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  1. These are all very cool! I'd love if people could share LXF or Studio files of these models, but I realize not everyone enjoys building their model a 2nd time on the computer...
  2. vermontcathy

    Is Creator's Three-In-One Line Underappreciated by AFOLs?

    I love the Creator 3 in 1 sets. I don't tend to just leave a set together forever - I like taking them apart, rebuilding, and I love alt builds (both the ones from Lego, and ones available at or on YouTube). I sometimes make my own alt builds as well. My favorite creator sets are: 31079: Sunshine Surfer Van - the number of alt builds available for this is unreal 31063: Beachside Vacation, 31035: Beach Hut, and 7346: Seaside House (yeah, there's a theme here) 31051: Lighthouse Point (my favorite) 31025: Mountain Hut 31048: Lakeside Lodge - last year when I wasn't impressed with the Christmas Winter Village set, I made this set into a winter scene:
  3. vermontcathy

    [MOC] "A Home for Anton" - My ReBuild of 21310

    Have you considered creating instructions, or a Studio or lxf file for this MOC? I love it, and would love to build it (and would pay a bit for the instructions).
  4. vermontcathy

    [CONTEST] Benny's Spaceships Building Academy

    Nevermind - looks like mine doesn't qualify - it's an alt build, no added pieces. I don't see a way to delete a post, so hopefully an admin can delete my post in the Special Lego Themes forum.
  5. vermontcathy

    [CONTEST] Benny's Spaceships Building Academy

    This is where it should be posted: ?
  6. vermontcathy

    Lego Quality Reference

    No, I don't think I've had problems with the new ones. I'm not 100% sure, because they got mixed in, as I took the model apart. But when I did an alt build that used almost all the pieces (like 90%), the only new break was a 2x6 plate, which hadn't been replaced. As I found broken pieces in the pile, I chucked them, and I had enough pieces to finish the build. The new pieces weren't as tight. I knew with the original pieces, right from the beginning, that there was an issue because they were so tight and I had to press hard to attach them to another piece. The new pieces are not overly tight like that. I'm not overly surprised they replaced them. 40 pieces, at about 10 cents each, is only $4, so it wasn't a huge outlay for them, to make a good customer happy (I've bought a decent amount from S@H in the past year). In fact I said I could order them and pay for them myself, but it was more the principal of the thing, and something I thought they should be aware of. If no one ever told them of certain problems with the pieces, then the wouldn't be able to correct the problem.
  7. vermontcathy

    Lego Quality Reference

    The pieces were in a sealed box, in sealed polybags. They weren't used parts. It seems like you're having trouble believing that 1) new pieces (though manufactured 6 or 7 years ago, and sealed in a box for that time) can break upon first use, and that 2) a box can have a different set of seal codes on one end, and it's still new & sealed - that it came from Lego like that. (here's another thread that talks about the double tape seals: Now, it is possible that some other aspect of how the set was stored contributed to the pieces breaking - temperature, humidity, etc., esp. since it had a smell to it (not unpleasant.. maybe smelled like incense). But the colors that cracked were colors known for cracking. I believe the set was NIB and that it came from Lego with the different seals. And sorry, the set was enough of a splurge - I'm not going to buy "at least 2 or 3" of the set I want, so that I can get it in the sealed brown shipping box.
  8. vermontcathy

    Lego Quality Reference

    Well since the set hasn't been sold at S@H for over 5 years, there's no other way to buy it - stores don't have it any more. Where would you buy it, if not eBay? It's authentic Lego. I have no doubt whatsoever. And it would be a bit too detail-oriented for counterfeiters to copy Lego so closely that THEIR reddish brown bricks crack frequently, as well :) Also, WRT different seal codes on either end of the box - it's not unheard of:
  9. vermontcathy

