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  1. 4 hours ago, BrickBob Studpants said:

    HP is mentioned among the themes with new set reveals at LEGO Con. I doubt they‘re referring to the June sets, so could this be the Hogwarts Express? Seems a bit early :wacko:

    Whilst I would love to see either the Hogwarts Express or advent calendar I can't believe they are bringing that mess back. They call it 'incredible inaugural LEGO CON', I'd call it something very different, but there we go. :head_back:

  2. 1 hour ago, krimimimi said:

    Build a Minifig has gone live again at least in the German and UK stores, although the selection seems slightly worse than it was during the beta phase. The regular Pick a Brick has been temporarily suspended here, I can't tell if that's true of the UK as well, but both PAB stores seem down to just the Bestseller pieces, which means there's not a lot on offer.

    Before the beta version was taken down in April, there was a Ravenclaw torso available (although it might have been via the PAB). Anyone still have regular PAB with that torso in their country? I was trying to figure out if it's a part to bricklink, or worth waiting for S@H to offer it again / if they were likely to. 

    Yeah no Standard Pick A Brick in the UK at the moment and the Build A Minifig reminds me on some 2000s Lego Creator PC game. I was surprised so see both that Ravenclaw Moment torso on both the old Bricks and Pieces and then the Standard PAB before it went down in the UK. I do know that the 8x16 printed tile with the Hogwarts crest on (the top part of the letter) from the Hogwarts Icons set was on B&P, but disappeared when it switched to PAB. I was always surprised that and the Ravenclaw torso made it on to B&P though considering licencing so I'm not sure either will be back.

  3. 14 minutes ago, Clone OPatra said:

    What about the brown and dark grey ones, plus the sand blue spread-wing one in unspread wing form?

    True we need the brown one with spread wings. Wasn't counting the grey one as that's a decade old, just the newer ones. Yes going back the other way we haven't got the sand blue in unspread form, but the grey is then pretty close to that. They could really make an Eeylops Owl Emporium now. :laugh:

  4. 12 hours ago, Clone OPatra said:

    Yet another new spread-wing owl in the new City Missions set! And the Patronus Hare finally used as a living hare!

    I love this little flurry of owl, HP originated or not. This new City one looks like the colour of Cho Chang's CMF owl with wings spread, so with the BAM owl I think we've got all owl colours with unspread wings now in spread wing form apart from the dark tan owl in the Chamber of Secrets and last year's polybag.

  5. 1 hour ago, BrickBob Studpants said:

    Moody and Trelawney?! *oh2* Really looking forward to it now!!

    They put up a picture which is a collage of four photos, one of each of Mcgonagall, Snape, Moody and Trelawney. So I'm guessing that's the lineup? 🤔

    EDIT: McGonagall has leaked.

  6. 1 hour ago, Retro Brick Reviews said:

    Looks like Promobricks just confirmed on Insta that McGonagall is part of the Teachers Brickheadz pack.

    Not that there was much doubt, but this could mean that a reveal is forthcoming.

    The photo on their Insta shows McGonagall, Snape, Moody and Trelawney so is that not a hint at all of them or have them specifically mentioned McGonagall somewhere else? :classic: I'm sure they will look cool, but I'm out when it comes to Brickheadz so not too excited.

  7. If this is true it just shows how well HP is selling and seeing this year's summer wave I have full confidence that Gringotts will show up in future. I always said it was perfectly possible for a train and station set at that price, ridiculous as it may seem. Lego is really trying to attract more adult and non Lego consumers and this will appeal to both HP and train fans. Will I buy it? Probably, especially if the price of any of it's minifigures alone would be extortionate. Will I keep it? Just depends how good it turns out to be. 




  8. 10 minutes ago, BrickBob Studpants said:

    This really bothered me back then. Harry in the Battle of Hogwarts set looking the exact same as in the Dobby’s release set, uniform and all, was just plain silly :laugh_hard: Using regular legs for the kids was also an odd decision, considering short legs were already used for a kid character (Boba) the very year they were introduced. 

    The 2010/11 assortment was good for what it was, but the 2018-now stuff blows it out of the water in every regard IMO. Katana Aragog was laughable, the DA D2C almost looks like a regular set by today‘s standards, the unprinted Goblin heads were wayyyy outdated even then, the Burrow is pretty inaccurate overall, Flitwick’s moustache looks goofy, the 4L bars really don’t work as wands, and the lack of mould budget was very apparent :poke: The range still has a place in my heart though!

