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  1. LordGalewind

    8868 without box?

    Screw the box...I only find them a necessity if you can get it along with the set. What's more important is that you can actually find a rare gem like that for a bargain. LEGO sets were meant to be built and played with, so your objective should be to do just that. Of course If I stumbled upon a MISB 8868 I would never open it. In recent years I've been getting a MISB specimen then either buying another set or a used one to have as the display model.
  2. LordGalewind

    8285 for sale

    Ha... I will paypal you money to get one for me! Seriously, Bricklink sellers are asking ridiculous prices and eBay bidders are as ravenous as always. It would be nice to get some of the flagships from the past without paying an arm and a leg.
  3. LordGalewind

    TECHNIC Lot & Hero Factory Lot

    First post has been updated in response to all those who contacted me.
  4. Having a general sell off of non MISB items located in my room for the reason to simply acquier other things. Guidelines -all sales are as is...invoices will be sent stating your items and total costs -items will be marked as on hold, sold, or unavailable -all prices are negotiable (both individual and bulk lots) Conditions -all items are like new condition...meaning they have only been put together once straight out of the box and stored in a closet out of sunlight and most dust. They are all (excluding 8682) %100 complete with all parts and stickers and will only include the A-model instructions Items TECHNIC 1) 8041 Race Truck - sold 2) 8045 Mini Telehandler - sold 3) 8046 Helicopter - sold 4) 8047 Compact Excavator - sold 5) 8048 Buggy - sold 6) 8049 Tractor with Log Loader - sold 7) 8051 Motorbike - sold 8) 8052 Container Truck - sold 9) 8053 Mobile Crane - sold 10) 8065 Mini Container Truck - sold 11) 8066 SUV - sold 12) 8067 Mini Mobile Crane - sold 13) 8068 Rescue Helicopter - sold 14) 8069 Backhoe Loader - sold 15) 8259 Mini Bulldozer - sold 16) 8260 Tractor - sold 17) 8263 Snow Groomer - sold 18) 8297 Off Roader - sold 19) 8446 Crane Truck - sold 20) 8682 Nitro Intimidator - sold Hero Factory 1) 2192 Drilldozer - available - 7.99 USD 2) 2193 Jetbug - available - 7.99 USD 3) 2194 Nitroblast - available - 7.99 USD 4) 2235 Firelord - available - 13.99 USD 5) 7145 Von Nebula - available - 13.99 USD 6) 7162 Rotor - available - 13.99 USD Payment -payment can be done via paypal, check, or cash and will be expected in a prompt manner after invoice is sent -trades can be accepted (best for bulk purchases)...items I'm looking for are guitars: fender jaguar hh in olympic white, epiphone wilshire 66 reissue in aged pelham, epiphone korina v pedals: big muff pi, ehx small clone, crybaby wah pedal music: wanted list or anything else you want to throw in Shipping and Handling -please allow for (2) days for shipping and handle (for dissassembling, packaging, and invoicing) -shipping will be expedited by default for fastest time and lowest cost, however buyer can choose shipping method -will ship domestically and internationally (some places subject to exclusion)
  5. LordGalewind

    Hero Factory 2011

    Yes, I've seen many of the 2011 sets at my local toys r us. After Black Friday and Super Saturday the shelves are cleared, so they stock up on next years items.
  6. LordGalewind

    Rumors: 1h 2011 technic sets?

    Anyone else notice how the spoiler can retact into the rear trunk? If you look closely at some of the pictures you can see the spoiler retracted into the car.
  7. LordGalewind

    Rumors: 1h 2011 technic sets?

    Summer rumors are starting to appear! Unconfirmed source... 8081 Extreme Cruiser, 75.00 Euro, Release: June Oh, and I picked up the first half of 2011's sets(excluding the supercar) at my local toys r us. I would take pictures of them...but it would be of no real value because these are Christmas presents, so no opening them!
  8. LordGalewind

    Hero Factory 2011

    Umm... Too bad these scream prototypes (hopefully), because I really want better color schemes.
  9. LordGalewind

    Hero Factory 2011

    It appears much of the grey pieces are just prototype ABS molds that have no finalized design. The color seems bland and the texture off, hinting they haven't started producing these parts when these images were made. I'm pretty sure much of the color scheming will change with these villains before the release...hopefully.
  10. LordGalewind

    Rumors: 1h 2011 technic sets?

    Hold the phone now...no stickers, and it still looks nice? Unheard of...it better stay that way TLC.
  11. LordGalewind

    Rumors: 1h 2011 technic sets?

    No transmission? Meh...the gearbox concept is similar to what weve been seeing lately, but the idea is most similar to what 8480 Space Shuttle had employed. At least it has shocks as the arrows on one of the images indicate the wheels go up and down. Thats one sexy car though...too bad its another red beast.
  12. LordGalewind

    technic sets needed

    PM sent with ransom requests!
  13. LordGalewind

    TECHNIC Sets from 2010

    Take a close look at this picture. Does anybody else notice the 5x7 L Beam on the container?
  14. LordGalewind

    TECHNIC Sets from 2010

    American Toy Fair images are in...looks like we get to see almost everything finalized. Check FBTB's Flickr Photostream to view em all. Also piece count and prices are as followed: 8043 Excavator - 1123 Pieces - $199.99 8051 Motorbike - 467 Pieces - $39.99 8052 Container Truck - 686 Pieces - $69.99 8053 Mobile Crane - 1289 Pieces - $99.99 Dashing looks and functionality greatness. The prices are very reasonable...all except for the excavator. Comparing the 8275 Bulldozer (1300+ parts, 2 M-motors, 2 L-motors, 2 IR receivers, Battery Box, and controller) to the excavator(1100+ parts, 4 M-motors, 2 IR receiver, Battery Box, and 2 controllers)...the addition of one more remote control and four linear actuators may be what drove up costs so much. Even so with less parts but with more things crammed into it, I don't think $200 sounds very reasonable.
  15. LordGalewind

    TECHNIC Sets from 2010

    Heres a few pics from the 2010 Toronto Toy fair of the upcoming summer wave (credit to Kris Abel Blog). Aside from the crappy displays (which seem to get worse each year at the Toy Fair) this at least gives us a good look at these sets. I think its safe to say these sets are still prototypes and will undergo some changes before the final models...hopefully. I must applaud lego, for the styling and aesthetics seem to get better each year. The 8051 Motorbike has a very interesting engine setup, where the rods are longer than usual...but I don't like the fact the pistons aren't clearly visible to see. The 8052 Container Truck is meh...similar look to 8292 cherry picker, the color blue!, and it has a very interesting function (I think there may be a drive ring in this set). 8053 Mobile Crane...nothing we haven't seen done already, but those outriggers and wheels are nice features. And lastly, the 8043 Excavator...another flaghsip that doesn't have the most pieces of the year, and it still seems its internal setup is not clear to us.