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  1. Marvel is not anything I'll be excited about.
  2. AquaSazers

    LEGO Minifigures licensed series

    I would recommend the "Golden Collection" dvds. There are 6 volumes, but they are excellent. Still probably only about 40% of the entire catalogue though.
  3. AquaSazers

    The minifigure Diary

    Love this, keep it coming!
  4. Thanks for the years of hard work and incredible reviews WhiteFang!!!!
  5. What are we getting for Aug/Sept of this year? Anything?
  6. AquaSazers

    MOC: My Minifigure Display Stand

    I've been building these up since the beginning of 2017. What you see below is one of the sides of the overall bleachers. In the middle there is the original part that is 2 white base plates wide. Each side is just one white base plate wide. Each section of my bleachers is built slightly differently. I built this part back in June of 2018. By this section, I had started to use slopes under each row. I also came across some of these girder type pieces. Ran out of fence pieces on this section. This is what my bleachers currently look like. The two single white base sections are on the far left and right. In the center is the original bleachers I built which was 2 white bases wide.
  7. AquaSazers

    Seasonal 2018

    That is a damn fine polybag. I will be very interested in getting one.
  8. Exactly. Especially, since the clown has white hands/gloves.
  9. All my plant people together and messing around with Joker's head
  10. You and I are on the same page, my friend.
  11. I can't wait to swap one of my many Joker heads on to the new clown. Also after looking at the reviews, I'm interested in more figs than I was originally.
  12. AquaSazers

    [MOC] Seagram Building, New York

    Very nice! I grew up a few blocks from the building.
  13. I want to get a bunch of the classic cop. I wonder what the torsos look like under the race car and horse. If they are detailed, I want them to use as a regular cowboy and driver.
  14. Put him in a dungeon with a couple of skeletons