    Lego Quality Reference

    Several months ago I splurged and bought a NIB Medieval Market Village. A LOT of reddish-brown pieces felt very tight when putting them onto other bricks, and many cracked - I could hear it as I connected the bricks. Very sickening feeling, especially since this was such a splurge for me to buy. I'd say about 40 pieces cracked, almost all were reddish brown, but also ~8 out of the 10 dark red curved pieces making up the bed. Almost all had a footprint of 1x1 or 1x2, although when I recently made an alt build from the set, a 2x6 reddish brown plate cracked. Cracked isn't even an accurate word for it - in many cases, pieces broke off, like the whole side of a 1x2 plate. I started a chat with Lego CS, and at first they said they wouldn't replace pieces from sets bought on eBay and I said I'd never been asked in the past what store I bought sets at, when reporting a problem. I also said that I'd heard reddish brown was notorious for cracks, and they then agreed to replace the pieces. Luckily they are all still made & available, though CS and I had to track down some new/changed part numbers. The set was new & sealed, but did smell a little odd. Not like smoke... but something. Everyone's home smells differently, I suppose. Also, CS had me tell her the seal codes on the tape seals. Interestingly, each end of the box had different seal codes. On one end, it looked like one seal code was placed over another.
  10. I have only been building models in software for just over a year, so I'm somewhat new at it, and by far not an expert. That being said, I like because I like the mouse controls and keyboard control options while building (rotating pieces, etc.), and a big deal to me is that I seem to be able to better search for pieces in - enter 2x1 into the search box, click the right category, and I seem to be able to find pieces way faster than with LDD. With LDD I seemed to always be looking up piece numbers and typing them in, because I couldn't otherwise find them. I also really like the online building options at ( , and how you can send a model there directly from (one example - click on "step view": This is one of the primary ways I share models with others. I haven't had great luck with instruction-building software to make a PDF; it seems like it will take many hours to tweak what is given at first (rotating the image so that the added piece can be seen, etc.), though I have done it with LICreator. Being able to make steps and assign pieces to steps in, and then have those steps used in LICreator, at, and in the Brixtar app is incredibly helpful, and I don't know how I'd live without the ability to define steps (you can't, as far as I know, in LDD). Although it can be nice to have paper instructions and not need an electronic device for instructions, the ability to rotate the model, zoom in and out, (as you can at and Brixtar app) and easily specify steps and pieces per step as the model designer (as you can in is amazing.
  11. vermontcathy

    Winter Serenity

    Absolutely wonderful. Good luck in the contest! I like the clear 1x1 round pieces to look like snow or ice on the trees. I'll have to add some to my next pieces order. It may be a common idea, but I'm just coming out of my dark ages... :)
  12. vermontcathy

    2018 Creator Sets

    That 1x3 plate with 2 centered studs (and underside allows you to place in in half-stud positions, i.e. centered over 2 studs) is also in 10402: Fun Future, in blue. It doesn't seem to be in yet.
  13. vermontcathy

    [MOC] Alt build of 21310 Old Fishing Store

    OK, someone suggested to me that I make a boat with the leftover pieces. I'd never made a boat before, but looked at the boat builds in 31051 and 31064 for ideas. I'm not 100% happy with it, but not too bad. The seat can spin around to fish. More photos here:
  14. vermontcathy

    [MOC] Alt build of 21310 Old Fishing Store

    EDITED to add - I thought someone here suggested making a boat with the leftover pieces, but it wasn't here, it was at . That's why I wrote the following. See post below for update! A boat, huh?.... No rounded pieces, but if they can make BB-8 out of rectangular bricks... maybe I'll give it a shot. :)
  15. Thanks for the help, everyone. I tried the video method with someone else's MOC's LXF file that was producing terrible steps in LDD and that method is growing on me. It's a little harder to share a video than a PDF with other people, but still doable. With a PDF, you have to keep advancing to the next page, and with a video you have to pause it - about the same about of hassle. It's nice that when you add a piece back in, if anything is unclear, you can spin the model to see it from different angles - and the person viewing the video would see that. Supertruper1988, can you share the default PDF steps with me that it made? Let's see... in a PM can you attach a file? Or in a PM I can give you my email address.