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  1. Yours is still better than than the original; there was almost 0 movement with the original when run on an l-motor. I didnt test the shift mechanism with the original gearbox cause i hadnt build that part yet. I agree with you that the failed gear switches have probably nothing to do with the modded gearbox.
  2. I have build the Didumos gearbox and it fits and works fine! Only problem i encounter is that occasionally it doesnt do a full gear shift and the orange cog of the 1-4 gearbox stops at like a 45 degree angle resulting in an incomplete gearshift. I have the idea this sometimes leads to a break in the gear sequence; i observed a couple of times that the orange cogs were out of sync. I think the high/low gear does switch at this moment resulting in 7 instead of 8 gears. A problem easily solved in this build fase but later on when the the model is complete might be quite a pain to fix. When i power it with a L motor this happens more often. Besides that i dont get any wheel motion anymore from gear number 4 because the friction is to high.
  3. Dragonic

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Im just done building the step module and I noticed a small mistake in the instructions; the cilindrical ball feeder spins in the wrong direction when finished. I added 2x 16teeth gears to make it spin in the appropriate direction. You should be able to add these changes to page 104 of the instructions.
  4. Dragonic

    [MOC REVIEW] Akiyuki's Ball Factory

    I have finished building the ball factory and have a question: i get a lot of friction from the initial drive; the first piston that moves the load shifter from left to right doesnt move enough forward/backward for the chain parts to clear it without twisting under the pressure. I've checked the build, tried setting the piston at different push/pull lengths, but nothing works. Am i missing something? Is this normal? The other piston that moves the loader in and out of position works frictionless with enough clearing space.