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  1. Making logical groups in LDD will also be helpfull. Blueprint will follow the order you choose in LDD so now you have only to rearrange the steps within a group
  2. To msx80 Thanks, the ? is a working solution, just don't forget to reset the text zoom after it, because the arrows will also blown up. Fortunately the unicode stays at the size after decreasing the zoom.
  3. I'm still a frequent and satisfied user. Creations with this software published by me on Rebrickable, are often admired. When asked what software I used, I point them to this topic. However there is one request for an extra very simple (I think) layoutstep-feature : "Add a turnaround picture" like this. So in every step you can choose an arrow, a text or a turnaround picture.
  4. Hi, Till now I used the Multi step, but you're right it's always suffer with space. So when you say goodbye to this option, I can agree with it.
  5. Hi MSX80, First of all I will thank you for this great software, I use it often and with lot of fun and results. I understand it when you can't supply every single wish, how usefull it may be. But there is one feature, often asked, that's the zoom function. Especially with large technic models you can't find the small pieces anymore. I have a 25"screen and consider to buy a larger one, but it will not solve all the visibility problems. I will very gratefull