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  1. Woodstock89

    General Part Discussion

    Hi, I hope I found the right topic for my question. Some time ago when I built Didumos's Greyhound in red, I came across the fact that part 60483 (Liftarm Thick 1 x 2 with Pin Hole) in red is offered at high prices on Bricklink (if at all). Looking at the part's details, it appears that it never appeared in any set. So, I am wondering where those parts that are on sale come from? Second question: is it possible to resize an image inserted from URL? (Thanks for the hint, SNIPE!)
  2. Woodstock89

    PF motor cables being fried

    Looking at the top right of the first picture, which kind of corrosion could cause this damage to the wires?
  3. Woodstock89

    42056 - Porsche GT3 RS - Crash Test

    They did it again!
  4. Thanks, it was a very rewarding build! I am only wondering about the purpose of two axle pin connectors attached to the seats. Do they serve any purpose or are they just residuals of previous designs/versions?
  5. I finally found the time and managed to complete this magnificent car. It's truly a masterpiece and I enjoyed building it. I went for a black/red colour scheme and the improved rims.
  6. Alternatively, you can try the solution shown here: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/133743-42056-porsche-911-gt3-rs-mods-and-improvements/&do=findComment&comment=2632994 where the small panels have a different orientation.
  7. Thanks for the fast response! I managed to install the axle with end-stop, but I agree, it was a bit difficult ;-)
  8. I have started building this fantastic car and have to chime in saying that it is has an awesome design, without doubt! I noticed a small inconsistency between the LDD/building instructions and the cut away quoted above. In the picture above there is an 8L axle with stop sitting right below the HOG steering mechanism. Whereas in the LDD and the instructions there is a standard 8L axle without stop. Has this been changed deliberately over the course of time (IMHO, the axle with stop makes more sense here)?
  9. Although @jb70 recently posted full instructions for the 42056 combining several different mods (you guys are awesome, btw), I intend to take the challenge and build the Ultimate Playable version created by @Didumos69. I downloaded the LXF file linked to in the first post of this thread but I am a bit worried because I can only see the chassis but not the body. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. Woodstock89

    42056 - Porsche GT3 RS - Crash Test

    Further details on this fun test can be found here (in German language, though): https://www.heise.de/ct/artikel/c-t-beim-ADAC-Der-Lego-Porsche-Fun-Test-und-wummms-3706254.html According to this article, only a few elements broke (a part of the front wheel suspension being amongst them).
  11. A German computer magazine in cooperation with the General German Automobile Club subjected the 42056 to a real life crash test (EURO-NCAP).
  12. I need to chime in! After leaving my dark ages behind be last year, I discovered this community and the stunning work you guys accomplish! Especially the threads regarding the 42056 Porsche and the enhancements made by Didumos69 and others are amazing! Firstly, I built the model according to the original instructions, disassembled it and applied all the modifications from the Unofficial Errata. The improvements are awesome. The next project will be to disassemble it again and make it 'Ultimate Playable'. Since I have never worked with LDD, this will be a new learning exercise. Back to topic: tokenize, I ended up with the same finding as you, I was left with one of these elements as well. Unless the both of us made the same mistake, I think this is an oversight in the Unofficial Errata. I believe, the connector in question is the one marked in the attached picture.