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  1. Yeah June 1 D2C and Retailers August 1 is the usual pattern. I remember both Sian and Bugatti had news/leaks way earlier.
  2. Jim: There is no confidentiality, but I have removed the image nonetheless.
  3. The limited slip was 100% on the packaging of the Technic Car in the picture I saw with a number. That being said, I can't see TLG make limited of this. I can see however, that they make a limited edition + regular edition as something "new" for this series. There's only so much you can do with a car/marketing/ making it special. I think we'll get more info in 2 weeks time.
  4. There's one more picture floating around ( discussing the limited edition). Not sure where it is now but these two I just came across
  5. I saw a leak of the lego car(a picture of the car on the box/info slip)/box. It could have been fake. In the Lego Technic Group on Facebook someone made a post with two pictures offering to tell two copies however he said "I don't know what they're worth as they're unreleased". When I tried to access the post on my browser ( I was on my phone) the post was deleted. I have 0 to gain from making anything up and admit I could have been fooled as well but it did look pretty real to me.
  6. Haha unfortunetly yes :( also fair warning my standard for "looks really nice" is much much much lower than most of you here so want to point that out before anyone thinks otherwise. I only saw one angle ( rear quarter view) and some text. Like I said could be completely fake but if that "slip" thing is true (limited edition of 5000) then it was real.
  7. Saw a leak today. Looks like there will be a 5k limited "Slip" version. Car looks really nice. I wish I kept the pictures I saw but totally forgot to save them. It's red. Obviously could have been a good fake but looked legit. Didn't see any functions so no idea there. Rims are 5 spoke.
  8. yep. Same here. I think maybe he was referring to the rotor blade? But the flex axle is same as yours.
  9. Unreal work. When people say they don't liks system parts mixing with technic I never understood it. This is a clear example of why they work so well together
  10. Finished it today. I now understand what people mean when they say it looks better in person. The angles are much better reflected with the real thing. The headlight assembly really stuck out in terms of angles. So clever. I think the angle of the door opening might have to be slightly wider but the function is really smooth and well thought out.
  11. Thanks for the info. I went through each part essentially (the colored ones) to see what was feasible. I think orange is best with replacing the missing panels with black. Only reason I'm so hesitant on Blue is because I already the Bugatti and Aston Martin in the 1:8 scale. I might try the white using the RSR wheel arches and modiying them since they're only 2 studs short. The wheel looks like it should fit with no issues.
  12. Literally today. The NYC Lego store was looted. Logistics are affected heavily in a situation like this, riots and protests aside. The safety measures to keep COVID down is the biggest impact. I'm surprised they're able to get sets out in the first place world wide.
  13. Not exactly unfortunately. It switches the colors but doesn't account for the fact if the part actually exists in that color.
  14. Besides black, can this Centenario be made in another color? I'm planning on making the P1 in Black or white so was curious. Is there and easy way to find this out?
  15. Just an FYI, I just got the notification that mine Shipped. I'm located in Toronto ON.