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  1. There's no such thing as a lego leaks discord. There's a lego discord group and nothing more.
  2. No I think the one the other guy is referring to has a more simplistic look with a bigger "beak". It's honestly just plain dumb the fourth variant is so similar looking but believe us when we say there's a 4th variant. The weapons are different enough to distinguish the two.
  3. There's actually four guards with four helmet variants. The ones we get are just a slightly different variant of the halbred ones and their baldness are slightly thinner and curved. These guys got the least screen time I think.
  4. Also of the X wing with biggs and a R2Q2.
  5. Why would anyone want more than one of a USC set anyway? Give others a chance to own the thing.
  6. Couldn't find one in the North at all but some southern folk seem to find them
  7. I hope a system scale OT interceptor is true that way all I would want is a TIE bomber
  8. What's a b*****ds? People will always fling crap at one another here. If you've got reliable info, stick obvious find and say what you want to whoever and just ignore the rest. People can be real keyboard warriors but that's all they are. Plenty of people have complete power trips over such tiny positions due to entitlement, don't let them crawl under your skin.
  9. Thanks, good to see why this cancellation rumour is a thing. May be they release later, maybe they don't, let's see.
  10. I'm not in your side with this, I wish they did droids
  11. Constraction line is rumoured to be cancelled
  12. You'll see the transport pod and scout walker extremely cheap on eBay so besides the two my guess would be the ATM6 and kylos TIE would probably get 10% off

    [MOC] Yoda

    Would love to see you do a porg sculpture! I'm sure it would look just as superb as your Yoda sculpture :)
  14. Theres a young luke and yoda dual pack, Vader and a stormtrooper and I think a leia is also coming?