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    [MOC][WIP] Nissan R32 GTR

    Details on the engine are beautiful!
  2. Mechbuilds

    [MOC] TSCO Racing Aussie Trophy Truck

    Any progress on the instructions? How close are you to completion?
  3. Mechbuilds

    [MOC] Ford Mustang 1964

    Amazing! So much attention to detail! Can it be converted to RC?
  4. Mechbuilds

    [MOC] TSCO Racing Aussie Trophy Truck

    Can't wait for instructions! Watching this thread like a hawk.. Wanna build this so bad!
  5. Mechbuilds

    Lasse's Model Team Construction Yard

    Your creations are truly next level!
  6. Mechbuilds

    [MOC] TSCO Racing Aussie Trophy Truck

    That's pretty awesome! Can't wait for instructions! Hope it can be converted for buwizz. I really like your rear axle design.
  7. Mechbuilds

    Axle Collection Thread

    EDIT: Anyone made a tatra 4x4 with the iconic tatra suspension but having the axles not rest on the drive shaft? Like @Madoca 1977's tatra? The 8x8 is a massive beast but figuring out how to make it 4x4 with 4 wheel steering is quite tricky.. Trying to figure out a 4x4 version with dual drive shafts and the axles not resting on the driveshafts. The steering is a nightmare to figure out since when the wheels droop down, they both steer in outside and when the suspension is pressed down, both wheels steer in the middle.. If anybody can figure it out, please post the LDD here!
  8. Mechbuilds

    [MOC] PC Case With 3D Printed Parts

    I find this project fascinating!
  9. Whats the maximum lift capacity? How much can it lift?
  10. i'm the guy who commented on your video "it turned out amazing" it really did. Looks stunning! So many features packed in. I love it that you could squeeze in the cabin tilt feature so the motor can be seen. It was a good decision to move the boom lift further back.
  11. Thank you so much! Just as a suggestion: each time a new patch is released, it should contain everything from the past so you don't have to download everything from first patch to last. That way you can just download the new patch if you just happen to stumble on this for the first time. And if the newest patch isn't stable for some reason, (bugs and issues) then you can download the previous patch until the new patch is fixed.
  12. Nobody knows a workaround to the bug? EDIT: Okay found it! 06-2020 [version 200517] will break LDD completely. Do not download this version. Sadly the next 08-07-2020 [version 200708] version does not include the 4 ball joint wheel hub part even though the list says it should. I again ask if anybody has an updated DB folder they could send me? So far i can either get some of the parts while crashing the whole LDD by opening certain categories (wheels and tyres) or just have no new parts at all. Which sucks.
  13. Anyone got a DB folder that has all the parts and is bug free? Can somebody send me it?
  14. I applied all the patches for my LDD but when i try to go to wheels and tyres, it auto shuts LDD down. What gives?
  15. Probably using the same tyres but putting electrical tape around them to make them slick enough..
  16. Can buwizz + PF motors create enough power to drift this thing without having to use the buggy motor? I really want to make this thing drift. Also has anyone figured out a steering system that fits in this charger body that has as much as wheel lock as possible? Any info on this would be amazing. I really want to see this thing drift.
  17. The gear can only turn 45 degrees that's why the servo turn mechanism. But the servo is sticking too far at the back. Is it possible to flip the servo 90 degrees so it's pointing upright? Any idea what mechanism would allow this? What i mean is that the rear part of the servo (with the wire) would be pointing up and the front of the servo is pointing downwards.
  18. Mechbuilds

    Quick question about servo placement.

    The servo is the only thing you can reposition in this case.. The gear rack is inside the chassis.. I found out i could reposition the servo on top in this case.. Will need to carve a hole in my cab but it's worth it for a stiff solid structure and room in the back so my rear axle can fit. Only issue is poor steering lock but i can't make it sharper because the tyre would collide with the springs.. And if i flip the tyres, then the rear axle will be too narrow.. So i'll go with smaller scale and poor steering but functional model.
  19. Mechbuilds

    Quick question about servo placement.

    Can you whip up an example? But i kinda know what you mean. Also i kinda figured out how to implement the servo on top of the gear which needed some chassis modifications but i still could keep the mechanism. This thread can also stay as an educative purpose if somebody else has the same issue.
  20. Disassemble all your sets into pieces and store the pieces in this type of storage cabinets: Just remember to label the doors so you know which part is in which drawer. I have 3 large storage cabinets like these in my computer desk all filled to the brim with parts and still a massive pile of parts lying in the desk. If you want your sets to last a long time, always disassemble them. That way any part isn't constantly under stress when you leave your sets assembled.
  21. Mechbuilds

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    I really love this solution you figured out: That's brilliant!
  22. Mechbuilds

    [help] Front axle for military truck.

    Thanks for sharing, i know what you mean.. I'll have a crack at it at some point when i get motivated again.. Currently i'm building a mercedes dump truck on the side to at least keep me building and not stop completely.
  23. Hey guys! I'm working on a military truck: But i'm kinda stuck with the axles because i'm terribad at making them. This is what i've built so far: It's the scale i'm going for. What i need is help with the 3 or 4 link attachment to the frame and steering mechanism. I will be using locked diffs in both front and rear and it will be in constant 4wd. It's meant to be offroad after all. Both servo attached to axle or servo in frame and using a linkage to steer is both okay as long as it works. If somebody can come up with this front axle, i can just copy it and modify so i'll have an axle for the rear as well. Can anyone help me with this?
  24. Mechbuilds

    [help] Front axle for military truck.

    Yeah the issue was that the axle has diagonal play when twisting. So yeah the axle does move up and down but the part has lots of play on it which causes damage to parts as it twists sideways.. Also when you lift the right tyre and have the left tyre stay down, the axle has play that the other tyre is moving forwards and other is moving backwards.. This causes the drive shaft to twist sideways and pull out of the axle.
  25. Mechbuilds

    [help] Front axle for military truck.

    I really wanted to stay away from this part: And make the suspension only by using these: Because that ball cup fork thing doesn't look realistic.. These axles are very visible under the car and i wanted to preserve that long front driveshaft and short driveshaft at rear because it's unique to this truck.. But since there is no way t make the suspension work with those parts it's easier to just copy what @nico71 did with hes heist truck.. Because that way i can make the front longer and rear shorter so it's at least somewhat trying to imitate the real thing..