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  1. Agreed, would love ol' billy ginger beard as a minifigure
  2. Can you send me a BL link to this ninjago weapon pack?
  3. Disagree, that games only saving grace is starfighter assault, but this isn't relevant. What's relevant is that we should hopefully get HD pics soon based on past history. Can't wait to see the last microfighter packs and whatever that 4+ R vs K set is. My guess is it's Rian vs kathleen /s
  4. At thanks for letting us know either way. If you're willing, could you buy and ship 5 to me? I'll pay you ofcourse
  5. Can you get this online or in store only? Can you PM me a link?
  6. Their personal ship wouldve also made sense but sales will be hurt selling it so late now
  7. It's interesting they still give the halbred praetorian a skirt in the prelim pics. The set is way less collectible with two graduation cap praetorians but things can change given its a prelim
  8. I would like to offer you a free minifig for telling everyone what's up.
  9. Both places shut down due to people bringing their megaphone out to advertise the place. That and we used to get alot of death threats and hate for moderating.
  10. Re-releases are good because people coming into lego can buy sets they saw once and people that already own the sets can save money or buy an updated version so everyone wins! Only downside is that we don't get a possibility of seeing something new :/
  11. No engineer worth his salt would ever design something relatively close to star wars vehicle. The ATAP isn't even that bad and the third support leg makes a lot more sense than something like the resistance bomber and it's open bombing bay.
  12. You're reading into the name too much. It's probably the CBPD vehicle and a favian or whatever the space horse is. I'm guessing finn, rose and a CBPD cop
  13. I feel like the microfighters this year will do a pair for each era, maul and anakin for PT, escape pod and dewback for OT and finch dallow and (FO battlecruiser maybe)??? For ST. Weird thing is the first two eras get their first movies to represent them so having that TLJ figure really confused things
  14. All new helmets? How many of each variant?
  15. They're both on the same benchmark of "quality" and aren't relevant here.