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  1. Brickend

    [MOC] 6x6 Ural 375D

    Thanks for sharing and the honest appraisal; it's refreshing. It's also got some peak lego truck trialing era vibes about it, but with modern upgrades.
  2. Brickend

    [MOC] Willys Jeep from Land Rover

    Really like the functionality, mechanical realism and side profile - you've done really well with the constraints of a B-model What I have been wondering is what this would look like with a narrower track? The wide stance feels quite modern, but I appreciate that you are dealing with much wider tires than on the original Jeep.
  3. Brickend

    Working Steam Engine

    This is great! I saw a documentary on naval steam engines recently and this has inspired me to have a play with with various concepts.
  4. Brickend

    LEGO Ideas: Classic US Truck RC

    Shhh , If he keeps the scale quiet, it has more chance of staying out of the scale section!
  5. Imagine being in an interview and having any previously posted criticisms of TLG read back to you! The TLG would be like "you do understand how deadlines/licensing/cost control works etc., don't you?" and then just sit back and watch people squirm.
  6. Brickend

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    Good thread all, interesting opinions coming through - seems to be branching into two paths of thought as to what's coming - it's fun to speculate. I'm definitely with you @nerdsforprez on that one. As long as it moves and goes up a moderate slope reliably, that's good enough for Lego. It's only MOCers that want to create RC levels of performance. @Ngoc Nguyen that's some very good analysis - either the part count is off or what we're expecting is vastly different to what's coming. I'm also of the view that the whole cancellation thing is just click-bait. The Osprey debacle most likely resulted in stricter internal review process; questionable products just wouldn't be announced.
  7. Brickend

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    Thanks, I must admit I missed that one in the dark ages. Any examples from the PF/PU era? Ground slippage can provide a limited clutch effect, but I see what you're getting at and would concur that motor protection is maybe not the biggest issue.
  8. Brickend

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    I guess PU might address some issues, but I just can't recall a time when Lego ever mechanically coupled motors? I don't know if the latest differential design is good enough to stop the bevels exploding if used to connect two XLs, but again, just doesn't seem like something that would happen outside of MOCing. Looking at the image of the Zetros again, it is interesting to note that the motor is a reasonable distance off of the center-line with no obvious gearing, output shafts or bracing on the output side. It could have a 12/16t gear on it but perhaps a 20t or larger would be visible in this view. Most MOCs would probably mount this motor at 90 degrees to give it a much more efficient route the center diff. Being a licensed set, I'm also just not convinced (or hope!) that Mercedes would put up with a 42070 suspension.
  9. Brickend

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    To my knowledge, Lego have never used 2 motors for driving a 6x6 vehicle and I don't think there's a good way to equally distribute the driving load in a manner that is robust enough for the mass market, whilst adequately protecting the motors. I fully appreciate this can obviously be done as a MOC.
  10. Brickend

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    I think it's way too early to judge from the image going around as there's something wrong with the angles on several bricks. I think it could possibly have a forward opening hood and perhaps it's just not sat right, or the mechanism to tilt hasn't been fully resolved. The oddness of the angles also suggests that it could be posed in a slightly 'flexed' position.
  11. Brickend

    Dog Compactor

    Will this invalidate the warranty?
  12. Brickend

    [MOC] Case QuadTrac 620 & Elmer HaulMaster 2000

    Amazing work - this once totally stopped me in my tracks. I guess you can take the move to scale models as a sign of respect for your work, though I can't agree with the moderation - it's just too functional and technically advanced to be sat alongside more static models, where it can't be appreciated for what it is. The need for this forum seems odd when you have the "Technic AND Model Team" forum, and by the rules given, a huge amount number of Technic models from the 2010s should theoretically be moved here (refer to the start of the Technic Hall of Fame thread for example).
  13. Very, very nice MOC - it's great to see an under-appreciated vehicle get the Technic treatment. Also like the iterative suitcase design process; smaller projects certainly 'evolve' quicker.
  14. Yeah, they are mostly used for farming, usually for the application of manure, slurry, lime or fertilizer. The tool on the back can be changed to suit the task. This one is setup for injecting slurry just below the surface. They are very good at reducing ground compaction or damage to wet fields. The one in this video is for manure spreading:
  15. Thanks! I'm just glad it's a relatively small model and therefore quite easy to rework. Next update after parts arrive should see it finished.