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  1. Probably over thinking, but is there a possibility that there is a significance to the pieces they left in the middle? Nothing new except maybe the 1x1 tile/print on the steering wheel. The Geneva Motorshow is def for the car loving demographic before Lego loving demographic so it's not like TLG was like "let's get people thinking about the pieces in the middle". Probably just random. Absolutely love the wheels though.
  2. Yeah I'm also waiting to see more info on this. Wasn't the Porsche already shown by this time of the year? I expect we'll see something in April.
  3. Wow this looks incredible!
  4. [MOC] Ford Focus RS 500

    Wow.I just got everything for your Aston Martin. The GT is next but this will be right after assuming instructions are out. Amazing work dude!!
  5. Ah you're right. I guess I was thinking "licensed supercar for the road". Forgot about it. Yeah as I hit submit I realized that the car is older and TLG probably wouldn't go for it assuming they want to start a new trend of supercars. Maybe a McLaren Senna? Just hoping they stick with the scale of 1:8.
  6. When do you guys think it will be announced? 42083 that is. I'm inclined to speculate that it will be the Chiron, but I think I would like an Aventador in Bright Green. I don't think Lego has done a car in the colour (of a larger size that is). Picking up the Porsche today and Bricklinked all of the parts to the Aston Martin by Dugald and the Ford GT by Lux so I'll have a nice collection started!