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  1. Bringing Christmas presents to classic space since 1979 Good luck to all and thanks again for hosting this great event!
  2. A snow covered Christmas tree from me this time Thanks again for hosting this awesome Christmas tradition and good luck to all.
  3. Snow then I think of childhood and sledging so my contribution is a sledge Thanks to CopMike again for the great work with this great annual Christmas tradition Good luck to all.
  4. Awesome review as always, and coming from Denmark I cant help to laugh a bit that the designers seem to have had a bit of fun with the pirate treasure map, since when turned right (compass rose in lower right corner) the map is clearly based on real landmass and islands and the X is on the Danish island Sjælland (Zealand) just west of the capital Copenhagen
  5. A big tree, like the one on the town square Thanks again to CopMike for hosting this great tradition raffle and making December even more exciting.
  6. Thx CopeMike for again making December extra exciting! I wish for a good Christmas with my family but speaking of a gift, I would be very happy if Santa would give me a Lego 928 Galaxy Explorer
  7. Dane

    [MOC] Citroen DS

    Beautiful model and very accurate to the real thing
  8. To start with the end, I see that you have gone from "butt ugly p.o.s" to "close" to CS now , but besides that I don't think any one in here has called this new ship for CS other than the colors and some of the design features including the CS logo, are a welcome nod to old CS, so I don't understand your need for that last line! I'm a great fan of 928 and at the time with the parts available it was great design, but after today's standards it is to be fair a flying blue square box with much too small gray wings and no SNOT or soft/organic design... ( I hope you have not fainted on the floor by now ) I think anyone in here already have understood by now, that you very much is a seller/trader but I think it would be much more interesting to hear why there is nothing you like about this model. You also seem to criticize the internal technic structure in the ship earlier even though that is how LEGO build all larger models today and for years now, to make them stronger and more stable, unlike the old ones that broke in "almost" all pieces if they ever was dropped or fell of a table or shelf (I know that for a fact). A re-issue 928 would be a TLG that looks backwards instead of moving forwards with new ideas and models in my opinion, and a re-issue 928 would never be like a real original 928, only an greedy attempt at making money of an old model and I would certainly not be interested in such a product...
  9. I really don't understand the total negativity shown by 1974 for this set, there is always on almost any set room for improvement, but to find nothing to like about this set I find strange, especially considering how anticipated it is by both old and young Lego fans all around the world. To make a new "replica" of the classic 928 would not be inventive by Lego and nor would it appeal to the young target customers. I think Lego have done a great try on this, making a ship that based on the review images I have seen gives it some nice angles and look. This is a modern ship for the 2014 target age group, while still giving a honorable nod to old space models like 928, 6929, 6980 and 6985 which many of us AFOL's can see and like and then it gives us the classic space logo on blue slopes, and a yellow version of the great SW X-wing canopy, old style bots, to just mention a few nice things about the set Could it have had a even more classic look, Sure. Would it have been nice with more printed bricks instead of stickers, sure. But to rate it poor is the same as rate it as a set that never should have existed and that I find strange for some one who should be in to classic style Lego space. But any one is entitled to their own opinion and I look very much forward to this even though I also have the age to remember the old sets
  10. In Denmark it should be 1st June so probably the same in several other European countries
  11. Thank you for a fantastic review of this much anticipated set. I can almost not wait to get my hands on this set
  12. Dane

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

  13. Dane

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    Very strange if the Classic Space Logos is stickers on all pieces :thumbdown: On this video: In full HD it very clearly is stickers on the tail fins and most other places but the Classic Space Logo on the slope pieces very much looks like print. Even up close I can not see any sticker edges, finger marks or sticker shine in the light.
  14. Dane

    MOC: "The Batwing" - A Lego Movie MOC

    Great images of the finished project! Looking fantastic and great work you have done there!
  15. Dane

    MOC: "The Batwing" - A Lego Movie MOC

    Looking great, can't wait to see the final result - and I see that you also work in orange