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  1. Rooneypower

    Image Uploading / Posting

    I uploaded my first picture to the forum the other day and within the reply field, there is the blue bar under the text box, It shows a paperclip and gives the option to upload a file. I don't even see an upload file option now, it disappeared. all I get is the insert other media tab, I click that and all I can do is upload from an url or current thumbnails. (How do I delete these too?) I attempted to set up a brickshelf account so I can upload pictures but for some reason, Brickshelf is not sending me the confirmation email to join, so I am stuck. Any help would be nice as to where my upload paperclip went within the reply field and how do I delete what is in "the existing attachment" tab? Thanks for your time.
  2. Rooneypower

    Using L-motor to power crawler

    Great ideas, thank you for all the input and advice. I think I will actually go the route of L-motors and see what I can do. I have a prototype crawler already built but there is a lot of flex in the body and I need to correct my shock towers, linkage points and I might change up the steering.
  3. Rooneypower

    Using L-motor to power crawler

    It will be powered by a thing i noticed with 2 Lmotors is when they are on the same channel and being operated via a slider control, when engaged slightly (open) one motor will start to turn before the other. Then yhey will turn in unison. Im playing with a crawler that is operated by 2 XL motors and have not noticed this. Maybe i need to do more testing.
  4. Rooneypower

    Using L-motor to power crawler

    Thank you for that source. I'm trying to gauge which would be best for my current plans, XL motor for torque and weight at the cost of size, or attempt to gear a L-motor that will be capable of pushing my crawler while giving me bursts of speed if needed. Also the bonus of a minimal design is a bonus too. These are my rough plans so far for a rear axle. Any suggestions are welcome. I'm thinking of using 1x11 length long arms for the bottom 2 links in the 4-link setup.
  5. Hello all, I have a few questions regarding the use of 2 L-motors for powering a crawler. I have done some research and have not been able to find many MOCs that use L-motors for drive, does anyone have any advice on using them instead of 2 XL motors for drive. I know the torque output will be less with the L-motors but the overall speed will be quicker. If geared properly couldn't a L-motor be able to closely match an XL motor, but spin faster? Netting me more of a buggy type of crawler instead of a pure crawler? Also if I were to use L-motors I can keep the overall size of my axles smaller. One of the downsides is the power draw from the 2 L-motors will be too much for a Lipo battery setup, correct? I'm building some custom axles in LDD and cannot make up my mind which way I should go with my PF, XL drive or L drive motors. I have designs for both size motors, any advice or experience would be welcome, thank you!
  6. I had no problems with my update. I use android. Opened my phone the other day and i was suprised to find a BuWizz update! Try resetting your phone and use a wifi connection
  7. I am in agreement. Once the finite adjustments are made to the app, this will be an incredible piece of kit. Right now the hardware and motor power is awesome!!
  8. I too have been playing with the new update, so far so good, great progress!
  9. Yes Void_S, I did notice this as well, the x-axis is inverted. I cannot figure out why, it must have something to do with the polarity but hopefully this will be fixed with an app update. Currently I'm building a crawler specifically designed around the BuWizz. I'm using a m-motor for steering.
  10. Looks sweet i really like why you are going with this build! I always enjoy seeing lego used outside the box great work!
  11. Cheers! Thats exactly why i wanted to make one. Thanks for the feedback! Im looking to make an extreme crawler one of these days with the BuWizz
  12. Rooneypower

    Third Party Tires for Lego Technic Rims

    Very interesting. Do you have a video about this or possibly an instruction of a layout? Looks like i will most likely be going this route because it really opens up options on axle layout and crawler performance. Thank you for all the information!
  13. Rooneypower

    Third Party Tires for Lego Technic Rims

    Do you have any pictures of these interlocked? I would like to do a crawler MOC with 2.2 inch tires. Looking at my wheel options. This thread is very helpful!
  14. I received my BuWizz a few weeks back and have been really enjoying the power! I have plans to create models specifically around the BuWizz and I will be sure to share my conclusions. But here is my current review, tested with the sublime 42030! Cheers