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  1. Do we know what 75331 is supposed to be or when it releases? Its not UCS nor is it the advent calendar or a known set
  2. The AT TE sounds like the star of the wave. The only thing that could ruin it is if the updated clone helmets have another stormtroopers family guy situation and become unmovable. The BD 1 set imo is the next best but ive learnt well now that lego busts get cheap quickly The obi wan sets sounds quite good, but disappointed that the inquisitor ship doesn't come with two purge troopers instead of kenobi. The figure count is a bit low for the price point but can be made up as long as this ship is actually functional. The duel set sounds like a mashup between the starkiller base and duel on mustafar set which is a good thing imo Im also excited for the obi wan starfighter, the price is definitely rising on these smaller sets but good to see they're adding figures and extra details to bulk up the package. The justifier sounds like a decent set honestly but its absolutely massive, why are they going for a minifig scale/oversized scale for a ship that not many people are hyped for. I cant imagine many people care for more than the three new figures. Im interested in it but would only entertain buying it at 50% off (that 80$ still doesn't entice me all that much) All in all a pretty good wave, not every wave has to be a 10/10 like last year and its quite clear theyre trying to do the synergy thing like last years summer wave. Also please help me perma delete my account, I'm 100% serious and dont see any option other than an old thread with the mods from there being smug
  3. So... no one wants to talk about wankers24 also claiming that the smaller obiwan set is obi vs darth vader? Promobricks hasn't confirmed that rumours but has confirmed a Mario set rumour jnstead
  4. Seems we have around 12 sets that are complete unknowns. Assuming we get 2 sets per TV show next year the allocation might be: 2 mandalorian S3 2 bad batch season 2 2 andor 2 kenobi 2 more BoBF? 2 potentially prequel or movie related? Obviously this isn't taking into account the UCS, MBS and advent calendar slots which take out 3 places, doesnt seem very likely for us to get desired remakes but id like to stay optimistic. The rumour of 2022 having staggered releases could suggest most of these sets are supposed to be new tv show merch.
  5. Thought I'd remind you of what you said a whoping 10 minutes ago. Great observation! We'll see it next week with the HD pics for sure but id like to see how this works. The 2500 pieces ATAT by raskalinov puts those tevhnic ratchet joints at their limit. You can tell a heavier load would make the set crumble so id love to see how the designers tackled a minifig scaled set at 2.5× the mass
  6. Theres just no pleasing some of you, im literally comparing it to the cross section picture and its damn near identical for a lego representation Definitely adding this to the wishlist, though the price point is ridiculous and I'm still waiting to pull my finger for the falcon.
  7. Does anyone know why lego fragmented this years entire winter lineup?
  8. Sorry dad I won't do it please dont get the belt.
  9. This is exactly why so many people I met from the community are no longer there. I remember the communities I used to run used to have a respectable age range from 15-45 year olds all actively chilling and able to share experiences while having lego and upcoming sets as the uniting topic that brought us together. I remember so many nights where we would share stories about travel, cuisine and culture after an image or new set info would leak and thats the kind of thing that got me into leaks when I was an awkward and lonely teenager. People started splitting when the toxicity of information and elitism started coming up, suddenly you were allowed to act like a pompous douche just because you had info no one else did? Its a mindset that still exists to this day even with the smallest leak. It astounds me how alot of these guys are roughly my age and yet haven't moved an inch in their personality after all these years. Im at a stage where if I see the pictures, ill be happy but im not going to actively hunt or beg for them because eventually they come out and till then I have plenty of other things in life to keep me busy. If you feel that way, take a step back away from all this and after some time has passed, ask yourself if you want to come back to it. That's what I did and now I only ever come to get my account removed/banned/post quote filled to change my name. Cant use my Internet name without people finding this on a Google search and this amazing forum doesn't have a basic account removal feature.
  10. Lego cracked down on leaks over the past few years. Typically you can expect pictures not more than 3 months after a list leaks but really it depends on whose generous enough to leak pictures they took
  11. And what if its right? What can we hold over your head?
  12. That logic doesn't make any sense. Just because you fit in a cardboard box doesnt make it "perfect scale". TIEs are not as small as you think they are.
  13. That scale is too small and wouldn't even be worth the 20$. I think it works in context of exgremely large sets needing something small but not as a standalone thing (unless were talking about battlepacks). This downscale version looks authentic, the wings look like the same build but much smaller and thw body looks more or less the same. I wish they would've made the top canopy the old one piece design over the new brick built design which looks blocky and ugly especially when opened up.
  14. Excluding droid carrier sets, lego is often stingy with massable units in their sets, which is why people rely on battlepacks to get their minifigures. Battlepacks releasing alongside these sets make one storm/ clone trooper per set acceptable because we have another source to mass them but without those packs lego needs to rethink how they are going to distribute these. Everyone wants massable armies, kids and adults alike, so a better solution than 30$ per 4 figs needs to be brainstormed.
  15. Hold off on buying that clone trooper till around April-may. once next summer sets are on their way the current ones will have a discount and the BL prices will even out a bit