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  1. Thanks for the response! Yeah that's right I'm using Android 12 on Pixel 6. But just last week (before updating the Controlz app) it was working fine on this very same phone/OS version. Good to know an update is incoming, looking forward to it! Edit: just tried the beta and it works!
  2. For some reason I can't connect to my Technic Hubs anymore, while it worked fine last week. I think I noticed a Controlz app update in between (I'm on Android). I already removed hubs in app, cleared cache and app storage and restarted my phone but no luck so far. Keeps 'Searching...'. Tested the official Lego app and it connects to the same hub right away so the hub is working fine. Anyone else facing this? It worked perfectly well last week (and every other time over the past year I've been using this app) using the same hub so I think something in the last app update caused this for me?
  3. This app is great, thank you for this! I think I found a minor bug and thought I'd let you know: when editing existing controls the previously selected speed is not always selected and reverts back to 10. Not a big deal but maybe you can fix it in a next version :) please let me know if you need any more info or if I should report this elsewhere. And a question: would it be possible to calibrate the giro to the used orientation? I mounted mine vertically and the shown angle seems to assume horizontal mounting.
  4. Not sure if these were posted yet but this pre-order page has some high resolution pictures:
  5. I almost finished building this set (~100 pages left) and am really enjoying the build. Very impressive model and some interesting new build techniques I had not seen before, which I can definitely use in my own MOCs. While test driving the model I noticed a slight 'electrical whine' from some motors and I was wondering if this is to be expected. It's most notable when you press the joystick to rotate the upper structure but don't really rotate it yet. Before the motors start there is some electrical noise coming from the motor. It happens for the 2 motors which control the tracks as well, though it's less noticeable there. Do you guys have this as well?
  6. Anyone else noticed the rotation of the linear actuator in the 2nd test phase with the app is the wrong way around? I'm pretty sure I built it correctly and a video on youtube showed the same behaviour so I'm guessing it should be fine and just a minor bug in the app.
  7. I noticed the same issue and while looking for a fix it occured to me that it's just a slight 'angle issue'. I replaced the 'angled connector #5' with a #6 (step 100 of the instructions) and it now locks securely :). Really odd that Lego didn't figure this out and ships like this. Loving the mods here, especially the cleanly routed pneumatic hoses, nice job!