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  1. Daanski

    Ford GT 2016 Speed Champions (modified)

    It's a custom sheet I made. I measured lego pieces, like the 2x4 tile, and made logos and others prints in Word. I let it print on clear paper at a professional copy shop when finished. Thanks for you post!
  2. Daanski

    LEGO Speed Champions - Wishlists and Future Speculation

    Future stuff is not really my cup of tea, but wow what a great build! You've got some great design skills there!
  3. Daanski

    Ford GT 2016 Speed Champions (modified)

    Thank you LegoDW, great to hear it is inspiring you. This pit is a blend of other inspiring MOC-builds and what I saw in real life.
  4. Daanski

    [MOC] Brick Lawyers law office modular

    A really nice build. It captures the oldness and vibe of a typical building like this which is used by lawyers a/o attorneys.
  5. @MTbingninja: that's a really good point! Like the 2015 Porsche set and the Ford Gt set the next year. Those manufacturers are direct competitors in GTLM and WEC races. Well...please let Aston Martin and Toyota come to the next wave a/o 2020 wave Edit: thanks Friscorays!
  6. I really like your design! Great job on that! Good point! I'm holding my breath for the next wave of sets!
  7. Daanski

    Ford GT 2016 Speed Champions (modified)

    Thanks @imvanya and @RacerRabbit for the comments. I’m really glad how this car and dio turned out. Merry Christmas btw 🌲
  8. This is my first contribution to Eurobricks. I've closed the dark aged since visiting Billund and buying a Audi R8 from the Speed Champions line. Since then, I've almost solely bought SC sets and am a fully enthousiast. I try to modify all the cars since they look too high a/o bulky for me. All need to be 100% playable and look as close as the real deal. That's my range when modifying them. So this is the Ford GT, which I modified. The stickers on the front are custom, the rest is from the set it self. Ford GT pro by Daanski, Ford GT pro by Daanski, Ford GT pro by Daanski, Ford GT pro by Daanski, Ford GT pro by Daanski, Next is a little scene I created. It is based on a typical pit box from Long Beach Grand Prix: Ford GT pro by Daanski, Ford GT pro by Daanski, Ford GT pro by Daanski, Ford GT pro by Daanski, This lady from Porsche is sneaking around in the computer while the Ford team is around the car. I like to add these funny things in a scene. Hope you like it. Please let me know what you think of it. Regards, Daan
  9. I totally agree with ya'll on the John Cooper Work Buggy. Still, I wait for my final judgement till I have this set in my hands. Sometimes Lego really surprises me, and I hope this Green Monster will turn into a Green Fairy when build. If not: then it will be quite a miss for Lego in my eyes. They should've made instead a street car John Cooper, something like below. That would have looked awesome next to the S Rally version. I think the Porsche RSR is one of the best models made in this series till now. I still haven't build the Turbo.
  10. Daanski

    The Car Wash

    Well, this looks ab-so-lu-te-ly incredible! Thanks, hope you'll post more of your designs a/o build on this forum!
  11. Daanski


    Ho ho ho, what a nice sets. I mean story. I mean creations. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration! I really like all the details you've put in those sets!
  12. @imvanya: thanks, haven't seen that wheel insert. I like that new piece!