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  1. You're contradicting yourself and missing the point. The initial coats go up substantially based on mold complexity, it isnt a 10$ vs 100$ deal, it costs time, money, testing, tolerances and accounting for errors which complex molds eat up more of all these factors and more money, both of which are huge project restraints with quality ( legos key selling standards btw, their bricks are the most consistently tolerances products in the world made in bulk, I did my thesis on manufacturing and alternate ways of producing bricks and its not cheap maintaining that consistency with a generic 2x4 brick). A complex alien head mold is not only far more expensive but doesn't get reused over and over. You also need to account for making multiple die as a single die has a given lifespan before it needs to be replaced. The other posters are also right, lego doesn't give star wars the theme as many new molds or pieces as other themes and prices sets very unevenly (don't give me the disney tax excuse, lego knows star wars sells at the prices they hike)
  2. Absolutely not. Mold costs go up based on complexity. There is a difference between creating a mold that punches out rectangle shapes and a mold that punches a complex head with fine details. It requires more design time, and manufacturing each mold die is far more expensive with complex shapes. Source: im an engineer that has worked in designing molds.
  3. Some of lifes biggest mysteries are best left unanswered
  4. I don't want to come off as a hater but this really doesnt look like a good wave at all. The advent calendar looks awesome and has very interesting mini builds which arent even draws for most people. The resistance transport is probably the only well designed set from that set of pictures but 90 pounds for a brick the U wing engines and a hammerhead cockpit is hard to justify. I may pick it up for being niche. The AAT is honestly very blocky like it was made in minecraft. Reducing the top size and increasing the bottom breadth should have been part of the design process, this design is a step back from the previous iteration. The knights of ren ship looks like a glorified micro fighter, I dont think the gunner seat figures can go in the ship and have to stick out, the interior space isnt being advertised which is concerning too. The new final duel set looks like a nice visual upgrade but is too expensive. I dont see any of the Vader's having printed arms. The rest of the wave isnt worth commenting on imo, overall a very expensive year for lego with little to show.
  5. That doesnt mean it isnt expensive though, besides I've been scouting sets I'm interested in buying from my backlog and aftermarket prices have been going up lately.
  6. All I want is to see the Interior space and play features for the knights of ren ship and resistance ITS transport.
  7. Usually a week or so before actual release. Absolutely not. As a teenager I was able to afford a few sets working minimum wage and now as an adult earning alot more I cannot justify the prices for each wave. This wave costs 30+30+40+70+90+100+160+?(ITS set)= 520$ and that's just the prices we know for that small catalogue of sets coming out not counting the razor Crest, buildable child or brickheadz, and what do we get for that price? I'm buying three of the smaller sets and I'm still paying 110$ for a more expensive battlepack, a blocky AAT and a scaled down KoR ship. And these are US prices too, no way are these translating into something better elsewhere. For the sake if staying on topic you can PM me to further discuss but the above sequence is the price point for each set coming this August for those that arent aware.
  8. We've known the prices for all the sets but the resistance ITS transport. I've addressed this before but there isn't a justifiable reason for the price hikes on any of these sets be it molds, prints or even designs. My wild speculation says that their using the star wars IP prices to recoup on costs used on other IPs like the monkie kid but that's just speculation. With the pricing ranges lego is offering nowadays it's becoming a toy for the upper middle class only, in the long run I can see this hurting the company massively
  9. A well presented fake. I would be amazed if it was real.
  10. This is off topic so I'm going to address it and leave it at that but clone wars sets were not shelf warmers, everything around that time period was a shelf warmer. There wasnt demand for those sets at the time and lego just was not doing well. There part quality dropped and designs were flimsy and shoddy and sometimes used technically illegal methods of building They've improved obviously since and thanks to bionicle the company hasnt gone under but if you bricklink all these PT designs sold at the time you'll see they sell for ridiculous prices because the demand is there today. It's great we finally got things like moderns ATST and TIE fighters and X wings but lego has also rehashed the sets way too often in too short of a time span, at the same time, variants like interceptors and bombers are not being made in favour of new movie designs which is a shame.

    AAT mod/moc

    Amazing, you did literally the only thing lego needed to do to fix its overall look. Do you have a part list for piece not available from the set?
  12. I usually take every wave for what it is but this years summer wave is not justifiable at all. Remakes are fine but this iteration of anakins jedi interceptor barely looks different from the previous model at all. I'm struggling to find design changes or new pieces used on this model (something lego had done already with obi wans variant that released a few years later prior to the last anakin interceptor). I get that these ships need to stay on shelves but the whole idea of redesigning them with updated catalogue pieces always justified their price points. The throne room is exactly the same as the previous version but now the side rooms have swapped places and the shaft is angled pieces instead of the nicer looking round 1/4 pillars? And they added a 100 pieces worth of details and slapped a 100$ price tag for this 700 something piece set? I can barely justify this also especially when the only change they have given minifigures is the new hood mold for palpatine which doesnt even suite him at all, the old hood works well for alot of figures in terms of accuracy and this is one of those examples. And then you have sets like the AAT which have actually had design attempts made to be accurate to the source material but have ended up working against the model, this one looks like something I would build in minecraft using my limited knowledge. Like seriously, the knights of ren set and the resistance transport are the only proper sets that are designed to legos standards and ren transport is extremely tiny for its scale and doesnt look like it will fit more than 4 figures tops. We dont even know the piece count or price of the resistance transport but I cant assume it will be affordable. The price for all these sets are 20$ too much imo, there isnt a justifiable reason for these price hikes as these were known before the pandemic, there arent any new prints, moulds or anything new done to all these sets that entice even a newcomer to want to buy any of these. The clones, ahsoka and the two KoR are probably the only nice new thing introduced but they dont justify their sets price points one bit. I dont know what lego is banking on to get people to buy these sets, whether it's the lego movie or the tv shows that are out, I'm not sure but I cannot see myself spending money on any sets without serious price slashes.
  13. Funny you say this because I unintentionally own all TLJ sets since they all went on good discount prices at some point or the other. The only one I bought at a high price was the bomber and that was 10 pounds off RRP. Really good wave imo that complimented a good movie
  14. To be blunt but polite, you should either come out with what you know or keep your information to yourself, you cant really blame this place for going wild when youbgave them a guessing game to go with. Either way, I wont pester you for information but I will say I appreciate saying what you have @ARC2149Nova Im quite impressed you guessed based on what lego would make vs your personal preference. I can see the trifighter being the most likely as that has the longest gap being remade, though the other two guesses wouldn't surprise me as being correct. Duel on exogol also sounds realistic as a 70$ set that will have some 500 odd pieces in it and 5 figures. Itll be the only place to get redeemed ben and hopefully those weird new guards that were hard to see clearly. I can see palpatine coming in a smaller set later down the line. I think I'm more interested in learning about figures and part counts for this year as price points are out there
  15. Could you paste your speculation list here? (Prequels only if its massive) I cant seem to find your list. Also is someone atleast able to double confirm this rumoured list before everyone jumps into accepting it as fact