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  1. Oh dear I feel a bit silly now I didn't see the link oooppppssss sorry lol I have to admit I'm quite chuffed now that I have seen it lol
  2. A walking stick that a minifig can hold by the handle See this post
  3. Wanted - A Walking Stick

    Ahhhh now that's a good idea lol By the looks of things the barrier would probably work best Thanks very much Just to give all you kind users who's given me advice a update I swiped one of my nephews Star Wars blasters and trimmed off all the sticky out bits so I was left with just the barrel and handle. From the front it does look like a walking stick ( if you squint your eyes and may be wear dark glasses lol ) how ever my minifig does hold it like a stick which although not 100% happy it will do for the time being :) Many thanks once again for the advice :-)
  4. Wanted - A Walking Stick

    Thanks for the extra information AmplerZand that to me makes more sense than not having a walking stick lol The one thing I just couldn't understand was why can you get Crutches and a Shepard's Crook but not a simple walking stick Oh well back to the drawing board lol I might just end up finding the right sized " Spru " ( if that's spelt right lol ) from a model kit and see if I can heat it and bend it into the shape that I want then just paint it. I've done something like this before and I know it worked well then so I can't see why this wouldn't ? Its just finding the right sized " Spru " lol
  5. Wanted - A Walking Stick

    Many thanks Slegengr for the advice regarding the lengths etc how ever if I don't go for the Shepard's Crook the 6 stud would be the next best thing ( cut down ) as it has a nice pummel at the end although this would make it more of a swagger stick rather than a walking stick. What I'm really looking for is a Charlie Chaplin style stick and for a non Lego collector I'm amazed that I cant find one ! Lol How ever the crazy thing is Fire star toys sell a custom Charlie Chaplin minifig and has a straight stick in place of his iconic walking stick/cane. May be its just me being awkward ? Lol but surely I can't be alone in thinking this ? May be its just the size of the molding is the problem ? I just don't know I mean if Lego can produce for a example a Light Saber handle ( size wise ) why can't they or anyone else produce a Walking Stick with a rounded handle ?
  6. Wanted - A Walking Stick

    Many thanks for your reply. The 3L bar isn't really suitable as its only really just a stick and not what I would consider to be a " Walking stick " how ever I have seen the Shepard's Crook and yes I would be fine with cutting one down to size just one thing though I am unsure if my minifig would be able to grasp the round bit like you would a normal sized walking stick would it be to big for his hands ? Oh well I guess its worth a go lol One thing that does amaze me though it the fact that out of all the extra things you can get ( including crutches ) that no one does a simple walking stick to scale ! Lol Thanks for the reply
  7. I hope this doesn't break any rules etc how ever I am unable to post in the Bizzare section just yet. How ever can any one help me as I'm trying to find a Walking Stick for a custom minifig I am currently putting together. My trouble is I cant find one any where so any help would be most appreciated. Many thanks
  8. TUTORIAL: How to print decals

    Thank you so much that really is a big help !
  9. TUTORIAL: How to print decals

    Help ! Lol can any one please be able to tell me what the measurements of Legs ( with out the feet ) are ? I did click on the link above but its down :( Many thanks