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  1. zor2ox

    [MOC] Cafe Racer

    The shifting mechanism based on this stepper: You can find a shifting mechanism near the end of the clip, using Lego clutch. But I don’t use any clutch there, because it takes too much place on this build. The stepper will push an axle with 2 gears on it left or right, thus switching between 2 different gear ratio. I just implemented a vertical to horizontal motion converter, using some pivot point s and beams. Pictures will come, but later because I'm out of town this Christmas.
  2. Im now filming with my Sony A5100, it got 1080p 60fps, neat enough for all the motions. It is now an old model so the price will not hurt your wallet much :D
  3. zor2ox

    [MOC] Cafe Racer

    I was posting using my phone and Imgur images link generator. Maybe it generates link for original size (which is huge) I will edit them later as soon as I sit back on my PC. The updated photos are taken with my HTC U11, no portrait mode, but this phone has big aperture to a little touch of DOF :D
  4. zor2ox

    Technic Pub

    - Lego is a weird part of my life, Technic is a bridge between my dream to become a industrial/transportation designer and the reality that I had to study mechanical engineering and work in this field :D Lego is now like a meditation every time that reality hurts me :) - No I hate snow. Born and grown up in Vietnam, a tropical land, and stayed in Germany for 10 years, the most thing annoys me is the snow and when it melts. - Yes, but not my tree. As long as I am the only one who buy Lego for myself, there will be no one gave me a set as a present. But every Christmas I buy a Technic set for my nephew and play with him. - Yes I'm working on my Technic Ideas project, want to make a proper motorcycle set :D - My favourite Technic color is the blue of 42036. Orange is also nice, but I can not afford the Porsche at this moment :D
  5. zor2ox

    [MOC] Cafe Racer

    Haha you don't need to hold your breath my friend. There is no place for ignorance and arrogance in improvement. The Wheelbase problem: I figured it out that it is too long, while the wheelbase is almost 2,3 x seat height. For most sport bike or racing bike this ratio will be ~2,0 or smaller. Another problem adding to it is the negative trail. It make steering seems unstable in addition to longer wheelbase. That's why I changed the front wheel position, lower wheelbase by ~2L so that the trail stays positive and the ratio wheelbase/seat height is now more realistic. The Cardan Element: I changed the design a little bit, and pretty satisfied with the results. It is now full legal :D, simpler and connects better with the frame :D even though I still like the "flat" side view of 87082 connector in the old design. Please don't mind the 2x3L pins, I left them there incase I need to attach something new on it :D As I learned in college, sometime you don't need double bracing to get a axle to stay in place. In many structure, even for rotating axles, you just need to brace the axle on one side for static axle sometimes bracing is no need. I try to keep all of connections sturdy but also simple. I also took a photo of the rear element, to prove that Lego's dimension is just a miracle. There is no bending or squeezing, and they serves the angles perfectly :-O About the head light, I kept the old design but remove the perpendicular connector behind the lamp, so that it will not interfere with other connections. But now it won't slide full way into the grey pins because the lower angle, but I think it won't hurts so I left it there. The pin can be replace by a cross axle and 0,5L bracer, but it will be too crowded. This is the new overall look, with small touches here and there (for exp. braced kickstand :D)
  6. A nice design is a conclusion of shape, lines and functions. I think panels serve well to form the shape of design and add sturdy feeling to the model, but I love the way builders around the world use flex cables to emphasize the lines. In newer Technic set like the Porsche, the combination is on point imho. Maybe someday Lego could introduce clear panels, it would be a boom :D
  7. Yeah that's will be a big problem, but AR is also not a bad approach :D
  8. Today is VR's realm. As I experienced in VR CAD in many fields of engineering, I think VR is the new future for Lego Digital Designer. So I open this topic to discuss about this theme :D Tell us what you think about the combination of VR and Lego :D
  9. I always consider digital tools as developing tool. It is still not a way to make a model. You have to touch, to see and to feel the sturdiness and forces between the connections to have a full perspective to your models.
  10. zor2ox

