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    Hi to all pirate friends , 

    i just finish one more creation that inspire me from the lovely set Sabre Island.

    I just want to make something modern but with some old details like the original set of lego.

    I didnt want to make a tower with so much details and architecture tricks but with clear lines.

    This moc is one more creation that i love to have with ny other moc pirates creations and reminds me the gold season of lego sets..!!



















  2. 11 hours ago, koalayummies said:

    What a gorgeous scene. I especially love the fort and tower build and its weathered-look. The realistic color palette, detailed foliage and unconventional pirate's ship make for a wonderfully fantastic and very complete looking creation. Great building!

    Thank you very much for your feedback to my moc. Iam very glad that you notice some details that i want to present to this creation... 

  3. 3 hours ago, Dhivael said:

    I love this-- reminds me of one of my favorite sets of all time-- 6265 (Sabre Island). Great job!

    Thank you very much for this feedback Dhivael!!. Iam glad that you get this old feeling from this moc!!! 

  4. 35 minutes ago, LEGO Train 12 Volts said:

    Oh man this is where I want to be! :wub_drool:

    Wonderful sea and amazing castle!

    Wow... Thank you so much Lego Train for this superB comment.. Thats inspired me for the next creations.. 

  5. 1 hour ago, legostarwars1425 said:

    Man, oh man, I love this build. One thing that really caught my eye was the cherry red and dark green foliage. I always love seeing those, as I think they're very nice touch, along with the various textured elements. Great work!

    Thank you very much for watching and for your comment to my moc..iam glad that you notice this detail like the red and the dark green foliage.. :classic:

  6. 7 hours ago, Professor Thaum said:

    That's a great built... The Fort is full of small but efficient details.


    the shack is killer

    Iam glad you enjoy the build Professor Thaum.. Thank you for your feedback!! 

    3 hours ago, neonic said:

    I don't think it's a fort, no cannons and stuff? Looks more like some watchtower?
    But anyhow, it looks great. I like those stones in the wall, like the plaster fell off, and there a lot of other great details like the plants and trees.
    Great photo too with the 'water' around it.

    Mmm.. I think you notice a detail like the cannons neonic that its very important... Yes the Fort must have cannons i will fix this detail for sure.. Thank you for watching and comment to my creation!! :classic:

  7. 5 hours ago, Roadmonkeytj said:

    Pantelis has done it again! Look forward to posting this in the near future on classic pirates!

    Thank you very much once again Roadmonkeytj for watching and comment to my creation.. Iam very glad you like it!!!! 

  8. 21 hours ago, rodiziorobs said:

    Normally I'm not a fan of loose bricks--i.e. its a pet peeve of mine when people just spread blue studs around and call it 'water'--but the lower pavilion with the wizards, where you just kind of loosely arranged the grey slopes on their sides? It looks wonderful. The effect is that it extends the scene freely, building it out in a purposeful way. I'm surprised both by how effective it is and how much I like it.

    Oh, and the rest of the architecture is fantastic as well.

    Thanks for sharing! :thumbup:

    Thank you very much rodiziorobs for your comment and your feedback to my creation..i am glad that you notice that i dont just put some slope bricks round there but as you say i want to give an extend for ths all scene..thanks once again and i hope you enjoy the build..:classic:

  9. 1 hour ago, Ultimo said:

    I was thinking exactly the same when I saw it, this is how I would hope a 2019 official Lego Pirates set could (and should) look like.

    thank you very much for this Ultimo...iam very glad that you say something like this..i think that Lego must give as some sets that we have a lot of years to wait..the pirates and castle sets i think will be '' Hard ti find'' from the first days!!!

  10. 21 minutes ago, Faladrin said:

    Another great build from you ! :pir-wub:

    Excellent !

    I would love TLG make the Pirate hideout like you did ! It's just exactly what to expect from a wreck for Pirates !

    The fort is nice too but a little bit too plain for my taste.

    Thank you to share with us all your amazing creations !

    Keep up the good job ! :thumbup:

    Thank you ine more time Faladrin for your feedback and your good comments.. I will try to the other fort something more biger and with some more details for all pirate mates.. Thanks once again for support.. 

  11. 8 hours ago, Mister Phes said:

    More beauty from, Pantelis! :pir-wub:

    Thank you very much once again Mister Phes!!!! :classic:

    8 hours ago, Ultimo said:

    Another fantastic MOC, great job Pantelis! And as usual, I appreciate more the piratey side :pir-grin:

    Thank you very much Ultimo for your comments... We always love Pirates and want them back maybe with a new set from Lego!!!! 

    7 hours ago, Darnok said:

    Loving it, nicely done! :thumbup:

    Thank you for watching Darnok this creation!!!! :classic:

    5 hours ago, Littleworlds said:

    It looks so simple and clean, but shows a lot of attention to detail. The wall-structure with the plaster coming off does very well, as does the interplay between wooden elements and stonework. There are so many ways a predominantly white building could have been built boring - but this has so much going on, yet looks nice and tidy. I love it :classic:

    Thank you very much Littleworlds for your great feedback.. Maybe now iam looking better i can use and some dark red profile bricks for the build.. Thank you once more your feedback is always help full...!! 

    3 hours ago, The Neighborhood Merchant said:

    This is a fantastic build, pantelis! Your choice of colors is always striking and stunning. Your use of the viking hull and the pirate flag for the shipwreck is ingenious. The LotR ring used for the door handle really works.

    The angles: fantastic, the colors: outstanding, and your details: on point. I'm absolutely in love with your builds!:excited:

    Iam very glad that you notice this details in this moc Neighborhood...iam really glad that you see the details that i put when i build this moc.. Thank you once again.. I hope you enjoy the build.. 

    2 hours ago, iammac said:

    WHOA, these are epic! The clean lines and colors of the imperials contrast well with the scrappy, organic-looking pirate camp. It kinda fits with their stereotypes, doesn't it? :laugh:

    Your works is always lovely.... keep it up!



    Thank you Mac for watching and comment my moc once again.. Iam really happy that you see some details that i want to present to this creation!!! :classic:

  12. 1 hour ago, ExeSandbox said:

    Wow, both of the structures look fantastic! An incredibly solid design with great choices of colors! I really like the sculpting and the texturing on the white building. 

    But what really stand out for me would be all those greenery. They are amazing! :laugh:

    Thank you very much Exesandbox for your comment.. I hope you enjoy the build... 

  13. Hi to all pirate folks..One more creation that i want to share is my new Moc the Blue Imperial Fort...I was present one more fort some days ago but i really want to have a fort and for my blue Imperials..!! So one more fort from me and one more place for my pirates...those pirates are looking for some treasures and they start to looking from their hideout...they start the handing from an old pirate ship!!!