    Btw, too bad Guyon seems to have left the forum for good. I really would‘ve loved to hear his take on the new sets :shrug_oh_well:

    I wasn't collecting then, but I'm really not bothered now because they have all definitely been improved on. All we need now is a fresh second task and Durmstrang Ship and I think only pure nostalgia or complete collecting would drive people to buy sets from that era.

    Guyon does seem to have flown the nest. I wasn't on a few weeks back when there was some drama on these forums apparently but I'm guessing it was something to do with all that. 🤔

  9. 1 hour ago, BrickBob Studpants said:

    I can‘t stop drooling over these pictures :drool: And did you notice there weren‘t any instruction updates beforehand? Our tried and tested leaking methods are all failing us :laugh_hard:

    They are, but I was not expecting these so soon and had my afternoon made by this lovely surprise. :grin:

  10. The only thing I don't like about this wave are:

    1) The Hungarian Horntail. Just looks blocky and odd to me, although I can see the source resemblance.

    2) The new castle sections are not as obviously connecting as last years i.e. how is the Hospital Wing meant to fit in with these and the old structures? I hate getting left with several roof sections in order to connect builds or having builds that seem awkward to connect. Last year's style may not be aesthetically pleasing from the outside, but the stackability of modules made displaying easier. We seem to be getting more 'tops' than 'bottoms' this year. Lego doesn't seem to show a pic of how they fit in.

  11. 22 minutes ago, chrisincanada said:

    Agreed with Molly, I like the Arthur too in the alternate outfit from ththe old Burrow set. This could become an expensive day!

    Me too. I was going to get a second Molly and Arthur to display with my Burrow (the ones from the set are in my minifigure frame), but have now decided to try and get the old versions if not too pricey. The new Molly is okay, but I really don't like how the Arthur does the thing where the printing just cuts off at the legs. Plus it will be nice to have different versions of them. I recently got Neville from 2011 as we may not anytime soon or ever get a repeat of him and apart from the orange skin printing on the torso he's no more inferior to recent figs. Neville, Ginny, Molly, Arthur and Narcissa are all possibilities for me to add to my collection. 


    As for the new sets, I want to see the Ministry figs most and then the Shrieking Shack selection.

  12. 1 hour ago, chrisincanada said:

    Hi all, forgive me if this is not the right place to do this and if there is another forum room more appropriate.  I live in Canada but will be relocating to the UK in the coming months and sadly have to sell my entire Lego HP collection as it is too much to take with me.  I have 95% of all 2018 onwards sets along with extras like both minifigure series, all gold figures, complete choc frog tile set, extra carraiges for the Hogwarts Express and so on.  All sets are 100% complete, in perfect condition with manuals and boxes.  The thought of selling it piecemeal on a certain auction site is a nightmare.  So my question is this.  I am not a dealer as such and don't want to create a Bricklink store but would rather sell them all in one go to a collector or seller or dealer.  Is there another website or portal that could help me with this or another website for selling Lego generally that I am unaware of???  Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

    Try joining some of the Lego Facebook groups. There are quite a few out there for buying and selling Lego. :)

  13. On 3/20/2022 at 5:14 AM, evanevanevan said:

    What would everyone's top 10 LEGO Harry Potter sets be from 2018 on? I want to compile the answers to find the most popular set.

    Diagon Alley

    Attack On The Burrow


    Beauxbaton Carriage

    Hagrid’s Hut

    Knight Bus

    The Rise of Voldemort

    Hogwarts Express

    Polyjuice Potion

    Hospital Wing

  14. 2 hours ago, BrickBob Studpants said:

    No, I‘m way too stubborn for that :tongue: I want a complete collection, even if it kills me! 

    And „spectacular“ is not really a word I would use to describe anything Quidditch-related :tongue: …Except when the Death Eaters and Snatchers burned it down in DH part 2, that was quite a spectacular barbecue :laugh_hard:

    Haha okay. :laugh_hard: I finally found the pressure of having to collect everything was taking the fun out of it. Not that I don't at least like building all the sets even if I don't love them all equally after, but the space aspect was starting to get difficult for me let alone the money. 

    I do think a Quidditch build could be spectacular, in the sense that if you just take the source material and then think what detailed model Lego could produce, then in that bubble it could be a 'spectacular' model. Unless of course you just really don't like the source material.

  15. 14 minutes ago, BrickBob Studpants said:

    Nah, I just REALLY don’t want to spend almost 500 bucks on a couple of boring towers, a few rings, and a patch of dirt :tongue:

    No judgement or anything because I know full well the all or nothing feeling, but do you never want to go actually I'm just not getting that set because I really don't like it? Or I'll just buy the minifigures and skip the build. If the D2C is a QP, which could be spectacular in it's own way but certainly not my first choice, is there any way you would say no I'm simply skipping this one?