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  1. @msx80 based on your material file, the colors are being imported correctly. Maybe it's a color space issue. Are you exporting sRGB?
  2. awesome how did you export it @msx80 ?1
  3. Thanks for all the information and tools everyone!! Now we have plenty of ways to export from LDD or Ldraw to Sketchfab : LDView can export 3DS format from LDraw, which we support with colors We have this plugin for blender, which allows you to import LDraw models into Blender, and then we have a one click export to Sketchfab. You can import your LDD or LDraw model to Stud.io and then directly to Sketchfab. Or export LDD to LDraw first because it works better ;) @SylvainLS I would love to see both LDD and LDraw export to Sketchfab, because I understand all the export/import is not user friendly and time consuming for you guys. I need to find contacts there if you guys know anyone or can do anything all help would be immensely appreciated! Will let you know how it goes! @anothergol cool models! Currently, ambient occlusion, sharpen filters dont work when we rotate, but we're looking into it!
  4. @legolijntje Thanks for all your information! We have an upload API that Bricklink Stud.io integrated so It's the second case but thanks! Eventually we would love to have a direct export from Ldraw to Sketchfab but thank you for all the tips on how to convert Ldraw format to other 3d format, very useful! Do you know anyone at Ldraw I could contact on that topic? And yes we're in touch with Mecabricks, they have a very cool tool! @The Mugbearer @anothergol thanks for your feedback! We now have a direct export from Studio to Sketchfab. We think 3D is a more powerful way to show LEGO creations (rather than 2D screenshots) and that it drives engagement. Sketchfab was created for 3D artists to showcase their creations to the world, and I do believe there are plenty of super talented 3D artists in the LEGO community!! @JimSkechfab viewer can be embedded pretty much everywhere online thanks to an embed code, would love to discuss that further with you!! Thank you all!
  5. @legolijntje @msx80 @GREG998 Congrats on Brigl and Bluerender! and thanks our dev team has been working on the viewer for quite a long time and they've implemented some cool features like annotations, PBR and animation support, depth of field... I love this model for instance. We recently partnered with Bricklink Stud.io to create a one click export from their software to Sketchfab. The goal is to make it seamless for their users to share their creations anywhere online using our player (since you can integrate the Sketchfab viewer in your blog, website, press article, and social media posts on Facebook and Twitter). We support many 3D formats but we do not support Ldraw or LDD files. It takes time on our side to support new formats and our engineers are under water at the moment. Greg was able to upload to Sketchfab by converting a Ldraw file to .3ds. Is there any chance we could automatically export from Ldraw in one of the 30+ file formats we support? OBJ would be a good option. If we can achieve this we could easily add an option for Ldraw users to seamlessly export their creations to Sketchfab and share anywhere in 3D. We really love what the LEGO community is doing around 3D designs and we're working on bringing this community together with community projects like creation contests. @Jim I will keep you informed about this once we figure out how to allow Ldraw users to publish on Sketchfab :)
  6. Thanks! Wow @legolijntje I've checked your implementation on the OMR it's cool! Webgl is developing fast Sketchfab has developed its own viewer and it can be embedded everywhere easily - our viewer is integrated natively in Facebook and Twitter and we're currently the only way to display 3D content in social media We just partnered with Stud.io to add Sketchfab support so we'e going to see more and more LEGO models in the future hopefully! We're going to organize contests I will keep you updated if eurobricks community wants to be a part of it! @Jim
  7. Hi everyone, My name is Jeanne and I work at Sketchfab, the leading platform to see and publish 3D content. We have a community of 900k artists who posted a bunch of awesome LEGO 3D models. I would be curious to hear your thoughts about showcasing LEGO models in 3D. Do a lot of you use LEGO 3D design softwares (like Ldraw or LDD?) to build your MOC? It is really easy to embed our 3D viewer everywhere online - like a Youtube video - and I'd love to make that happen in eurobricks as well! (If an admin reads this message, he/she can contact me directly to make it happen)