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  1. Thank you! I worked a lot and I had some problems with the gearbox because it didn't hold the effort, but with some changes I managed to make it work properly.
  2. I've never seen such a detailed and at the same time so well-functioning model!!! The same is true for the other models! Really a good job! Keep it up!
  3. Thanks! It was the goal for this model.
  4. Thank you! I wanted to add another motor to the trailer but the Sbrick was full. I tried with those but the vehicle then becomes lower (even if they are much nicer). You're right, but if the vehicle height increases too much, the wheels will have a very negative caster angle.
  5. The Fiat Panda is an Italian utility car created for all needs. It's known for its simplicity but above all for its ability to do almost everything. The 4x4 version, despite the 50 hp, is capable of climbing on various types of terrain, in fact it is also used for trials (just change the wheels). I wanted to create it in a small offroad version. The design is quite similar to the real model even if with some difference like the roof. I added a front bumper with 2 PF Lights, very useful for night rides, and a winch (you can see how it works at the end of the video). 1 PF L Motor for propulsion with a 2 speed gearbox and a 4x4 transmission without differential (I added a second reinforcement gear in the rear axle). The gearbox is compact and strong enough and the winch system is connected to it. The total gear ratio is: First Gear 1:3.33; Second Gear 1:1.67. Pendular suspension for good stability on rough terrain, even if the model is not high enough to work properly :(. The rear opening hatch and the small trailer are good for transporting small loads. The old model was very squarish and very low so I had to revise it more carefully.
  6. I'm sorry, I haven't those tyres :\ The pics was take on Polveracchio (Campania), but in fact It seems Trentino :D Thanks for the nice comment, I'm happy you like it! Thank you so much!
  7. Fantastic model! I like the colour combination and the track system too. The opening door system is a beautiful innovation for the LEGO. Thank you Jim for the accurate review!
  8. Thank you guys! I used the Pieces or the 42000 set and i bought the 94.8x44R tyres. The rear opening hatch is very useful to carry loads of over 2 or 3kg in weight!
  9. It's a monster truck with a 4x4 trasmission and 2 speed gearbox powered by a SBrick. This MOC is very powerful because the first gear generates a great gear ratio. The chassis is simply and very strong and the suspensions are attacked to him. I couldn't use the "large hard shock absorbers" because i haven't them, so i used the "small soft shock absorbers". I added a V6 working motor, a rear openig hatch, and lights too! These pictures above are of the old version, in fact the axles and the position of the SBrick in the images are different from the current ones (below). The differential is removable to ensure more traction. The gearbox is very compact and strong (on that I worked a lot of time). The green axle is the input, while the red one is the output: the yellow gears are interested for the first gear and the blue ones for the second gear. The first gear has a gear ratio of 5:1 (very powerful), while the second gear has a gear ratio of 3.3:1 (balanced). The gear ratios were calculated by adding the gear ratio of the all transmission system, ie 3.3. And this is the outdoor video! I hope you enjoy my MOC! Leave a comment and a Like! ;)