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  1. One day LEGO will make a proper landspeeder, one day...
  2. Does anyone have Tantive's instructions yet? I know they're not available on Brickset, official LEGO site, etc., but still maybe?
  3. The cockpit area seems oversized, it stands out right away
  4. When are more pictures of the April wave expected to appear? I'd really take a closer look on that Slave
  5. Well, the reason I was asking is because I am an administrator of a public, which published this picture and my partner made it himself. It's just interesting how fast it can spread :)
  6. I can not see anything until I join. And not having a facebook page doesn't help. Could you please find when this picture had been published?
  7. What Facebook group? Do you have a link?
  8. AndrewShun

    Trench Run MOC to Display Minifig Scale Ships

    That's some remarkable rendering quality. Can you give a specific link to a program downloader?
  9. I could make it clear for you, but since we're no longer discussing it and you want me to be unreasonable, so be it.
  10. Where is the negativity in calling things by their names? To be realistic, yes, TLJ is awfully bad. It might be negative, but it's the fact and the estimate this movie deserves.
  11. I'm sorry, but TLJ is a pile of shit. That movie is a complete failure in all acpects of cinema, except for a graphical
  12. I wouldn't expect any "seriousness" from Disney. So far, everything this company has been doing to the Saga was concocting uninteresting cringy stories with uninteresting characters, making big money because of its name and old folks. The only ok movie is Rogue One. Other stuff is just horrible.