    [MOC] Cafe Racer

    These critics with details are what I am awaiting when posting on eurobricks. Many many thanks for your c&c. - About the wheelbase, like I commented above, I need to do some real measurement again, and to shorten it maybe the white engine protection panels have to be removed or the parallel suspension exchanged with another design. - I have once seen 2 carburetors with one common filter somewhere else. And while I don't want to crowd the engine space with two big ones, I kept it single, but each engine head have 1 "intake" pin, so it is no problem to add another filter there. - The cardan element is very confusing for me. The 87408 connector have a open end without bezels. I put one side pin of part 87082 inside then slightly "slide" the other end inside without force and much bending. That's why I can't determine as if it is illegal or not. But it is also not a big deal, because I still can fix it by using 87408 with the same structure as the BMW GS 1200s cardan element. - The rear light is held with a rod, and yes it can be rotated, and I'm also not sure if it is legal or not, but as long as it holds itself in place, and there are no bending and pressure on parts, I will leave it as it is. But the panels is not bended. The white 4x2 L beam is connected with the red small panels with only one 3L pin, so that it could be raised a little bit for aesthetic purpose, and there is a small angle different between them, so that the brake light holder doesn't interfere with the panels. - The 4L axle by the cardan element is just to keep it aligned with the frame, it could be only be braced on one side (=meaningless) so any cross axle can be in that position, but I don't know why I kept the 4L, maybe because I don't like the space there when I used an 2L axle and nothing stays out. - I will take details tear down photos of the front light and the white side panels, so that we can judge them better. Be careful illegal connections, you will serve justice here!!!! =))))) - I want to make this model versatile, so that I can build another model B, C or maybe the whole alphabet :D so that I left some (I think max 2-3 ones) 3L pin not be replaced by 2L, to serve the disassemble and also the part diversity of new models. There are also 2 3L cross axle on the main frame that are not braced, because they already have quer pressure to keep them in place, and to add 2x0,5L on both side hurts the aesthetic so much, which is still a big factor that I avoid trimming down too much. Thank you guys very much for all the comments. I will keep this project posted, and will not hesitate to break it down and make it better.
  11. zor2ox

    [MOC] Cafe Racer

    Yes that's right, bigger wheels means longer wheel base, and also bigger engines etc. while the current parts not allow us to build bigger but compact engines for bikes. That's why I want to stick with classic builds, low riders or choppers, because they uses bigger and less beefier wheels, so that the scaling is not out of control :D
  12. zor2ox

    [MOC] Cafe Racer

    Thank you for your reply. Technic projects are hard to move on on Ideas imho. My project get 2k views in first 3 days (most viewed among the 60-days projects) but still get fewer supports than other brick projects which only viewed 800 times. I try to bring uniqueness or speciality in this project by putting a better scaled, decorated engine, close to real-life features like shifting mechanism and gearbox, which most recent official Lego motorcycles failed to deliver. And I hope Technic fans will find it interesting. I also planning to build model B and C from this bike in further updates. Stay tuned :D
  13. zor2ox

    [MOC] Cafe Racer

    Thank you very much. As others also mentioned the long wheel base, maybe I need to do some real measurements and maths :D As I mentioned in the description, the engine is inspired by Honda CB77's 2 cylinders. And after finished the engine I improvise my own design.
  14. zor2ox

    [MOC] Cafe Racer

    Thank you for comment. It is the shortest wheelbase I can reach because of my chosen type of front suspension and the size of motorblock. And maybe using a wide angle lens in my camera affects it too. I will consider another methods to make it looks better. Hi Jurss, like I said in the first line, to get votes is not my purpose to post it here. It would be very kind of you if you can share with me the reason why this model cant get a vote from you, so that I can make it better :D
  15. Sorry to be lazy that I copied the description of this build from the Ideas project page. While the guidelines doesn't allow promoting, I just left a single link here. But I think Ideas platform is not the right place to gather real comments and demands about improvement of my MOC, so that I can keep make it better, and no place is better than here among the real Technic fanatics :D As both LEGO and classical bike enthusiastist, I was always trying to make a functional but not too out of scale engine for Technic's motorcycles. After a while digging in the Technic world of parts, I ended up with a new engine block which has proper size compare to LEGO's motorcycle's scale, created by normal engine block part and a little touch of decoration. And as a Cafe Racer fan, I tried out the new engine block into the most timeless design trend of the motorcycle world - a cafe racer. My biggest reference was Honda 1965 CB77's 2 cylinder engine, intergrated into a modern design. To design a Technic set is not just about aesthetic, construction and function are more crucial factors. The set should be quite playable, that means sturdy, visible mechanisms and their smooth movements. Those are my guidelines in the whole process of designing this model, and the results are these properties, listed below: No illegal connections. I tried to design without those creatively part placements, as a real LEGO's designer would do, and keep the playing age restriction as low as possible. Realistic functioning 2-gears gearbox and shifting mechanism. Working front and rear suspension. Working cardan axle for smooth power transmission from rear wheel to engine's crankshaft and vice versa. That's mean this bike can be pushed by hand to see working engine, and player could also connect the motorized power parts with the crankshaft and see it drives the wheel. Credit of stepper mechanism in gear shifting belongs to Lego Technic Mastery https://www.facebook.com/Lego-Technic-Mastery-345425069222914 And I will post this video of function first on Eurobricks before update it on Ideas, because you guys deserve to see it first xD