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  1. Thanks for your feedback man! I totally agree with what you are saying. I originally tried to use the the 1×2 tile grate instead of those ladders, but couldn't find enough of them, and also couldn't find any flat 1×1s. Making them flat would have been good too. I think a bricklink run is order haha. And a few more pictures would have revealed the ugly parts of the build haha. Let's just say there is a reason I photographed it the way I did... But it's definitely not my best work. I will take your advice and use it to crush you Imperials in the next Episode!
  2. Above the planet Sullust.... [-Accessing personal logs…….RYN……complete-] Only a few rotations after the fiasco with Prince Xizor on Coruscant, command assigned me to finish the mission over Sullust that had been so rudely interrupted before by the unfortunate kidnapping of Princess Leia. Already having gained access to the plans and access codes to one of the Star Destroyers being assembled above Sullust, my small team and I were assigned to sabotage it and bring it crashing down into the surrounding shipyards and hopefully put a small wrench in the Empire’s plans for the time being. A fighter squadron would be sent to harass the other Imperial forces surrounding the ship yard so we could slip unnoticed into the hangar bay of the Star Destroyer in a stolen Imperial medical ship, under the guise of bringing wounded men into the medical bay of the much larger Destroyer. From inside the medical frigate I could feel multiple explosions from the skirmish outside. Different alliance fighters, mostly Y-Wings and B-Wings, could be seen darting back and forth across the mostly empty expanse of space being chased by large amounts of Tie fighters. I cringed as one rebel ship exploded into a fireball and spiraled into the side of the Star Destroyer we were headed to, having been hit by a stray beam of anti aircraft fire from the Destroyers turbolasers. It seemed like an eternity to reach the open bay doors of the capital ship between the continuous fire of both factions, and the constant nagging worry that we would be shot on sight. We all collectively sighed in relief after our access codes worked and were allowed access into the hangar. Unsurprisingly, it was relatively empty due to the raging battle outside except for a few maintenance ships that looked old and out of use. Each of us pulled up a hollow map of the ship, where a red line directed us to the ship’s reactor. Command had directed us to place a few explosives inside the room and get out as fast as we could, to avoid getting caught in the explosion ourselves. Our pilot stayed with the ship while the rest of us began our journey towards the center of the ship. I hoped that most of the crew would be distracted with the ongoing battle and leave a relatively painless path to the reactor. We had made it to the reactor, after winding through the seemingly endless hallways. Suddenly I could see the shiny white armor of a stormtrooper from the reactor room adjacent to the hallway. I motioned for everyone to stop, and took it upon myself to take out the trooper alone. With his back facing me, I flipped out a small vibroblade from my hip and prepared myself to attack. The first step I took alerted him to my presence, causing him to turn around slowly. “Who’s ther-“ His speech was cut short by the vibroblade blade that was now stuck in his neck, causing him to fall over and bleed everywhere. I motioned for the rest of the squad to join me in the room, where they could plant the explosives while I stood watch. To my horror, I could hear the blast doors open and then the clink of armor on the metal floor. I quickly pressed myself to the wall closest to the computers, hoping to hide myself from the incoming troopers. The rest of my men were already hidden deeper in the room, but unfortunately the man I had just killed was still laying in plain sight. To my great surprise however, they did not bother to look in that direction and walked straight past the body of their dead comrade. I then readied my rifle, and prepared to pick off the two of them before they could advance further down the hallway…. [-Closing personal logs……RYN……complete-]
  3. Ryn

    Episode XV: Operation Eclipse

    Great work fellas! Everyone did a wonderful job on their entries. The episode was so much fun to build and write for!
  4. Ryn

