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  1. So happy to read again these wonderful reviews. I clicked many times on EB to look up for your reviews on DC and Series 20...but I did not find them. Today, when I found a new review of CMF Series, I was so excited. Finally, I understood what happened because I have not read anything about your retirement. I supposed that something happened. However, I am glad to read you again. Even if the missing series were available time ago, I would like to read your review about them, even I have both series completed...It is always a real pleasure!! You must complete the entire series!! Thanks for coming back, and do not go again, please!!
  2. Herisanmi

    Black Knight's Castle 6086 Revamp

    What a great castle!! I have, and obviously I love the castle of the 6086 set. Impressive! Extraordinary!! You really take the new building techniques in that classic set!! Fantastic words. I am without words to describe it. There are extraordinary beautiful castles, but this adaptation of that historic set worth an applause!! If possible, I will only ask for the instructions to make it!! (I will not change nothing in my classic set!!). Thanks for sharing
  3. Another great review from WhiteFang. Thanks for sharing. Every time there is a new CMF series, I check your review. As a ex rugby player, this series is fantastic for me!! I will buy 15 rugby players to have a complete team. The opponents? Umm, I will transform the soccer player from previous series! However, the dark green helment does not represent accurately the scrum cap, lacking the chin strap and being more thick. However, I will put different hair pieces on my team, and they will look like a real team, with differences between them!
  4. Herisanmi

    [MOC] Bilbao Skyline

    That is what I thought: not all the pieces exist in their colours!! Where are a metallic ice cream and a brown spider used? I will do the best I can and depending on the offer in Bricklink (if there is not there, nobody sells it). I have not used programs for preparing MOCs, but if you send me the file .ldd, I will download the necessary program (please, include a link to download it). I will rely on sellers in Brickling when asking for pieces in Silver-Ink!! A final question: how did you get the non existing pieces?? Did you paint them?
  5. Herisanmi

    [MOC] Bilbao Skyline

    Yes, we do not like Calatrava. The major added a smal bridge to the Zubizuri, to get connected with the Isozaki towers and included the carpet, and sued Calatrava for designing a slippery bridge in a rainy city. Then, Calatrava sued the major for adding that small bridge, because "his work must be regarded as a masterpiece and if you add something the essence of the art is distorted" (like adding something to Leonardo's Mona Lisa, let say). So they have sued each other. I do not know the final of these processes. Perhaps, it looks odd Isozaki's towers at the end of the MOC, but it is not at the end, the first one is the Metro entrance. However, I think it is better finishing with the Carola crane, not to leave Iberdrola tower, the tallest building in an extreme of the MOC. Obviously, Bilbo is used when speaking in Basque, but sometimes, even speaking in Spanish, people from here say Bilbao, in sentences like: I go to Bilbo (in Spanish it is always Bilbao). If you are not sending to Ideas, could you please send me the instructions? I would get all the pieces in Bricklink to complete it (herisanmilazio@hotmail.com). I will always mention you as the author of this outstanding creations!!! Thanks
  6. Herisanmi

    [MOC] Bilbao Skyline

    First of all, sorry for my late response. I read your answer to my comments but I i did not have time till today. Thanks for loving so much Bilbao as one from here. You are right. Puppy on the side to the estuary looks strange. And I also like you answer for not including the Zubi Zuri (The White Bridge): We also hate Bilbao. He made a slippery bridge in a city where it rains a lot. We incorporated a carpet not to fall down. And with regard to the metro entrance, yes, you are also right. It is the only possible part to represent its shape. With regard to your questions: 1. Yes, the inclusión of the Carola crane is a great idea. It represent the past of Bilbao and it has become a monument for us. I show it to all the people who visit Bilbao. With regard to the sequence of the monuments, this one would be better: Metro entrance, Isozaki Gate, Guggenheim Museum, Iberdrola tower and Carola crane. It represents the normal flow of the estuary (the metro entrance would represent the one of Abando, and the rest is the same if you go from the Town Hall to the sea. I think placing the crane near the Iberdrola Tower compensate the composition, and the Museum would be in the middle, underlining its importance. I do not know if it would be correct with regard to the baseplate. 2. About the name, Bilbo / Bilbao sounds better. It remarks the two oficial languages, although Bilbao is used in the world. Submit it to Lego Ideas!!!
  7. Herisanmi

