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  1. SheldonF

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation I can't read it but it seems like Aston Martin Replied etc.
  2. SheldonF

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    Ohhh I hope so. I've been wanting an Aston! A DB5 is more than likely but he also drove a V8 Vantage which also is similar to the Jag. I'd prefer the Vantage but either or!
  3. SheldonF

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    Any more details?
  4. Nice to see Canadians here! I'm in the GTA. I built your Aston Martin and Loxs Ford GT, both super awesome. Sweet timelapse.
  5. With the pneumatic hose it's possible but imo doesn't look as looks too bulky. I have to try a combo to make an 7L or 8L tile underneath. That or replace the wrenches with 1x1 clip pieces was another idea. This was the first iteration
  6. It's a pneumatic hose that I cut to 11studs, however I ordered some 11 LBG rigid hoses (Same as the ones that came in the box). I'll take a picture of when it comes in today. I think they'll look the same. The advantage of the hose is that you can manipulate it a bit more to get that little curve you see in the picture, Thanks!! I'm really surprised TLG didn't do something like this. Really strange. It doesn't use any illegal techniques and quite simple, and less pieces/stickers than using tiles. Strange. Yes, I'll take pics of pieces. It's very simple. I just used friction pins to stick in the little wrench pieces in two places. The LBG half pins don't work since they're friction less.
  7. Not sure if you saw my post, but I did this
  8. I was thinking the MacLaren Senna as it just came out this year (Chiron came out 2016). So time line would make sense. However personally a Centenario would be awesome
  9. There is AWD and W16 simply not possible at this scale, especially in that small space.
  10. As for the second point...we aren't talking about cars in general however. This is specific car which TLG I'm sure had to remove features, do things differently because they had to answer to another partner who has stake in this. We wouldn't be Technic fans if Lego didn't have the innovative sets they've been known to put out. The non licensed supercars get more praise because they can do whatever the hell they want. This isn't the case here. Rear wheel steering was figured out by Uwe in the Porsche however Porsche didn't want it in the set for whatever reason. I'm sure there are other functions that were taken out. My only point is that a lot of people have different wishlist's and I think it's not justifiable to expect everyone's. It isn't flawless but the ones who are saying it's a bad set ( which I have seen) don't understand logistics.
  11. Someone on the LEGO Technic 42083 Bugatti Chiron Facebook Group posted a short video of using friction less pins in the suspension and it doesn't sag. Go check it out.
  12. SheldonF

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    I would love to see an E36 M3, but at this point it's just wishlisting cars we like. Realistically I'd assume it's something that already has a license with it. I doubt it will be a Supercar since they have the Ferrari already. Given that they've covered British, Italian, and German vehicles, I wonder if they'll change it up. I believe July will be the Creator car as well. Something 4 door or station wagon as mentioned above would be really cool. I don't think lego has released a 4 door car in a long time, not even in the technic line.
  13. I understand that. But those vehicles have inherent functions that compliment the existence of technic. Besides an engine with pistons and a gear box, there's not much else you can ask for which is what I've been seeing a lot of. most of it has already been done. It's like the HOG steering, if you like it, cool. I personally don't like it and would never put it in. The rear wing imo was a cool addition. I'm not saying I agree with the licensing tax ( for lack of a better term), I'm just saying that it shouldn't be a huge surprise to people. Of course it would be cheaper without. The thing is, I've bricklinked other MOCs of this scale and the prices fall much much higher than the bugatti, despite having 25-30% of the parts already. And those are used parts. There's no license cost and the amount of parts are actually less.
  14. I still dont understand certain issues people have with a car. It's a car. What "extra" functions can you even put? A few I agree with: Steering Geometry Proper suspension ( this one bothers me the most, not impressed because there are better solutions to this) Front end has a bit too many gaps that could be addressed At the end of the day Lego defines Technic, not the people. It might not be what was coming out years ago, but there's still new things. The argument for the W16 is one of the most annoying to me. It's painfully obvious that a W16 with 1 crankshaft with what's available is impossible, let alone possible legally build wise. Why would lego create a mold for 1 W16 solely? That's a terrible financial decision. TLG is out to make money just like any other company. They're not different. And given that it's still 10ct per piece does it not fall in line with literally everything else that was released? I think the Euro price is a little high but saying way over priced is a stretch. Of course it's marketing? What part about it is a gag? It's not like it was bait and switched. They announced a license with Bugatti, and released a Bugatti car. Of course there will be an extra cost. Exact same thing with anything else licensed, look at Star Wars for example.
  15. Did anyone get an extra light grey flex axle? I got 3 of the medium size one ( not sure exact length). Did I miss a step in the build? I checked the parts list and it shows the build has 2, but I got 3. Also, tried changing this. I'm undecided if it looks better or worse. What do you guys think? It's rough..I used a pneumatic hose but I will replace with an 11 Flex axle. I think the C line looks a lot nicer, especially from far.