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  1. 2 hours ago, zoth33 said:

    Very nice, I like the texturing on the tower and the rockwork is nicely done.  I like the water feature and the little bits of snow.  And of course very nice figs.  

    Thanks zoth33 for watching.. And for the feedback.. :classic:

  2. Hi to all mates ,

    I want to share my last creation.Its a grey castle in a 32X32 base plate + a 16X32 base plate at the front.

    I put some details of snow on the ground and on the castle..Also a little river and a gate that Eomer and the White Wizard will  pass and find the prince of Gondor to his castle and discuss the possibility that Sauron returns!!!



















  3. 1 hour ago, Aine said:

    Clever use of parts, the groundwork and the green tails are sooo nice! Also, the now usual classic feel of your MOCs is wonderful!

    Thanks Aine one more time for your good coomments to my MOCs.. Thats make me to continue harder.. 

    59 minutes ago, GeoBrick said:

    That poor shepherd! :distressed:
    Overall, a beautiful layout. Though I feel its almost a miracle no minifig/horse broke its legs on the cragged underground. :wink:

    Haaha.. Thanks GeoBrick for feedback... Its a miracle because they are all parts of 80s....!!!

  4. 4 hours ago, zoth33 said:

    Nice scene.  The towers have some nice texturing, the snot groundwork looks good.  I like the roof of the house and the tan masonry bricks in the house.  Love all the old school figs.  

    Thanks zoth33 for watching.. I love too all this vintage figs.. So different from today... 

  5. Hi to all , i want to share my latest creation ''No place to Hide''..

    No place to hide for the black falcons...The black falcon knights try to spend the night to a abandoned castle..All night the Lions Knights trying to catch them because they robbed their Kings stear...!!!

    An offender was also considered a shepherd an they burned his be continued!!!....












  6. 7 hours ago, locidm said:

    I love how you did the ground! Such a great idea and looks fantastic. The moss field looks really nice too. Impressive that you have so many Uruk Kais with the white hand print!


    Thanks for your feedback locidm ..i just put all the slopes there for the ground...:sweet:

    4 hours ago, zoth33 said:

    Nice job.  I like the dwarven door, the design on the light grey is really great.  The snot rockwork look incredible.  Really nice figs too.  

    thanks zoth33 for your good comments ..:classic:

    31 minutes ago, Aine said:

    Wow, really nice. I like the mountain, well done, and the ground is really clever!

    thanks Aine for your feedback once again...:sweet:

  7. Hi again to all ,

    this days i was make some creation that i want to sare..

    I start to make something like Erebor in a small scale..Then i saw that i can make 2 small creations and at the end i can match them in a 48X48 base plate.

    This is the result and i hope that is cool in a small scale..:classic:







  8. 10 minutes ago, n3t3rb said:

    Hej Pantelis

    I think your Moc with the hiding place is very good. It reminds me of my childhood. Wonderfully new transformed!

    This picture are my favorite!



    Best regards


    Thanks n3t3rb for your feedback..the true is this foto is one of my favorite too..:sweet: it takes me a lot of years back

  9. 1 hour ago, Servertijd said:

    I second this, The coblestone looks a bit out of place here. the forest hide out and the tudor style looks very classic. Well done :)

    Thanks for your feedback and for watching Servertijd.. Yes iam looking something else for the ground.. 

  10. 22 minutes ago, zoth33 said:

    Great idea, I love the forestman's hideout and the trees look good.  I like the fact that you have them sticking out the hideout.  The Tudor style buildings are nice. The figs are great, love the old factions.  The only thing I'm not sure about is the 2x2 rounds as coblestone, maybe 2x2 round plates would better.  

    Mmmm... Yes.. Maybe i will try it zoth33... Thanks for watching and your feedback.. 

  11. 9 hours ago, Lego Dino 500 said:

    I love all the detail that you've been able to put into this! Especially stuff like Minas Tirith's throne room, and all the awesome rock work around the castle. 

    Thanks Lego Dino for watching all this details that i put to my creation.. 

    8 hours ago, CedBricks said:

    Fantastic, looks great!

    Thanks  CedBricks for your comment..