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  1. benxz

    [MOC] ICARUS Supercar

    You made my day @amorti!
  2. benxz

    [MOC] ICARUS Supercar

    [media] <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> [/media]
  3. These look nice, i think i need this for sure. I broke one of the lego axle running the yellow supercar, guess the power of lipo is really pushing the limits. I'm surprised the buwizz with ludicrous drive will still render not much damage to the U joints on Didumos' original set. BTW, how do you embed the youtube video? I tried to follow the instruction with [media] [/media] but it doesn't work.
  4. That's why I went to modify the Icarus' V joints to gear driven, I think the Greyhound needs that too.
  5. benxz

    [MOC] ICARUS Supercar

    Sbrick has sequence too, will check it out. Some new pics.
  6. benxz

    [MOC] ICARUS Supercar

    Anyway, I'll answering my question here. Today as I tried to modify the transmission drive from CV joint to direct gear drive (rear wheel CV joints keep breaking and I finally ran out of them) the right drifting steering is gone, it goes pretty much straight. I think the different wear and tear between the left and right CV joint has something to do with the problem. Again, great supercar! It's super when using 2s lipo!
  7. benxz

    [MOC] ICARUS Supercar

    I made 2 Icarus. Somehow the yellow one doesn't go forward straight, i checked the servo gear is centered, but one of the wheel is not super straight when the servo is centered. I'm wondering anyone has the similar problem. I'm at my wits end.
  8. I went back to Madocca's Icarus and used Amorti's suggestion, one 2s lipo with one Sbrick, Icarus runs very nice, saved one SB and 2 lego battery and reduced lots of weight. Great idea Amorti!
  9. this thing is a U joint killer, need to wait for those metal ones before i run it again.
  10. Verified one 2s Lipo with 2 Sbircks did the job, actually I believe I can get away with one Sbrick, since the current is now big enough to push this heavy buggy. If you worry about the voltage drop on the lipo, you can buy an LED alarm you can plug into the lipo, it'll beep when the voltage drops to the value you set. thx for the lipo tip, will be using my lipo on lego technics from now on, much cheaper and powerful than lego rechargeable.
  11. good idea with lipo. Any extra component needed apart from the lipo battery and soldering work? I just tried 2 Sbrick with 2 lego battery, it only runs for about 10 second then stopped moving.
  12. I thought each sbrick port outputs the same max current, maybe one battery is not enough?
  13. i tried to use sbrick and lego rechargeable battery today but it doesn't seem to be able to move the buggy. I connected each motor to each port on Sbrick, the wheels can spin when the car is lifted off the ground.
  14. i thought silicon spray will dissolve the plastic? as is mentioned on page 5 of this thread. Silicon grease will not?