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    [Moc] Dunguaire Castle nice feedback Louis..yes i want to make some scary atmosphere with the fotos..i hope you enjoy the build..thanks again thanks for watching my creation and for your feedback peedeejay..i hope you like it..
  2. pantelis

    [Moc] Dunguaire Castle

    Hi to all folks again with a castle creation.The castle that i make inspire me from the Dunguaire Castle in Ireland and with some of my details i present here. Thanks for watching and feedback will be helpful .
  3. pantelis

    [Moc] Dunguaire Castle

    Mmmm Aine you always give me a good ideas for the next!!!!
  4. pantelis

    [Moc] Dunguaire Castle are so close to my idea Aine..!! an area somewere in the middle of a desolate site and the only way to get there is just the boat. the guests took the call adn they just landed on the side of the castle.they will pass a lot of trials to finaly reach the main gate of the castle.....
  5. pantelis

    [Moc] Dunguaire Castle

    iam so happy that you notice this details Aine....!!! this is the feeling that i want to make in to this creation..every time your feedback is so helpful for me and makes me better..thanks again..!!
  6. pantelis

    [Moc] Dunguaire Castle

    thanks for your comment Puvel i hope you like it..
  7. pantelis

    [Moc] Dunguaire Castle

    thanks zoth33 for your feedback. yes its true i want to raplece this plates with 1X2 brick modified in sand green color but i dont have for now.
  8. Hi to all , i am back again with some else from my favorite castles and LotR themes. I make a moc for the Wild West and i start this creation at the first because i want to make something like the old wild west set Legoredo that i have never buy it. I start to build it in a 32X32 base plate because all my mocs want to be playable and after this i say..MMM.. maybe the train of Harry Potter with some changes can be a wild west train..!!!and then maybe i can make a little gold mine and a little train station...and at the end to re-build one lovely set the 6716 wild west carriage. My protagonist is some one like Billy the Kid and when the sheriff start his transport with the train his gang want to release him. So this is my creation with and i want to share it with all..
  9. pantelis

    [Moc] Escape from Legoredo

    Thank you so much for your comments jimmynick ..iam glad you like it.i also see your creations on flickr ana they are superb ..
  10. pantelis

    [Moc] Escape from Legoredo

    Thanks Drunknok i hope you enjoy it like me whan i was build it..
  11. pantelis

    [Moc] Escape from Legoredo

    Hi Aine... yes castle themes are my favorite but some times we have to make some re fresh...haha..thanks for your comment..
  12. pantelis

    [Moc] Escape from Legoredo

    Thanks for your feedback
  13. Hi to all folks , i want to share my Moc for a tribute to the Greek Spartans... I am a Greek so i have to make this for Historic reasons. I want to look like a set and i dont want to put it in a base plate..
  14. Hi...I would like to present a new creation below , based on my previous creation. Below you will see a castle based on the rationale of a set. It has many features from the old castles and I would like to share it with all.
  15. pantelis

    [Moc] Lions Castle

    Finally my classic lions find there own Castle.... With this moc castle i complete my creations with 2 moc castles in 36X36 base plates for Black Falcons and classic Lions ... The Lions Gate of the moc castle based 100% in the gate of the original set. All the others just based in what i want to see to this moc..classic and modern together.
  16. Hi , this is another moc creation with 2 32X32 base plates with my lovely classic castle minifigs of 80s... Run to the forest...Hide on the top of the trees ...Let me feel the 80s atmosphere!!!
  17. pantelis

    [Moc] ''Hide to the Forest''

    thanks Witold..yes i inspires from this old set..
  18. pantelis

    [Moc] Helms Deep

    Hi this is my update version of my helms deep with a lot of deference from my first. The walls are 18 studs tall from 6 that was the original..and a lot of others..
  19. Hi this is my moc with my favorites old castles minifigs black falcons and lions. This is a moc with the classic castle of black falcons wich i make with my way in a 32X32 base plate and at the front in a 16X32 base plate my lions make their attack..
  20. Hi again , this is my new moc with some of my custom soldiers of Gondror. Its a castle in a 32X32 base plate.
  21. pantelis

    [Moc] Black Smith

    Hi again , i make a little blacksmith shop for my Moc Black Falcon Castle.. I just want to feel in the air of my room the 80s castle sets.. Any idea what i can make more (creation} for my Moc sets..?? For me its like a set from my young age!!
  22. pantelis

    [Moc] The Greeks

    Hi again..this is my moc creation in 2 32X32 based plates and with 2 Greek Vignettes.. All together make for my latest this is The Greeks...
  23. Hi to all , this is my moc based in the 6077 lego classic forestmen set. I want to make this because i need it to be there with my 2 moc castles sets..
  24. pantelis

    Moc LotR Diorama

    Hi to all , i complete my LotR diorama with mocs that i make this year.. This diorama has 3 basics scenes of the trilogy ..the Helms Deep in 2 48X48 base plates , the Edoras in 2 base plates of 32X32 and MInas Tirith in 1 48X48 base plate.. To make the diorama for my living room i have to plus some base plates at the front of the main scenes and in 2 16X32 base plates a little mountain.. So this is my diorama and i hope that every one will enjoy it when see this creation.. Merry Christmas!!!
  25. pantelis

    [Moc] Grey Castle

    Hi to all mates , I want to share my last creation.Its a grey castle in a 32X32 base plate + a 16X32 base plate at the front. I put some details of snow on the ground and on the castle..Also a little river and a gate that Eomer and the White Wizard will pass and find the prince of Gondor to his castle and discuss the possibility that Sauron returns!!!