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  1. Wouldn't you and the next 5km radius just be a crater if that happened?
  2. Summer wave mando set looks pretty good. The one leaked image doesn't show if we get the rakshi body for the alien as well but for the price and piece count its nice to have something that isnt primarily a vehicle or a backdrop. The darksaber does look like a butter knife though, I wish they'd atleast give a more accurate hilt colour if not make a more accurate hilt to compliment the blade Bo katan is also completely different from the TCW variant we recently got. Looks like her dark blue is now a lighter blue and has changed details like mud on her toe prints.
  3. With the piece count being higher than the price point, im going to assume the set could be a buildable creature like the babu frik species. Would love if they make a nice system scale set however
  4. August 1 75358 $40/ 4+75360 $35/ 8+/ 253 pieces 75363 $15/ 6+/ 83 pieces75365 $160/ 8+/ 1067 pieces75366 $45 75368 $15/ 6+/ 138 piecesSeptember 1 75371 $200/ 9+ update as per insta.
  5. Pretty light wave which is good to have once in awhile. Guessing the $160 set is a BB imperial variant of the Republic gunship. 35$ might be a two speeder set from one of the TV shows and the 40 and 45 dollar sets maybe be a location and small ship from Ahsoka and mando? 15$ have to be more blister packs and 200$ could be a new MBS over a small UCS. My only hope is that if they do blister packs again that they're readily available worldwide outside of US and EU. I have yet to see a hoth blister pack with my own eyes
  6. Wasn't there a rumour that one of the dioramas was supposed to be jabbas Palace? How credible is that and do we know anything about it?
  7. Where did you order them from?
  8. As much as I have an issue with moderation here (you cant delete your own account, what kind of rubbish is that) im gonna disagree with you. The dude made a light hearted joke that isnt really a personal attack. If they made a tasteless offensive joke against your race, religion or your family its understandable but youre being rather emotional about this. If it bothers you that much just take a step back and ignore the guy, lots of folks here are quick to jump on a toxic emotion on a lego forum, you can be the better person and not join that list
  9. Do we know what 75331 is supposed to be or when it releases? Its not UCS nor is it the advent calendar or a known set
  10. The AT TE sounds like the star of the wave. The only thing that could ruin it is if the updated clone helmets have another stormtroopers family guy situation and become unmovable. The BD 1 set imo is the next best but ive learnt well now that lego busts get cheap quickly The obi wan sets sounds quite good, but disappointed that the inquisitor ship doesn't come with two purge troopers instead of kenobi. The figure count is a bit low for the price point but can be made up as long as this ship is actually functional. The duel set sounds like a mashup between the starkiller base and duel on mustafar set which is a good thing imo Im also excited for the obi wan starfighter, the price is definitely rising on these smaller sets but good to see they're adding figures and extra details to bulk up the package. The justifier sounds like a decent set honestly but its absolutely massive, why are they going for a minifig scale/oversized scale for a ship that not many people are hyped for. I cant imagine many people care for more than the three new figures. Im interested in it but would only entertain buying it at 50% off (that 80$ still doesn't entice me all that much) All in all a pretty good wave, not every wave has to be a 10/10 like last year and its quite clear theyre trying to do the synergy thing like last years summer wave. Also please help me perma delete my account, I'm 100% serious and dont see any option other than an old thread with the mods from there being smug
  11. So... no one wants to talk about wankers24 also claiming that the smaller obiwan set is obi vs darth vader? Promobricks hasn't confirmed that rumours but has confirmed a Mario set rumour jnstead
  12. Seems we have around 12 sets that are complete unknowns. Assuming we get 2 sets per TV show next year the allocation might be: 2 mandalorian S3 2 bad batch season 2 2 andor 2 kenobi 2 more BoBF? 2 potentially prequel or movie related? Obviously this isn't taking into account the UCS, MBS and advent calendar slots which take out 3 places, doesnt seem very likely for us to get desired remakes but id like to stay optimistic. The rumour of 2022 having staggered releases could suggest most of these sets are supposed to be new tv show merch.
  13. Thought I'd remind you of what you said a whoping 10 minutes ago. Great observation! We'll see it next week with the HD pics for sure but id like to see how this works. The 2500 pieces ATAT by raskalinov puts those tevhnic ratchet joints at their limit. You can tell a heavier load would make the set crumble so id love to see how the designers tackled a minifig scaled set at 2.5× the mass
  14. Theres just no pleasing some of you, im literally comparing it to the cross section picture and its damn near identical for a lego representation Definitely adding this to the wishlist, though the price point is ridiculous and I'm still waiting to pull my finger for the falcon.
  15. Does anyone know why lego fragmented this years entire winter lineup?