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  1. Been selling off my legos, all the pirates are gone, Indians left last week, US Cavalry troops are leaving, Crown Knights and Black Falcons are gone....but alas the Northern Horde can't be caught. They live like nomads, striking towns and villages fast, pillaging and looting and sneaking away into the fog before the local Garrisons can find them.... Let me know if you have any questions... Close up pics at my flickr page...check it out here....... http://www.flickr.com/photos/8537249@N04/8459471393/in/photostream/
  2. Apache


    Ok Gents, cleared out messages in Inbox so I should recieve PM's. I took down the Craigslist Ad so it's Ebay or here. I do have a Brick Link account and can sell them on there to you guys. Anyone want it all for $900 plus Shipping? If not were parting these out, it took me half a day to sort everything and I still have more to do!!!
  3. Apache


    Ok, the craiglisters I'm dealing with in here in AZ = the Crazy Soccer Moms who are offering me $300 for everything and one guy is trying to buy it all and sell it on Ebay! I've allready got an EBAY account and I have PayPal so I can just sell there but I am willing to let them go to a Eurobricker as I know they will be used in Mocs and be used. Some PM's asking questions about Numbers 110+ Blue Coats that includes the ones that go with the Eldorado Fortress, Clipper and Sabre Island. About 9 Admiral torsos 25+ Loose Newer Red Coats with Shakos, backpacks, ect. 40+ Vintage Red Coats about 6 Admiral Bodies, 2 complete with hats 50+ Pirates, these include the newer ones as well as vintage ones like lady, Pegleg captain, ect. 2. AZ is Western part of United States. Willing to ship anywhere in US for sure if you pay shipping. The problem with shipping across the Pond is the big stuff will be EXPENSIVE and then I don't know if it's worth it to you, but I'd try it. 3. You can pay with Pay Pal, also am collecting Castle so might be willing to listen to partial trade cash ( need HP Hornbill Dragon, new Brown Bear, Fantasy Era Dragons, Red and green ones. Always interested in Cows, Medieval Markets, more Village Mill raids, and Dragon, Lion, and Black Falcon Knights. 4. Great Feeback on here, check the list and I've got over 160+ feedback on Ebay. 5 I've added everything up and the EBAY/ Bricklink Value is well over $1200 as we know the Blue Coats with Shakos and packs go around $4-5 a piece and you can never get a big lot like this. The Flagship is now highly sought after and you get 1 barricuda plus almost another one and more... I would let it all go for $900 to a Classic-Castle member with good standing if they pay shipping. I will break down the ships and sets to save if you want. 6. Yes I will part out if no one has the cash( or wants the Death Wish from WIFE) right now. Updating the main post so you can all view prices 7. Why am I selling? Trust me, this is not easy, I LOVE these...but I just got married myself and we might be moving this summer and I've got 8 Large Storage Bins of Just Castle and more with Western and I'm planning on building a cabin in the woods this summer too.
  4. Apache


    Really can't belive no one wanted the whole thing for $900. Thanks for all the advice, I have decided to sell them off individually and use Ebay. I had alot of offers on stuff and feel Ebay is a great way to let people decide what the best offer will be. I might end up keeping the Eldorado Fortress as now that it's on the kitchen table I'm remembering how much I love it and bluecoats do rule. I spent a full day sorting last week and a half day sorting and taking pictures. Outpost and Red Coats Blue Coat Army w/ Carribean Clipper and Forts Pirate lot - With Partial Ships/Sets ]
  5. Apache

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    Party Pooper? Weak sets? Wow. Very suprised that people don't like these sets? New Horse Molds, new weapon and helmet molds? A Castle fanst Dream, and LOTR fan's dreams. Think about the fact that these may have never have been made? But the less you buy the more for me. I personally love the sets. Would I have designed some of them differently, sure, but I'm buying MULTIPLES of these. Thank you LEGO, I love them!
  6. Apache

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    I think I just had LOTR Overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * Those Horses look Fantastic, and what a great addition to our standing horses * Anyone else see what looks like a white spot on the head of the Helms' Deep horse?? Maybe just a glare but if it has white printing that would be EXTRA * Anyone tell if Boromir in the Moria set has a new sword? Looks like it to me but hard for these old eyes to see that small. * Love Helms Deep, like a playset * Might have to buy 2 of the Mines for the Troll's * Will Buy Multiple of Urak-Hai Army and one of the others Thank you LEGO, thank you for fulfilling this Lego fan's dreams.
  7. Apache

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    I really think this FIRST Wave is going to be SOOOOOOOOOO HOT! Kids are going to buy them because the cool Ringraiths and Orcs/trolls and Dwarves. LOTR fans will buy them because the love the movie and then of course the AFOL Castle fans will horde them. I think if we buy them we could see a 5th wave after the 2nd Hobbit wave. Do you think they will use a NEW mold for Aragon's sword or just the one from the Highlander Collectable fig? LOVE THE NEW HORSES and the light tan colored one.... Thank you LEGO, thank you!
  8. Apache

    Review: Escape from Dragon's Prison

    Thanks Wakeboard, nice review. Love those new heads and will be getting a few for the Dragon knight and extra pieces to build a real Dragon Knight Fortress.
  9. Apache

    PAB - 150 new elements

    White Horse would be a steal at .75 cents as I would buy 100 but they are NOT AVAILABLE. Not sure if this means they are SOLD OUT or it's a mistake that they are offering them. ALSO Looks like the Dark Pearl Gray helmets are GONE and replaced with Light Gray. Also the femaile heads that I had been buying are gone too. Revolvers and Tommy Guns are now availabe CHEAP. Get them now before they will be NOT AVAILABLE.
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  11. Pics for both of you guys. Might entertain cash and trade for US people. Bonaparte, since your Belgium, probably be more reasonable just to buy. Let me know if you want to make a deal. No worries if you don't, I know these will sell on Ebay for a fair price and I think I'll throw in the boat unless I keep the green soldiers.
  12. Yep, I'm doing it. They were some of my favorite figs, but I'm saving up for a 4x4 so they are for sale. So if you are in the Market for a conquistdor landing party or sailors for your Spanish Armada, this is the lot you want. Also have parts of the Spanish Boat that I'm thinking about selling. Have main sail, need to see if I have the small front sail, have instruction booklet. Looking to sell entire lot all at once or maybe just bottom row of soldiers with the 2nd row and I would keep the green guys except the one in the 2nd row with black armor. Might entertain cash plus trades- Still collecting Castle- Cows, peasants, New Dragon Knights w/ great helms, Black Falcons, some KK1 like the Female armor fig, the printed legs from KK1, Western stuff like Indians, Indian horse, tepees, Blue Coat Calvary guys/hats Star Wars- Jawas and Endor Rebel Troopers for my good friend Fenris Also have some Spartans I will trade for Jawas, and Old School Red Coats for sale or trade. Will be taking pics for Ebay and will post here is someone is interested.
  13. Apache

    2011 Kingdoms + US prices

    Grew up in the 80's and as much as I love my vintage Lego people and bricks, I like the new faces, double printed torsos and YES, the new pigs are AWESOME! Can't wait for the Goats and give us Gray and Dark Brown Horses. You can do it LEGO!
  14. Apache

    A Medieval Christmas Carol

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Sly Owl you are a true Lego Artist. Amazing creativity with the tree, bird, wood floors, shingles and everything else. A joy to view. Thank you.
  15. Apache

    2011 Kingdoms + US prices

    I agree, every Castle Fan is going to by Multiple Mills!