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    MOC/MOD Tank

    Originally this is the Tumbler from set 76001 that i changed up to make it "tankier". The rear is something i am really happy with as i really loved the double wheels in the movie but it was left out from set 76001, i am also happy with the plow infront as i struggled with getting it right for a long time. The biggest issue with the plow was to not add much lentgh as i have a modified star destroyer from 2006 that this one attaches to with a magnet hidden behind the grill in the front. If the tumbler would be too long i would have to change up the entire attachments placement wich would be more work than i'd like.
  2. Hi, I have a old Imperial star destroyer that i now and then change up a little, so far i have redone the interior entirely and added/changed some of the exterior. The reason i do it is because i feel like "making it my own" instead of just a star destroyer (so it can fit into more than just a SW theme) the main issue i have is the cockpit as it is so iconic to the star destroyer that it needs to be changed or removed to get some distance from star wars. The problem is that i have no idea what to do for a replacement cockpit, does anyone have ideas for what i could do with it? Additionally any other ideas for things i could add would also be much appreciated! Also I hope it's not rude to go to the star wars forum and all good to make something be less like star wars
  3. Hi, I really want some good robot leg for a Minifigure but the only ones i can find are Darth maul's robotic legs, are there any other legs out there or a way to build some good ones yourself?