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  1. Thanks for the heads up, but all I can find is a gym in Tacoma? Guess I'm doing something wrong?
  2. Looks great! Maybe I missed it, but does anyone know who the pilot and astromech will be? haha box is already damaged.
  3. That'll be great if they pull it off well! Ucs R2 and BB are on the select shelf of kits my wife likes to have in the living room. A 'cute' set in the same vein would make an interesting addition, and be sure to be one of her favorites! As long as they make it look right...the pixelated look will be trickier to pull off than with the droids. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. My wife managed to get through the S@H dumpster fire and order me one 1:30 into release on the 14th. Its waiting on the Christmas tree, which is the most awesome and important part, but I haven't even gotten an email or anything about the black card. Dead silence. I'm worried that the website may have dropped me through the cracks but I guess it's heartening to know I'm not the only one here in the states. Hopefully we're not lost in the shuffle.
  5. Pariah

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Yep, thread. Shows how many forums I'm a member of!
  6. Pariah

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    So I suppose that's it then, eh? And so, with the release of the Falcon, the thread that brought me in to this community passes into history. What a fitting endcap it is.
  7. @ArchieNov Sorry, I wasn't notified about your post! I built the set exactly per instructions but, as I said, it is possible I made a mistake. Just odd that it started out fine, then 8 months later it looks like that! I'm guessing I'll have to take a substantial bit apart to fix it, and at that point I plan to add in your mod, especially given the later reports of continued success from everyone. It may just have to wait until I'm done with the -Really Big Box- thats hiding in my wife's closet until Christmas! Thanks for the mod, looking forward to integrating it.
  8. Pariah

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    So...after that massive derailment, I hate to repost but I feel like it's much more pertinent information and I don't want it to get lost in all that. My local store in the US said availability of the MF on S@H would be 8 AM ET on the 14th, not midnight. Has anyone heard something similar? Yes, I don't feel like waiting a year for them to get it back in stock so i would rather jump on it.
  9. Pariah

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    For everyone in the USA- went to the lego store today to get my MF brochure and ogle at the built set. They said S@H MF for VIPs will go on sale the 14th at 8 AM eastern for all north america so it goes on sale for everyone at once(midnight in Hawaii?). Also, they said the atlanta store will have 16 in stock but may have a hard time getting more as the distributor is in Florida (hurricane). Can anyone else confirm the 8 E.T. Release?
  10. Pariah

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Amazon tracker worked! They just got 6 in, I ordered one. I want to make sure i dont miss out to the scalpers or else i would wait for lego to get it. Passed it up at TRU on 5/30, not making that mistake again!
  11. Pariah

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Apologies if this is old news, but i dropped by TRU in Georgia, USA today and the full summer wave was on the shelves including the booster ring set. (And Saturn V!)
  12. Pariah

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    You caught it just in time, it was already down 5 minutes ago. Looks awesome! -nevermind, the link in the post popped up despite the main link being a dead end. Thats a great looking wave!
  13. Hey guys. Not sure if anyone is still following this. New member, been lurking for a while. I had this same problem to an extreme degree. Built the slave one and it has sat for over a year now. You can see its current state. The arms inside under the cockpit have completely disconnected. It hasnt been dropped or moved since the build. So, i dont know if this was a build error-highly unlikely, but im human too-or if this issue others have had eventually caused a complete separation. Im curious if anyone else has had this happen. Guess ill be pulling it apart to try to find the issue after i get done building my new ucs snowspeeder!