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    Duplo Trains discussion

    Sorry to be the annoying person to jump on an old thread but reading through this made me sign up to Euro bricks. It's been a very interesting read. I'm a little confused however at some of the track & train observations. We have track from 1993 (from my own original set) & 2008 (from a thomas set bought from eBay). I've got curves from both and I tested whether they can fit side by side on a piece of Duplo and they both fit next to each other. Also somebody said that you couldn't do long trains so I tested this with my 1993 original train and it was pulling 4 carriages and two push trains fine around our track, it was slower than just two carriages, but it still did the full track. This makes me wonder; is my 1993 train more powerful than the modern trains? I have bought a second hand 2008 diesel from eBay which I'm waiting to arrive to see if this is the case!