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    Hello Eurobricks

    Hello guys! My name is William! You can call me that or YeOld/YeOlde Animations, it really is up to you. I am a guy from the Midwest U.S.A. I have been a fan of Lego from a small kid (age 2-3) my older brothers had the 1980s and early 1990s Lego Castle, Pirates and Space sets so that is what I have had for most of my life but I did buy most of the 2007 Lego Castle line though a few sets I did not get. However I have given them to people over the last 9ish years and do not have as many as I did now. I mostly do 3D CGI Lego stuff now on account of it being more accessible and more parts than physical bricks etc. I did have an account here a year or so ago but some one I know took it and I cant get into that one, long story short I am not talking to that person any more. Any how this is the first time I really ever posted anything here so I thought I would make a small, not very good poster! The dragon, light and so much more is wrong with the poster but I have been working on it for over a week now and at some point you just have to let your work go. I will be making more posters for some themes of Lego that I like such as Castle and Pirates as well as Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars. Some day I might remake this poster if I ever get things to look better The secound picture is the concept I did with my Wacom drawing pen tablet that I am no good at drawing with, as I am sure you can see. Thanks to Nicolas Jarraud for creating the amazing Lego Brick Editor that was used for the Lego Bricks of this poster aka, and I use Blender to render the poster and Affinity Photo to combine the layers That is all for now, I hope everyones day goes well. Regards ~William PS I read that you can not post big pictures on Eurobricks, I think it is okay to post the link to the Imgur upload like I did right?
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    Hello Eurobricks

    Thanks alot! Haha, thanks
  3. YeOldeAnimations

    Hello Eurobricks

    Thank you! The other Lego Themes are all fine and good but its Lego Castle that captures my attention every time I do things with Lego!
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    Hello Eurobricks

  5. YeOldeAnimations

    Hello Eurobricks

    Thank you! Ah! okay thanks a lot I have fixed that!
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    [MOC] LEGO Medieval Layout/Buildings - WIP

    wow I really like the 6th one!
  7. YeOldeAnimations

    Jon Snow: "Winter is coming!"

    Looks nice!
  8. YeOldeAnimations

    [MOC] History of LEGO Castle

    Hey, cool little MOC . . . though I would not call Nexo "Lego Castle" ;)
  9. YeOldeAnimations

    REVIEW: 71018 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 17

    Love the review! I have wanted Lego to make an Elf line of sets for years (and the CMF Elf in series 3 contributed to that a lot) and I was very sad when the Lego Elves line turned out to be such a terrible thing as it is. So I am very happy to see this new Lego Elf Girl! The Elf Girl, Butterflies Girl, Battle Dwarf and the Roman Gladiator will be the only characters from this series that I think I will want to pick up ...
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    Any chance of Lord of the rings sets coming back?

    Yes I know this very well, I hope they do not BUT they might sell them some day (I hope not) but they might. Only time will tell.
  11. YeOldeAnimations

    Mounties Trudging Through the Forest

    I really like how the Scene is set up, very cool looking.
  12. YeOldeAnimations

    The Root Kingdom

    Very intriguing build! I very much like the small buildings.
  13. YeOldeAnimations

    MOC- Medieval Cottage

    A very nicely styled medieval house!
  14. YeOldeAnimations

    [MOC] LEGO Medieval Layout/Buildings - WIP

    Medieval Style houses are always nice to see built in Lego! and the ones you have built look very nice!
  15. YeOldeAnimations

    Dragon Lands: Mythic Machines

    Very amazing builds, I very much like Ardun Observatory one the most I would say.
  16. YeOldeAnimations

    Any chance of Lord of the rings sets coming back?

    I think the only hope for more LOTR sets is if they ever end up making Movies or Movie off J.R.R Tolkien's amazing works we call the Silmarillion, I think if they did that they MIGHT make new LOTR sets but who knows ....
  17. YeOldeAnimations

    [MOC] Kazum'dar castle

    This a very nice build! I love how you used the green hair!
  18. YeOldeAnimations

    [MOC] My very first MOC(in progress) "Ambush"

    Looks like a good start to me, love the setting of the trees and road!
  19. YeOldeAnimations

    [MOC] 1821: Battle of Dervenakia

    A very interesting MOC and equally interesting historical facts!
  20. YeOldeAnimations

    MOC: Fire truck Volkswagen Crafter

    Very nice looking firetruck!