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  1. Brickend

    [MOC] BMW X3

    I don't mind the gaps at all, I think you've done a really good job capturing the 'movement' and lines of the body work
  2. Brickend

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    That doesn't sound as quick and easy as the competitors. I appreciate a well crafted presentation as much as the next person, but we've now got generations used to the ability to instantly share and who live through their phones - the screens also aren't that small when you think about the resolutions we used to work with. A clear theme emerging in this thread is that people are short on time due to work/family etc - they don't have time to sit at a computer which is where mobile browsing comes in. With facebook etc., you can be working on a MOC, take a photo on a phone, and it's instantly uploaded. Rather than having to down tools, upload to hosting site, copy links between sites etc.
  3. Brickend

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    I've just tried viewing this forum on a phone; it looks awful. I tried to upload a screenshot but obviously it was over 100kb so the forum wouldn't let me. If you're used to Facebook / Instagram / Youtube etc. where the site is optimized for mobile viewing and converts the file for the user, I can see why people would skip a site where they have to go through multiple processes. I'd imagine the next generation of people getting into Technic are used to being able to do everything from their phone, fairly efficiently. The other thing to note is all the above sites are also extremely visual and easily scroll-able; you don't have to click through numerous text links to find something that interests you.
  4. Brickend

    A Lego Foundation For Aviation

    Chris, why do you feel it is necessary to spread interest in Lego aviation? Do you not think it'd be better to pull together the $10 needed to build the above glider and have a go, rather than trying to build some sort of 'foundation'? I personally pay much more attention to those who put their thoughts into actions, rather than listen to those talking about theories and getting others to do the work for them.
  5. Not to be controversial, but why don't you move on from lego if your priority is performance? It is always a compromise, even more-so for an AFOL and will never compare to an a more bespoke system, of which I'm sure there are plenty to choose from.
  6. Brickend

    Tire Changer for Lego

    Why not start with the solid lego tyres? No beads to worry about then.
  7. Brickend

    Should LEGO Produce a Micro Motor?

    A two stud wide motor that powers LAs directly would be my guess.
  8. 09: 10 40: 06 28: 04 04: 03 21: 02 20: 01
  9. Brickend

    How to build a "photo studio"

    What you need is called a 'light tent'.
  10. Brickend

    [WIP] RC Bike Prototype

    Could you try removing the steering system? It would lower the center of gravity significantly and would maybe allow for the front wheel to self centre, like a riderless bicycle? It might be though that Lego tyres lack the weight to provide a meaningful gyroscopic effect at the speeds achievable. I've never tried it, but I've wondered if the action of spinning a M-Motor, unconnected to any sort of steering mechanism, either left or right would have enough of an effect on it's own to cause a turn.
  11. Brickend

    The Enforcer Recharged: CUUSOO Project

    I don't think the problem is other people's assumptions: they are speaking from practical experience. Whereas this model has never turned a wheel in real life; I would counter that it is your assumptions that look dubious.
  12. Brickend

    ETF HTX-380 Mining Truck.

    Is it possible to see the axle spacing in plan view?
  13. A thread which is basically discussing the new releases? Do we need another one of those?
  14. Brickend

    ETF HTX-380 Mining Truck.

    The 'real' version has the ability to crab, although I like your steering solution very much.
  15. Brickend

    Worst Technic Sets of all Time

    My worst sets are any set that used the flex system, this view is due to it's fragile nature.