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  1. Thanks, good to see why this cancellation rumour is a thing. May be they release later, maybe they don't, let's see.
  2. I'm not in your side with this, I wish they did droids
  3. Constraction line is rumoured to be cancelled
  4. You'll see the transport pod and scout walker extremely cheap on eBay so besides the two my guess would be the ATM6 and kylos TIE would probably get 10% off
  5. [MOC] Yoda

    Would love to see you do a porg sculpture! I'm sure it would look just as superb as your Yoda sculpture :)
  6. Theres a young luke and yoda dual pack, Vader and a stormtrooper and I think a leia is also coming?
  7. We're getting mustache pilot man in the advent calendar but aren't one of the generic rebels dubbed as sergeant melshi? Either way, the remaining Characters are minor and don't appear in anything worthy of being a lego set.
  8. Details are from the other 2018 star wars page
  9. Printed head would be fine tbh but that mud trooper is too good to not make an iteration of
  10. They were up on EU and UK stores but were taken down again. They're releasing next week here.
  11. So the UK has all the solo sets as coming soon but clicking on it gives an error. Anyone know when the sets officially release?
  12. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    Me gusta mucho :) will the instructions be the same price once the pdf is done?
  13. Lego just announced the Y wing. 200$ for 1967 pieces. One figure and one droid, both of which were leaked. No arm printing. They got some good pictures up.
  14. [WIP] [MOC] [LDD] AT-M6 PlusSize

    Ah sweet! You already did it, on average, most of the parts from the regular list go for about 350-400 pounds so let's see how much you can save with the set in possession :) EDIT: you save roughly 30-32% on pieces and my order total comes to about 260-280 pounds, so you can save roughly 140-160 pounds if you own the lego set and make a small MOC out of the remaining pieces from the set :)