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    WW2, and History in general, SF, reading ....


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  1. bigot44

    Bonjour from France

    salut ! So two frenchies here ? ;)
  2. for a future exposhow, I prepare a little scene about 1870 First, here are the French, I will dot some german next time
  3. bigot44

    Another frenchy

    Hello, I am Franck from France ! after my darkage, I fall again on bricks since 2012, and I begin to expose since 2015 (some small scenes and mocs) I am interested by History, so many scenes I make are about military history : as old ages (Greek or Roman), XIXth century (I begin a 1870 war scene), and essentially WW2. As I like some SF or apocalyptic scenes, I try to make some scene about StarWars or Metro 2033