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  1. Do we know if the price is going up to $499.99 on this? I thought it was on the original promobricks list but isn't on the new Barnes & Noble list (they do carry the set).
  2. Eaglefan344

    10303 Loop Coaster

    What is the black thing on the back of the lift tower? Is it a separate drop tower ride or just a counterweight?
  3. Eaglefan344

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Not a fan of the locomotive but the rolling stock and buffer look great
  4. It will probably go for at least $40 on the re-sell market right away so it's definitely worth picking up
  5. Eaglefan344

    Disney Properties 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Why don't the lightyear minifigs come with the helmet part?
  6. Eaglefan344

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I haven't seen 60198 in stock for a very long time and I'm wondering if it's just going to quietly retire
  7. Eaglefan344

    LEGO Trains 2022

    60198 came with 16 straights which was insane. Even if you take that down to 8 though the new price still seems low. 60198 is consistently out of stock too and has rarely been discounted so I would think it sold well.
  8. Eaglefan344

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Wasn't the d2c rumored to be the Hulkbuster? $209.99 seems a little high but it was rumored to be a bit bigger.
  9. Eaglefan344

    10302 Optimus Prime Rumors

    I really hope this does well. I can't imagine them ever doing a g1 Megatron but Soundwave, Bumblebee and Starscream would be possible.
  10. Eaglefan344

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    Last big city cargo plane was back in 2013. They'll definitely need to make a new wing piece if it's going to support 3 engines on each wing. The last one had a ton of sagging just from 2.
  11. Dark Trooper looks beyond awful. Frustrating too since all they had to do was make the lower sides wider.
  12. I think it looks great, but Vader is definitely the worst and I don't see how it's close.
  13. I really like the Luke one. The cheeks on Mando look really odd. Edit: Just looked at photos from the show and didn't realize the cheeks are more defined on Mando than boba fett. Always thought they were identical except for color.
  14. Does this type of crane fold up at all for transport? This model sounds awesome but I can't imagine a lot of people have room to display or store something 5ft tall.