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  1. TLG shouldn't abandon LDD. Instead, they should integrate a user friendly 3d rendering software into it in my humble opinion.
  2. Dear TLG, i'll be happy if you make a real, portable record player . Thank you.
  3. Actually i'd like to see dark azure parts in every category, it would be great to build a totally dark azure moc.
  4. I tried Blender, but i couldn't success.
  5. Hi, which software are you talking about?
  6. Lego Boost

    Bricklink has no entry for Boost set yet.
  7. Lego Boost

    Or did i see it wrong? I thought this set has azure Technic bricks...
  8. Lego Boost

    I'm interested in the azure parts in this set of course
  9. Have you contacted The Lego Group about second issue yet?
  10. Medium Azure Brick 2 x 3

    Thank you for your support. I think i will use 3003 and 3004 for my model. Cheers.
  11. Hello everyone. I need some medium azure bricks ( id number 3002) for my MOC, but i couldn't find them in large numbers in Bricklink. I'll be glad if someone informs me about the sets that include this specific brick. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks a lot.