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  1. I just finished building this set. The ocd in me hates it when the half pin with stud is used to hold the flames. I can't keep the flames aligned on the hood and rear. Why won't Lego make a friction pin with stud?
  2. As an owner of a real Jeep JLU, I'm loving this entry. Keep up the good work!
  3. Just finished base in 1st set of bags, and I have 5 black pins left over. Anyone else?
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking to see if anyone wants a challenge. I want to build an 2009 International flatbed truck. My problem is I am great with functions, but I stink at looks. I drive this truck for work, making deliveries of steel to the job sites. Here is a picture of the same model truck I drive for work: What I need: The hood, grill, bumper, cab design. Scale: I want it to be to scale with the 42009 mobile crane using the same wheels. I plan on making the bed either 19 or 21 studs wide. Design: I would love it to be mostly Technic. A similar design like the 42078 Mack Anthem truck, but I'm open to anything. So, who wants to accept my challenge? I know sometimes people want a direction for their next project, so maybe this is the boost you need. Glenn
  5. At this point, I would be happy with either lol. I only said 19 because that's what covers the dually wheels on most trucks I have.
  6. You have a good point. Even the Arocs truck is 17 studs wide. Thank you.
  7. Thank you for the pictures. Looks slightly larger scale, but that's ok for Lego. Definitely a buy for me. I deliver steel to job sights, and see these cranes all the time.
  8. Hello Jim. Any chance you could take a picture of this next to the 42009 crane or 42043 Arocs? Would like to see a size comparison. Thanks!
  9. I went through all the posts and can't find either the pictures or who to ask for them. Can someone fill me in? Thank you.
  10. Able to pick up 42070 for $195 and 42069 for $137 last night. Thanks for the tip! I wasn't going to get them, but at that discount I couldn't say no. Glenn
  11. The hitch is a simple design. Used pins with stops for easy removal. Glenn
  12. My mods are low for now, but looking for inspiration. Black Claas Xerion 5000: With B model silage plow: Also, I ran a pneumatic hose through the chassis, so I can add a pump on 1 side, and an attachment on the other: My first attachment, a disc with fold able sides and lowering transport wheels: I was going to have a pto driven pump, but the stock pto rotates too slow. Plus, did not want to run pto driven attachments and the pump at the same time. Glenn
  13. Just wanted to say I received my stickers last week and finally had the chance to put them on. What a difference! Thanks again. Glenn
  14. Thanks! I wanted to make something where the controls were where they go in real life, not just in the base like most sets.
  15. Hello Everyone, My entry for this contest is a man lift inspired by a Genie picture. Manual Features: 4 wheel steer rotating structure Pneumatic Features: Power Functions pump Main Parallel Lift Secondary Lift Cage Lift All valves located in the basket.
  16. 35. Genie Man Lift Manual Features: 4 wheel steer rotating structure Pneumatic Features: Power Functions pump Main Parallel Lift Secondary Lift Cage Lift All valves located in the basket. Discussion Topic:
  17. It's for if you add power functions. It holds the 2x2 plate halfway on the light wires.
  18. I couldn't agree more. If instructions were harder, they would be able to print the b model instructions and still use less paper and ink. If anything, people say kids are smarter today than before, so instructions should match this.
  19. Took my time building this 2 sets of numbered bags a day. Each day I felt like I finished a model. I became awe struck when I built the bucket wheel and arm. That's when it hit me how massive this set really is. If you are having doubts about buying it, this is a must have for all technic fans! As of now I'm having no issues with the performance of the bwe. Glenn
  20. After finishing building this set, I'm so happy Lego came out with the manual pump again! I put a bunch of 1x1 bricks in a cereal bowl, and I can unload the bowl into the Arocs bed faster with the Volvo than with the Arocs. Now just to find some 1x2 slopes to finish off the looks on the arms, and possibly make a design for a cupping bucket.
  21. just finished building the tractor. Tomorrow I'll build the b model plow. I noticed an error in the instructions. Page 107 - 109, I believe there should have been 2 lbg pins with lego bumps inserted into the dbg perpendicular with 2 holes. They would attach to the bottom of the m motor to secure it. Also, instead of using the 5l yellow axle for the hood hinge, I used 2 black pins. Makes the hinge more stable. (page 209 step 327.) Glenn
  22. I put the rear hitch on the 8063 tractor, along with a m motor powered pto. I then built the logging crane out of spare parts and attached it. If I do buy this set, I will be waiting for the plow instructions. The crane is ugly and useless. In order to grab a log, one must drive up to the log first. This arm cannot extend to reach out. It only extends to reach down. I am also disapointed at the hitch mount. Tractors have 3 point hitches with the pto in the center. Only thing I can imagine is this is some sort of "quick hitch". Seems I will be doing some mods to this set like others. Glenn