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  1. I believe I've expressed myself clearly enough. If you were looking for some hidden sense, there was none
  2. I wasn't going to buy the ship anyway. and now seeing how ugly it is I feel sorry for Mandalorian fanboys For more than 1000 pcs it could've looked miles better, poor design
  3. That speeder was already overproportioned and, moreover, had a sidecar. So, unless there's a bigger vehicle added to this, the form of the speeder is going to be even more hideous
  4. BARC speeder for 30 bucks. Well done, LG
  5. Poor bidding. Can't quite follow your line of reasoning, which is the case for most things being said here lately so no, I'm good
  6. Maybe people who leak information should not leak information in the first place if they're not supposed/allowed to do so?
  7. Well, quality-wise it is spot on, I mean the word
  8. Imagine assuming things and blaming others when they assume different things
  9. Motorised walker was a decent set as well
  10. The last ARC was less than 400 pieces. I wouldn't say they'd be able to push it above 600. Take that and approximately 12 cents per piece and you won't get more than 80 bucks. Of course, we all well know, what LEGO is and has always been, so it'd just be another blind guess
  11. I like how they put much more effort into the Hut presented in this while the Hut in 75208 looks more like a pile of a well-known substance
  12. They already have the face mold, which makes it even weirder that they haven't reissued the creature since when was it, 2005?