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  1. Having just seen the new trailer, I can only hope that the ride height on this is adjustable in some way.
  2. This has a really cool thunderbirds type vibe! The proportions and structure need some work but definitely keep going. The original concept is by Darek Zabrocki - I don't want to post a direct link in just in case, but google that name there's quite a bit of info on it. As you can see below, someone has had a go at modelling it in 3d - something is still slightly 'off' with the proportions for me, which just goes to show how difficult recreation is, even without the constraints of bricks.
  3. That's a lovely looking tractor, and well done for getting so much realistic function into such a narrow chassis. The rear mudguards are genius!
  4. Just watched Sariel's video and was really surprised at how high the front and rear idlers have been mounted - I assume this is because it otherwise has difficulty turning? Also a shame to see 6 bogies instead of 8 at this scale / cost.
  5. Seeing as you have a huge amount of space at the rear, between the rearmost axle, I'm not sure why you've decided to package the motors side by side? Visually, I also think a couple of studs more wheelbase would help with proportions.
  6. Some of these comments about the competition being a popularity contest don't come over at all well. I think directing reflective criticism at one's own builds is much more productive than trying to find fault in other's. Then there is cause and effect. A member may be popular because they produce high quality builds; ergo their build is going to be popular due to the inherent quality. I also don't think you can ever assume a correlation between a post's view count and quality.
  7. Really like it; instantly recognisable and with every part seemingly having a reason (functional and structural) to be there. With the new Zetros tires, this MOC is making me think of a smaller version (FW or Panther)!
  8. Thanks for all of the effort that went into this! I'm extremely proud to be a runner up and totally agree with the scoring; as Jim knows, I had my own queries over whether the original front end loader was already a bit too studless, so I'm glad that the more studded sets won through!
  9. I'm sure a lot of people appreciated the effort to goes into creating presentations but I'd also imagine there were quite a few who perhaps felt a tiny bit mislead by the title and the relative quantity of EV3 needed, which in itself massively narrows the audience? What it does demonstrate to me is that a really good fairground ride truck could be built out of 42128.
  10. Really enjoyed the contest and looking at all the entries. Has been fascinating to look back at the 'old' way of building and wondering how the techniques used by Lego back in the day would be judged today - the difference in robustness is really stark. It's also been good to see a lot of MOCs of a generally lower part count and budget - I would think that nearly all could possibly be made for around 100 euros each, which is rare to see!
  11. Thanks for the useful feedback - you have a good eye for the slope; I didn't think it looked quite right, and after checking, it's a stud out - that's the problem with getting too close to one's own creations! Having played around with it, unfortunately there's no quick fix without ditching the air tank or moving the pump, which is heavily integrated into the chassis. 27 S or 34 R?
  12. In the end, I went for completely stock functions and submitted the entry with the more contemporary balloon tires, as I had to concede that these were perhaps the closest in appearance. But for the sake of nostalgia and interest, I thought I'd post the other options at the bottom. Will also be trying the Zetros tires when they arrive. After looking at the later front end loader sets, I also decided to "contemporarise" the model as much as possible as creating compromises just to reproduce a studded detail seemed a bit pointless, such as using grey liftarms next to air tank to mimic / continue the grey from the valves instead of just panelling it. I also tidied up the rear bumpers, steps and cabin roof.
  13. 37. Pneumatic Front-End Loader Original set: 8459/8439/8464 Discussion topic: Here
  14. Really useful to see well matched photos side by side. I've been thinking about the proportions and this kind of confirms my thoughts that the lower bodywork is too tall - top of rear wheel arch to waistline is 3 and a bit bricks on the original; on the new version this height is 6 stacked liftarms which is almost the equivalent of 5 bricks tall - note also that the rear bumper is level with wheel centre on the original. If there was any way to remove an entire stack (or almost 2) of red liftarms, my view is that this would greatly help the proportions.