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  1. As far as I understand you can somehow use these pieces instead of 12z gears. The goal is to limit the differential to have one-way rotation only, right?
  2. ibessonov

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Well, yellow ring extender is a cool piece after all because it's impossible to use old version with new gears. And something tells me that connection through this ring results in less (!) backlash (if we denote angle size of the "border thing" in the ring as A then regular gears have backlash "90 - A" degrees while new ring has "2*(45 - A) = 90 - 2A" degrees, at least this is what I think is happening). Maybe TLG just wanted to introduce that piece so they designed the gearbox accordingly. I wouldn't mind if they also used 4 new blue gears in "secondary" gearbox that effectively has only 2 states. This way we would have 8 instead of 4, such a missed opportunity.
  3. I never had technic sets when I was a kid. My serious dedication to it started in 2013 but I have (or build from my pieces) several sets from 2010 or even earlier. So my thought are: - Sets are continuously getting bigger. This is both good and bad thing. Bad because I have to spend more money. - From construction point of view new sets are superior. I've seen some very questionable building techniques in old sets like motors not being protected with 24z clutch gear, stressed parts or even what they call "illegal connections". New sets just feel more solid to me. - New pieces / colors - this is awesome. I wish I had, for example, some yellow panels that you can't find in modern sets but there's always some secondary market where I can buy them. About B models - it's pretty easy to make something relatively good from a pile of 200 pieces. It's hard to do it with 600 and nearly impossible with 3000 (using most of parts). So it's ok to expect B models of huge sets not to be as remarkable as sets themselves.
  4. ibessonov

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    "Marriage" process was a little bit frustrating, Otherwise my experience was absolutely incredible. Numbered bags help a lot, finished it in two relatively short build sessions.
  5. ibessonov

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Yes he did, those subassemblies have to be connected with 3x5 panels from the inside.
  6. Some experiments with tail lights. It's trans-red 2x2 dish with wheelchair wheel behind it and 1x1 trans-clear round tile on top. Creates quite interesting visual texture.
  7. ibessonov

    General Part Discussion

    This is so cool! "Before-color-coding" era must have been a lot of fun. I have just a few pieces from those times, mainly 3L axles in black.
  8. ibessonov

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    No and it isn't known whether we'll get an update or not (LDD is officially cancelled).
  9. ibessonov

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Designers probably knew that they screwed up front suspension but didn't have time to fix it properly. Something tells me that model design was pretty much freezed in the middle of last year. It's a delicate question and I kinda get why Sariel or other guys didn't ask why it happened. I mean, they know that it's a problem, we know that it's a problem, it's all obvious now.
  10. I don't have it and I probably won't buy it. But at least I have 2x2 round dishes in trans-red, exactly 2 of them. Will try to make them look good.
  11. Yeah, there has to be something instead of emptyness! I tried regular panels (3x5, 3x7) and they look ugly. I don't have appealing solution on this moment but I'm always searching. It's funny that no one mentioned huge gaps in front section.
  12. They really do actually. Car on your photo is regular LaFerrari, Aperta has no roof so doors geometry is different. But I can live with this, next time I'll be more careful.
  13. Absolutely, I don't like current tail lights either. There's a lot of work to do.
  14. Thank you, I resized all images in my posts to 1024x576.
  15. There's been over a month since first update. Sorry for delay. In this month I got my extension wire and finally connected all electric components. Other things are in photos. Front of the car is almost done. Hood is openable. Under it you can see black 5x11 panel that covers battery block. It's connected with 2 long red pins and easily removable. The hood was a very hard subassembly to design. You can see that I used system pieces and 2 short black outer cables to achieve required shape. You can see it on the bottom view: Now doors. Well, one door =) I don't like top section that much so I'll try to figure out what to do with it. Maybe angle it somehow, don't know yet. Opening geometry is weird. I'm not sure that it's authentic but at least it looks somewhat similar. Door is mounted on these two pieces: They have enough clutch power to hold the door at any angle. Back section is also looks nice already, but I'll redo it anyway. Or at least fill all gaps. Next thing is wire management. Not the finest looking arangement but it doesn't stick from the car. It's good enough. Last thing is the rear cover. It's unfinished prototype, but V shape looks nice and I'll probably keep it. I hope that next update will be sooner the Jule but we'll see.