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  1. I use version 6.0 and my renderings lack the Lego Logo. Am I missing something?
  2. 32 supporters so far (including me). Not a bad start.
  3. I think we should. The question is, how many suppporters can be found?
  4. As i said before, i want to see LDD with an integrated, user friendly renderer in the future.
  5. TLG shouldn't abandon LDD. Instead, they should integrate a user friendly 3d rendering software into it in my humble opinion.
  6. Dear TLG, i'll be happy if you make a real, portable record player . Thank you.
  7. Actually i'd like to see dark azure parts in every category, it would be great to build a totally dark azure moc.
  8. I tried Blender, but i couldn't success.
  9. Hi, which software are you talking about?
  10. Iloveazure

    Lego Boost

    Bricklink has no entry for Boost set yet.
  11. Iloveazure

    Lego Boost

    Or did i see it wrong? I thought this set has azure Technic bricks...