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  1. justjonnoh

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours, Speculation & Discussion

    I'd kill for the Music Meister to be included! maybe some CWverse figures!
  2. justjonnoh

    Disney CMF - Wishlists

    My main want would be a seperate CMF Disney Line that would run along side the regular Disney line. This would be a DISNEY PARKS CMF and this is what I would love to see in Series 1: 1. Brer Rabbit [with stick bag] 2. Brer Bear [with club] 3. Brer Fox [with axe] 4. Captain EO [with Fuzzball] 5. Epcot Space Suit Mickey Mouse 6. Epcot Space Suit Minnie Mouse 7. Hitchhiking Ghost Phineas [with suitcase] 8. Hitchhiking Ghost Ezra 9. Hitchhiking Ghost Gus [with ball & chain] 10. Dreamfinder [with Figment] 11. Redd Pirate [with pirate gun] 12. Spaceship Earth Scientist [with clipboard] 13. Tower Of Terror Bellhop [with suitcase] 14. Dapper Dan (Blue) 15. Dapper Dan (Purple) 16. Sonny Eclipse [with keyboard] 17. Park Guest Male [with Mickey balloon, short & tall legs, and mouse ear hat] 18. Park Guest Female [with Mickey balloon, short & tall legs, and mouse ear hat] was hoping to find someone who would have wanted to collaborate with me to try and design these but had no luck. If anyone wants to draw these out that would be amazing.
  3. justjonnoh

    Disney CMF - Wishlists

    I was coming to say that after seeing the movie I really wished they would just do a quick Minifig set of the characters. Heck reissue the Prince of Persia sets with these Minifigs.
  4. justjonnoh

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Well, that's why I asked first. I also saw some other posted in here too.
  5. justjonnoh

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Got these guys in the mail today. Was super excited to find them. Now I just need to figure out what to do for a Hunter, a Mack, and a Yoyo figure... Sorry it's not the best photo..also not super impressed with the Ward figure. IMG_0209
  6. justjonnoh


    Would be amazing if we got some sets for the live action movie.
  7. justjonnoh

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Can we post unofficial Superhero figures we've picked up in here?
  8. justjonnoh

    Custom minifigs concept: Star Wars Rebels

    Mace & Cindel are Brother and Sister from the Ewok Adventure movies.
  9. justjonnoh

    Custom minifigs concept: Star Wars Rebels

    Love these..would love to see your stab at Mace and Cindel Towani from the Ewok Adventures. Would love to see more Rebels too. Dang, wish TLG would make your minifigs.
  10. justjonnoh

    Purist TV/Movie Figures

    So I bought a bootleg Ghostface off of Ebay. He's the killer from the Movie scream if anyone didn't know. It's my favorite movie so I'd like to make a little display with it. I'd love any help creating some of the other characters. Any ideas?
  11. justjonnoh

    Disney's Future with Lego

    Any word if we will ever get a CMF2?
  12. justjonnoh

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I don't have these pieces yet so I had to put together these images..but I'm just wondering peoples opinion on this? Also, I don't know what hair would be good?
  13. justjonnoh

    The Lego Batman Movie sets/CMF wish lists

  14. justjonnoh

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Thanks so Much for the Shield instructions!! Can't wait to start buying the pieces for them!
  15. justjonnoh

    Purist Disney Figs

    Would love to know how to make these three!