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  1. vermontcathy Noob Questions

    From my above post... It's a bummer someone charged money for a model, and didn't have PDF steps, or at least a file broken into steps.
  2. Edit: No selling
  3. You guys had me very nervous that the distribution in my case was off - but luckily the sealed border between Canada and VT kept your grubby incorrect-distribution boxes north of the border. :) Mine was just right. I was very nervous when one of you got zero space fans because that's what I wanted the most.
  4. Or in the US, there a post at from Minifigures Plus.
  5. I, too, would go feel bags in the past. This time, since I want 7 or 8 of them, and possible 2 of certain ones, I'm buying a box and will sell the ones I don't want. And I'll probably post on discussion boards (where allowed), selling at barely above my cost + actual shipping, to help out others who are in the same situation, not able to go out to stores. I hear lots of chatter about the power ranger and the viking, and I don't particularly want those, so PM in about a month if you're interested (I'm in the US). :)
  6. vermontcathy

    Lego Dots 2020

    Joanne Fabrics and Michael's. Although, when I went to Michael's 2 days ago, they weren't set out yet, but they were willing to get what I wanted from the back. Both websites showed them in stock.
  7. I'm excited about the snorkeler with the little turtle, but I wish they'd make a snorkeler without a helmet. Snorkelers don't wear helmets, and most scuba divers don't, either.
  8. vermontcathy

    Lego Dots 2020

    Maybe making the bracelet as narrow as possible, it could loop around the stem of a wine glass, to identify whose glass is whose. :)
  9. vermontcathy

    Future Castle Sets?

    That would be amazing! Something not huge (so, fitting into the Creator 3-in-1 theme, not Expert), but big enough to have a decent number of bricks for 2 other models. I am sure it would be very popular.
  10. vermontcathy

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Surprisingly, they were downloaded a decent amount. I say surprising, because I use it for the online 3D steps. But when it's someone else's model, and they may remove it at any time, I guess downloading the Studio file is safest. As an example, this silly little tiger, posted for just over a year, has been downloaded 117 times. This elephant, up for less than a year, 126 times. The hexadecimal thing is cute, kind of a secret code, but that's the problem - it's secret. If I want people to know that it's an alt of a certain set, how do I tell them which set? I've got one that hasn't been flagged (yet) that doesn't have the set number in the name/title but does have it in the description. But I want it in the name, for sorting purposes. I've got one model re-submitted with the set number listed as We'll see if that gets flagged or accepted.
  11. vermontcathy

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Ha. Yeah, that'll work for THAT set... But seriously, I'm not even sure it's the set number that causes the flag because I have other models with set numbers that didn't get flagged. At this point, I was about to say that I think all models are being flagged for some reason (a bug, a mistake). But I uploaded a "model" of a single brick, no set names, numbers, Lego lines, etc. and just now I see it was not flagged: And although earlier today, it seemed like all recent uploads were set as Display Only (flagged), some recent ones now allow you to download the Studio file. Maybe the rule (among others) is that you can't have a set number in the name, and the bots just haven't yet got to my unflagged models? I'll try uploading the tree flower again with no set number and see what happens. But I refuse to remove the set number from the names - that's how I sort my models so I can find a what I'm looking for.
  12. vermontcathy

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    OK, I have no F'ING clue how to post a build that isn't flagged for IP. I thought I had it figured out. I was wrong. I posted a build yesterday, title is 11001 Flower Tree, description is "just a silly little alt build from set 11001." Flagged. I thought the set number was ok since ALL my models' titles include the set number, and some of them haven't been flagged. I just... whatever. I give up trying to figure it out. People can still see the online steps, and that's the only reason I use Bricklink's Studio Gallery.
  13. vermontcathy

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Well, Lego Group seems to think that "classic" and "castle" are their own IP.... Brickowl is fine for ordering pieces, but it's not a place to post and share MOCs, and online 3D steps for those MOCs
  14. vermontcathy

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    I post on Rebrickable, but Bricklink (via Studio upload) is the only place I know of to post 3D rotatable steps. I can upload a PDF of steps to Rebrickable, but I like also providing the 3D online steps (and I like using them for building, as well). So in my Rebrickable MOCs' descriptions, I include a link to the online steps. Luckily, even if a set is "flagged", those online steps are still available, so it's not as big a deal to me as if they disallowed the online steps.
  15. vermontcathy

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    But we're not "selling" a set - we're just posting models. Are you saying if someone makes an alt build of a City set and has the word "City" in the title or description, or the set number, it'll be flagged? See my previous post. Most of my models are alt builds and have the original set number in the title, and I usually say in the description "alt build of ...". And even if that's what's causing the flagging, it still doesn't make sense. This one is an alt build of Classic set 11001, it has 11001 in the title, and description is "Two little creatures from the Classic set 11001 Bricks and Ideas" and was flagged. This set is also an alt build of 11001, has 11001 in the title, and description says, "This guy is an alt build for the little classic set 11001" and was NOT flagged. Oh.... so the first one had the NAME of the set. So it seems like I can have the set number but not the set name in the title and description? Hmm... it also seems like I can't have "Classic" in the description. This one has the title "10704 Purple Car" and description "An alt build for Classic set 10704". So, no set name, just "Classic" which I guess is prohibited. <facepalm> If I didn't have so many models to compare and contrast (and models that clearly have no IP such as a model of Yoda), I never would have figured this out. So, in summary: set number is OK set name is not OK Lego line such as "Classic" is not allowed - including possibly also castle, city, friends, ideas, elves, creator, etc. Looks like you can't use any of (possibly among others) the Friends' names? I have one that got flagged and I don't have the set name or the line (Friends) but I called it "Emma's not-heart-box" Did they flag every model that has the word classic, city, friends, elves, castle, dots, creator, dots, etc.? OK here's one that doesn't fit the rules as I thought I had figured them out. I have the original set number, but I don't have the set name... oh wait. The original set name was Trevi Fountain. My set is named Trevi Castle. How can Lego claim IP on "Trevi" when it's the name of an actual place? Oh wait.... it isn't "Trevi" that caused the flagging, but maybe "Castle"? Can we really not use "Castle" in any model name or description? Maybe it's OK if I spell if "Kastle"... :( This is stupid.