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  1. Has anybody done any studies how much having a locked or unlocked diff affects the turning circle? I'm thinking about 4x4 trial trucks.. Some go for 2-3 differentials and others specifically go for no differentials at all. If i have full lock on all diffs, hows the turning circle? How about locking only the rear and having the front with an open differential? Will the turning circle improve? If i have all open diffs everywhere, i should have the best turning circle? Will having a diff in the center added increase the turning circle even more? I'd love to see a test how much it improves. Basically having 3 diffs makes your 4x4 only one wheel drive when one wheel is lifted is what i've gathered. I have all my motors on my mocs so i can't test it myself right now. That's why i asked if anybody else has any info on it.
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    [HELP] Open vs Locked Differential

    @powerwindows83This is the post i was after. Thank you!
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    [HELP] Open vs Locked Differential

    Torsen differential would be awesome.
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    [HELP] Open vs Locked Differential

    This whole question is a just an thought.. If we would have one simple chassis. The test would be done to that one chassis only. With differential vs no differential. How would differentials affect it's performance. When i make my 4x4 crawlers. I always go with no diff but a 12 teeth + 20 teeth gear combo on both axles.. It can crawl rocks. Which is what i intend it to do. But when on a flat surface, the turning radius isn't that great and if i put weight on the model, it would love to push the front wheels forwards instead of turning. Putting a differential to the front axle would work because when climbing rocks, the rear wheels would still push the moc forwards. And the turning radius i assume would improve. But the question is, by how much? Whats the difference between no diffs to using diffs. How much improvement we are getting? To test it, it should be tested on one chassis so we get the most consistent results.
  5. My plan is to make a 6 wheeled 4 wheel drive truck that has four rear wheels for drive and two front wheels only for steering. It'll be servo steered and the front axle has no suspension at all. Instead, the front of the moc is attached to the rear of the moc by a large turntable. So the battery box + servo + receiver is mounted in the front half and an XL motor is mounted to the rear half. Basically the front of the moc is just a one big unit that can steer and the rear of the moc is one unit that can push the truck forward. Questions: 1. If i use a servo to steer instead of two linear actuators (articulated steering) will the moc try to push forward instead of turn due to no driven front wheels? 2. If i use sideways pendular axles for the rear and a turntable in the middle, will the rear of the moc just flop to the side if no springs are added? 3. Should i use forward/backward pendular suspension for the rear wheels instead? 4. Would having only two rear wheels increase the performance of the moc due to only two rear wheels pushing the moc forward and decrease pushing when steering? 5. If i use only two rear wheels instead of 4, if i add springs to the rear, will offroad capabilities increase? (remember, the front half has no suspension at all.) I do not have room for the front axle to have driven wheels. (unless i completely redesign the front axle and have a driveshaft go trough the turntable.) Moc is going to be 11 studs between tyres (total width 15 studs), 60 studs long and 20 ish studs high. Front of the moc will be a "one size fits all" truck front end and the rear will be a modular frame for different applications.
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    MOC [WIP] CH-53E Super stallion

    Man that thing is massive!
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    [MOC][WIP] Toyota AE 86 (Initial D)

    Man i love pics like these.. People should take pictures of the underneith of their car so when people are repairing them, they could see what they should be doing. What parts should be where.. How much room you have to add stuff ect...
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    Technic figures

    That's awesome! If they're not insanely expensive. I'd like to get more technic figures.. I only have the purple and green cyborg dudes. Not really what you'd want to have in a construction machine or a 4x4 trial truck.
  9. Interesting modules! Well done!
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    Steph77's Moc corner

    The excavators top half needs to have the turntable less centered and more to the front. That's how real excavators have it. The point is to have the weight of the excavator top half to be more at the back so when you extend the arm the whole way, the excavator won't tip.
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    [MOC][WIP] Toyota AE 86 (Initial D)

    It will need a lockable diff and heaps of power in order to make it drift.. Unless you're Takumi.
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    M-20 Neon Strider

    One of the most awesome pneumatic mocs ever. Really has the lego space vibe to it. Well done!
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    MOCs vs Official Sets

    Biggest problem i have with mocs is using illegal building techniques and bending of parts. TLG's sets always are built in a way that the parts don't get stressed over time. Like a front axle that's too thin to support the weight of the moc and starting to bend and possibly breaking parts very soon.
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    Mechbuilds Projects

    I think i need to redo the front axle completely.. There is just no way how to connect the suspension
  15. Instead of creating countless threads, i've decided to make one singular big thread showcasing my projects. This first post is reserved for pictures with quote links of the finished projects. Tracked truck:
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    Mechbuilds Projects

    Now it's about the same as in real life.. Gotta figure out how to attach the front springs and rear springs properly.
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    Mechbuilds Projects

    Here is my crawler WIP.. It's starting to shape up to something.. I'm thinking about making it a pickup truck.
  18. It's awesome. Looks like it's RC too. Could you make a video on youtube?
  19. If i was an audi fan, i'd definitely love some instructions. But i'd mostly be interested in the chassis. But it's up to you. I'm sure many people would appreciate it! It's amazing to watch the bodywork come alive.. I personally think that the most difficult part is body work on mocs.
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    [MOC] Lego Liebherr R 9800

    Love it how you used the gear racks as linear actuators. Brilliant stuff!
  21. Have you tried using an VPN and going for an european server? I think the problem is chinese internet not being compatible..
  22. The front axle is the one with longer linkage. (the front axle is already done but not shown in picture) The rear axle is the one with shorter linkage. I need a gearbox that'll gear it up a bit so it can rock crawl. The XL motor can be mounted either back on top of the rear axle which will cause problems on battery box fitment. OR the xl motor can be flipped to the front as long as it's not longer than the first black 2 long axle bushing after the U-joint on the front axle. (preferred so i can mount the battery box on top of the rear axle.) Problem i have is figuring out what kind of gearbox to make that can fit in the middle and how to connect the linkages to the bottom of it. EDIT; Front axle added:
  23. I could fit 2 XL motors. It wouldn't even be hard. There is heaps of space for a second one. The issue is the gearbox... By the way. What ever happened to your axle.. Nice.
  24. That's true! I just can't seem to figure out a way to join these axles together.. It's that middle point with the yellow axle.. If i use the same kind of system that @filsawgood's suzuki jimny has, then the axles will start to slide forward and backward when going up and down. The pivot point needs to be the same as the U-joint. That's where the issues are coming from.. I don't want to abandon this project because of this issue with the middle part. I'm having problems on where to connect the linkages and how to connect the XL motor because it's one stud too wide so i need to make a 4 stud long gearbox so i can mount the XL engine between the center and the servo so i can have enough room for the battery box. If i go with an L motor instead, the crawler will have less torque and more speed which is bad for rock climbing. EDIT: L motor would fit easily.. But it would be fast and not torquey..
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    [WIP] Lego Super Car

    I know i'm WAAAYYY too late to the party but..