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  1. Future MOCs

    you dont have to build a whole vehicle, you could just try and a build a certain part of it. Then, if that works, could build some thing else to go with the first part you just built. Its the northern hemisphere summer at the moment - build the straw walkers from a combine harvester. Dont know what straw walkers are - google them and read up and research. When you have those made, build the sieves
  2. Excavator family

    Old Uncle lol. I have two of those, one I bought from a mate. She tried to convert the pneumatics to Hydraulic.... it didnt work! Maybe one day I shall get all the replacement pneumatics I need to resurect them both
  3. Yes. Often. I maintain my own vehicle (Land Rover) I build my mountain bikes and race them and work on aircraft, Fixed wing and Helicopters. I grew up on a farm where we did all our own maintenance. There is a difference between needing a hammer to get things to fit correctly and using a hammer to install a pin to an arm as you suggest. Lego is a modular system where the items are designed to fit together in a certain geometric mathematical way. If that pin doesnt slide in directly, its wrong. I have posted and read the purist thread and do agree with that, however, this first posts in this thread asked about fitting and install pins with difficulty. I feel that this post is valid in this thread. Whilst have only been registered on this forum for a short period I see that there are many different thoughts and feelings about connecting parts of Lego to other parts. It is an interesting place.
  4. to me its quite simple if a pin or axle does not slide through with no resistance - it is under stress and there fore illegal. If you or your mechanic were working on your car that you need to have to drive to work and you had to repeatedly hit a bolt to make it fit - is that right? If the bolt doesnt fit easily and properly, something is wrong. Lego is no different.
  5. look forward to the video clips. Storage, I suppose its down to the individual, I keep my builds for awhile and then strip them down to store easily or build something else.
  6. yep - looks great! I have enjoyed following this project so far, for me a proper project - taking a real world machine and making it in Lego. Looking foward to the finished project
  7. WOW! that is waht technic is about. Thank and you, Magnum Opus
  8. Purism

    I should have also added that I get a little frustrated when people ask :- a) how do i do this? b) how can I get the build plans for that? figure it out your self! learn to think and try to work out how somebody did something or how something works. example sheves on a crane. I had this problem years ago, before the internet and so had to think about it, study the problem and then I remember how the sheaves work like gears and realised that there is a gear ratio applicataion there. I dont want to get too derogatory on people, but with the ready easy access to the internet, it is EVEN EASIER to research projects and see how stuff is done in the real world, but my prefered way is to get upclose and personal with actually equipment. About 8 months ago I happened to be a yacht marina and near by were some articulated trucks parked up. I spent about 30 mins crawling under them and around them taking pictures seeing how it all fits together, how the axles are mounted and suspended, the Watts link and Panhard links (yeah, I named dropped there because some will know what they are, others will look them up and the others that may not even read this thread, wont look them up) I probably spend more time thinking and researching than actual building, because by then I know how I would build it and as most of my thinking happens on either an airplane ride or a motorbike trip, I am usually there by the time I have it mostly figured out!
  9. Purism

    What dellock6 and jorgeopesi say (with the exception of cutting an axle) I have lots of lego, most of it studded. The studdless sets I have do give me many more parts and some options, but making it all work together is a challenge at times - the challenge I like! Also, I dont buy Lego, if I haven't got it, I work around it. I am too tight to buy specific pieces (and also do plenty of other things so Lego time is limited to the wet season usually) I would like a better ability to make steering axles with drive (4wheel drive) without using portal axles that are on my unimog, but I dont have those parts so I worked around it. I too prefer to work on the technical aspect rather than what the end result looks like, coming from a studded lego history, more imagination is needed! I have used aftermarket string though - bricklayers line works well for my cable car hoist, has a bit of streatch though cheaper than spectra I dont post too much really because a) limited build time, b) I feel old that I dont have much of the newer stuff and c) the building is more interesting for me.
  10. thats pretty good that, I like it
  11. Beyond Technic

    Interesting, I am thinking similart to you. I only joined this forum recently, bored one day. Most of my lego is from before 1992 so lots of studded and limited ability to make clutches for gearboxes and other mechanisms. I ahve since been given some studless lego and there are some great parts in it, but I also have difficulty utilising them, I learnt with studded lego and so that is how my mind knows and did learn how to fit it all together. It does seem to me that most people build copies of supercars and amazingly get in quite a lot of functions, and that is what they are interested in, thats cool, but for me, I am more interested in building something functional but not nessicarily stylish - like a car chassis but with no body shell. I recently built a cable car that has a hoist to lift a mug from the floor, to the gondala, travel the length of my house and then could lower the mug. It was a but rought and ready and didn't really look like a cable car, but i got in there the fucntions that I wanted and it accomplished. I see many people asking for the drawings / plans / LDD for somebody elses creation because they want to build it themselves. NO! look, study, think, research and build your own variation on that item! Copying somebody elses build wont make you a better builder, just make you good at copying somebody elses work. oh, and people say that they need to buy parts for a particular thing or cant build it because they dont have a particular item. The thread about the trench digger / canal cutter thing is FANTASTIC. A proper original idea with some great challenges - how to empty the buckets in a proper way. That is hard work, requires thinking, logic and research. Think out side the norm. There are quite a few cranes, including a tower crane. Has anybody built a tower crane that includes the climbing frame so that it insert sections in its own tower? See if you can build that with the parts that you have.
  12. Enjoying following this project because it is not normal, not a car, not some robot thing from / for robot wars and (attempts) to copy something in the real world. Good Work!
  13. Actuall it should be AML - Aston Martin Lagonda. It looks cool, lots of effort there. I can sometimes see how studless enables more mechanisms in a small space it seems, but for me, I have trouble with it. But now I have quite a bit of studdless and different gears and ratios, it might work for me on my current project.
  14. The Unimog. For me that was hard. It was the first set that I built that was studless and SO many instructions - 5 books! I think it took me a week, an hour or so in the evenings, but work was full on at that time. Its also the onle set I havent dissmantled.
  15. interesting Mate, I dont mind you asking for help, but a pointer from an older fella, you should have asked sooner - dont leave it till the end next time. something better / more important may have come up on the weekend and now your stuffed becuase you didnt do this sooner. As for asking for help - not one person can learn all the mistakes, learn the mistakes made by others and endevor to avoid them. Or, in this context, I dont mind asking colleagues for help, I could spend a day trying to solve something in Excel and a work mate may know a better or more appropriate way.