    [SoNE Ep.XV] Palace - No Prisoners

    Ooooh, I am really digging all the detail you've managed to squeeze into this build. I particularly enjoy the blue floor you've added.
  5. Wow, I am beyond impressed with this build! You've really managed to capture the essence of the sewers here. I have no complaints whatsoever.
  6. NPU here mate! Looks awesome!
  7. Looks great man! I love all the greebling you've done to it.
  8. Nice work here mate! The base is really well done, especially that control panel area.
  9. Wow, nice work! I'm really digging all the detail you've put into this build, especially that dining room looking area and the hallway.
  10. Thanks man! Haha thanks! I worked my tail off after school for about 2 days after the topic was submitted to get this done. I may or may not have misread the due date. I was afraid that I would run out of time in my ever increasing schedule, which obviously is now not the case. Thanks, that's one of my favorite parts of this besides actually building. I enjoy writing stories and weaving characters into someone real. And thanks for that, really saved my bacon there. Thank you! Really means a lot! I spent a long time on those greeble bits haha.
  11. Ryn

    [MOC] Eadu Turbo Laser

    This looks great! I like the shape and detail you've managed to achieve.
  12. Ryn

    [MOC] Boga – Obi Wan's Varactyl

    Wow, this looks awesome! You really managed to accurately capture what Boga looked like, unlike that aforementioned set.... His mane was really well done!
  13. Xizor’s Palace, on the planet Coruscant…. [-Accessing personal logs…….RYN……complete-] Had somebody told me three rotations ago that the Empire and the Rebellion would be “working together” to take down one of the most powerful crime lords in the galaxy, I would have laughed and called them crazy. But that’s the position I find myself in now. Command put me in charge of a small squad of soldiers to assault Xizor’s personal palace, an epic, heavily fortified structure just smaller than the Imperial Palace. Legend has it that if you spent a whole year inside the palace, you wouldn’t even see all the bathrooms inside, let alone every room. Thankfully Alliance Intelligence had kindly given each soldier a holo-map of his palace in order to more efficiently find Princess Leia and not get lost within its hundreds of rooms. While other members of both factions infiltrated up through the sewers, my particular squad rappelled from a U-Wing onto one of the many balconies lining the edges of the structure, after a fly-by shooting insured that we would encounter minimal resistance on impact. The balcony, adorned with exotic plants and greenery, lead to a long hallway in which we met our first foes. Near a door at the end, a small barricade had been set up by Black Sun mercenaries using various crates and cylinders. Once the mercenaries spotted us, they immediately began firing across the room, lighting it up with various red and green laser flares. I ordered my men to hug the walls and wait for pauses between firing to advance up the expensively decorated hall. One of their men unwisely decided to try and advance the hall to us, in which he was quickly cut down by fire from my rifle. Now outnumbered, one of them, a Rodian, ducked behind the barricade, where he could be heard saying- “We need reinforcements! The rebels are advancing on corridor 2C on route to the detention levels.” “What do you mean you are too preoccupied with the Empire?! Ok, I suppose sentry droids will work….” With the majority of the mercs distracted I signaled to the trooper closest to me to dash out of hiding quickly and fire. He nodded and pulled out a thermal detonator, intending to get rid of the barricade once and for all. We both ran out about ten feet in front of the barricade and shot the remaining mercs into cover. When they popped up again, I provided cover fire for my companion while he pushed the trigger on a thermal detonator and threw it, causing a small explosion that took out the last of the mercenaries. Only a whole palace left to go…… [-Closing personal logs……RYN……complete-]
  14. Thanks man! Glad you appreciate my first attempts at building stuff like this! Thanks! I'm excited to be with other talented builders such as yourself! Thank you! I'm almost more proud of the backstory than the build itself. It's one that I have been planning and fleshing out for a few weeks now, when I realized I wanted to join Nar Eubrikka. And I'm glad you like the walkway! I almost didn't add it to the build, but then thought I needed more dimensions to it. And thanks for your feedback on the posing, that was probably the most difficult part of this build to figure out. I tried a lot of things that didn't really work, but next time I'll be sure to pose them better!
  15. Ryn

    Episode XV: Operation Eclipse

    Wow, this was a great idea for this episode! I better start building then, and research Prince Xizor a little more.