 


    On 4/16/2020 at 1:25 AM, Pdaitabird said:

    This looks good! The details in the bakery and kitchen really stand out.

    Thanks I'm glad you like it :) 


    Its also up on ideas now

  16. 2 hours ago, TheLegoDr said:

    Looks great! Definitely would fit well with a series of buildings, but stands out a bit among the modulars. And fyi there is a bakery in the Assembly Square modular set :wink:.I

    I like the color combo a lot. And the rounded tile above arch looks interesting.


    ah true there is one in that although it isnt a modular building dedicated to one shop, 


    do you think it would stick out that much? a lot of the other modular buildings are fairly bright colours, perhaps i could replace the textured brick parts for flat bricks then i think it would fit well