    [MOC] Bilbao Skyline

    I couldn't love more this MOC!!! Well, I am from Bilbao. Since the Guggheim museum of NY was included in a set, I am waiting to see something with Bilbao. I love all the buildings included. In fact, it is difficult to include Puppy as it is on the opposite side of the museum, and not watching to the estuary (la ria). Good idea to include the ice cream part for the stainless steel balls. Include also Calatrava's White Bridge (zubizuri) in front of the Isozaki towers. The unique defect: as I love the Metro (subway) of Bilbao (I also participated in its construction), I think that the entrance, the "Fosterito", should be bigger, even if it is not scaled when compared with the other buildings. Thanks for producing such a beauty!! Present it to LEGO Ideas contest...I will give all my votes!!
  8. Although I have read other reviews about this new series, I was checking Eurobricks everyday to read yours!! An interesting series, but as other people, waiting for a traditional one. When I saw the Steamboat Willie I was nervous, because I wanted the minifigures and not the set (which was expensive), but this series gives me the opportunity of having the traditional Mickey and Minnie. Do not have mixed feelings. Feel happy, we do not have to buy that expensive set!! However, some say that the grey colour in Mickey and Minnie are different, so it would be interesting to compare the minifigures. And terribly disappointed with the distribution!! Why they do that?? (I know, just a rhetorical question)
  9. Yes, the pop singers give a lot of vibrations and colours. Yes, you are right, you reviewed the DFB Football players!! I did forget!! It was so difficult (impossible) to identify them by touching that I preferred to buy a complete set on the net. Some players were identical!! I understand, you cannot give a complete review as you do not have the full box and you cannot tell us the distribution (which, in fact, continue to be a secret, we do know why some of them are more expensive!!). However, it would be also interesting to review the minifigures for the pleasure of just reviewing them and putting together with other similar minifigures. Just an example: the boxer. After that series we have a woman boxer and the variant available in Toys'r'Us last year!! 4 boxers, it is possible to create a play-off: semifinals and the final!! Just a suggestion, if you have time, it would be an interesting addition to your complete review!! Finally, if you do not know what type of series will follow this one...we, the average mortars, cannot even have an idea!!
  10. Another great review by WhiteFang, as usual. I was waiting for it and it did not disappointed me. Unlike Robert8, I think that the popsingers are not so bad, you can create a pop band with girls playing in a park with many teenagers, as in real life...don't we all know the Spice Girls?? It could be something similar, 20 years after their (unique) hit!! But, of course, the most extraordinary parts of this Series are the characters of the Wizard of Oz, as we celebrate 80 years of that beautiful film. They are so similar to the original ones!! Taking about costume characters, at first I did not like them and I did not buy. Later, as I wanted to have all the series completed, I had to pay some high prices to obtain them (after refusing so much of them with the touch and feel methods). At least, I can say I have all the series completed, and waiting for February to obtain this one!! Ideas for storing them? I have big green baseplates as WhiteFang, where I can show all of them! (Just a note, in the last paragraph, when you list all the series, you forgot the DFB Football Series, which you have included in the photo). Just a suggestion: Review the Olimpic Games Series. I know it was "regional" and only included 9 minifigures and it is from 2012. But you have its bag in the display of all the bags and they are minifigures. If you accepted to review Unikitty Series... I had to make (economical) efforts to obtain also those figures!! And also waiting for CMF Series 19!!
  11. Herisanmi

    REVIEW: 41775 Unikitty Series 1

    I am happy to finally read the analysis of the Unikitty Collectible Series 1, since I was one of the people I suggested it to WhiteFang. Thanks for including it in your reviews. About the controversial discussion of including it as minifigures or Buildable Animal Series, I agree with some opinions that it is not an Animal per se, as Unikitty is an "animal", as it could be some cocodriles or lions, for examples. As it can be a second series, it could be named here as the official name, UCS 1 (Unikttty Collectible Series 1). As we know, Unikitty is special, not minifigure, not animal, just it!! In any case, the name is not the most important thing (A rose with another name would smell in the same way). Many thanks for providing your review!! Continue like that!! We will always support you!!
  12. @WhiteFang Amazing review, as always, now with extra work, as it includes 22 minifigures. When a CMF series is going to be on sale, I am always looking forward to Reading your review. Just one question I have: Why did not you make a review about Unikitty's CMF series?? I was entering everyday to read it. I know that it cannot be catalogued as a usual minifigure, but... The bags are similar, the same idea is used, they are pieces but they represent some characters with personality (and personality of Unikitty is extraordinary!!). Furthermore, it was considered a carácter in the LEGO Movie and for Bricklink, the place where most of us by extrapieces, also considers it as a Minifigure. If want, do not consider it as a minifigure, but, please, make a review about it. I would really appreciate it. Due to you reviews, I started collecting all the minifigures in each series (before I only bought the ones I wanted), and till now, I have all the series completed, and I am going to buy also the one of Unikitty!! In any case, thanks for all the reviews. I am so used to them that I can only say that I love them. Thanks again.
  13. The two Brick customs and the retro police suit are a way to celebrate the 40th birthday of the Lego Minifigure??
  14. What about the long announced Collectible Minifigure Series about fancy dress costumes?? Images are available on the net
  15. When I first saw Clock King and his spears, I also wonder why he uses them. I do not know why, but when I was reading your review and after watching the pictures, I got it!!! THE SPEARS OF CLOCK KING REPRESENT THE HANDS OF THE CLOCK!!! THE MINUTE AND THE HOUR HAND!! That is the reason for the spears. He will not use them as weapon, just to symoblize time!!! For the rest of the review, great as usual!! I was looking forward to reading it.