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  1. I really like all your vehicles. Cars are great ! Did you make them with a speed champion set base or with bricks from others sets or brinklink ? Anyway, it's really a good work ! thanks for sharing
  2. Amazing work ! I really like the way you build again and again and aigain this set ! The snake, the bird, the "old plane" were great and now this train !!! I will try to follow your instruction to build it ! Thanks and again, amazing work !
  3. FrassAttack

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Well , i do prefer how they look in the Hand of Time ... The way the new Zane is painted is really poor ... I guess i'm lucky as it means i won't be in a hurry to have them all ^^
  4. FrassAttack

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    It will be too bad the lego company lets down the Nexo Knight ... They were about to create a sort of Universe with their Knights of the future and their elemental ennemies ( i mean something different to Ninjago or Star wAR ). The tv show is not as good as it could be ( i mean the fight are very "quick" : one hit, "pouf" no more ennemies ... but it a young show so it should have time to improve ... ). May be the price of the set were a bit expensive for a non-licenced theme ? I guess the lego company sold better the nexo stuff when they are in sales so ...
  5. FrassAttack

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    My children really enjoy this theme and i must say, that i do too. It's a nice mix between space and castle so ^^ ( and it gives us some of the better monster : the lava monsters ( Moltor or Flama ) or the rock-electric one ( Rogul? and the new one with an new helmet ) They are great ! Minifigurines of the knights are really well done too and we have the mecha too ... Water or forest could have been amazing set ... But ^^
  6. FrassAttack

    Bonjour from France

    Hello, my name's Julien, and i'm back in the Lego world, thanks to my son and daughter. A junior "spiderman and venom" set and a creator one ( a yellow helicopter ) and that's ... we were in ( again for me ^^). We have some of my old lego, a little bit dusty as they suffered a river flood ( cherry on the cake : Space, Blacktron and castle theme ). I can't say we have yet a favorite theme : Junior, Disney, Nexo Knight ( is the favorite of my children) , Ninjago, Friends, Chima ( just before it ended i guess ), Creator, City , The train ( why there aren't any railway crossing barrier ? ), super heroes, batman, star war ...Minifigurines ... That's, See you,
  7. FrassAttack

    contest Braaiiinnss!!! Sci-Fi Contest

    Thanks for your answer ! So I try to modifie the vehicle in order to follow the rules ^^ , see you. Hope that will do the job ^^
  8. FrassAttack

    contest Braaiiinnss!!! Sci-Fi Contest

    Hello everyone, i'm in, for the very first time in a contest, and i have to say it was lots of fun ^^ when you say : "Cat C - that the other vehicle can be part of the main one", does it have to be visible or just possible, like something inside the boot ( not kidding ! ) ( hope it will be possible because it would be really hard to choose between them ^^) In any case, lots of fun ^^
  9. Hi everyone, as we did like the theme of the contest we entered , but as you will notice, we ( my son and i ) are not used to this. We have only three zombis ( from minifigures ) so we though using the Blacktron as an army of infected zombis would allow us to increase the number of menace. The scene took place in a space station, where the infection did begun ^^, hope you will enjoy it, comments are welcome , see you . Incoming news ! A Blacktron's base is under attack. Some of the scientists and all the Blactron send there, are acting in a really strange way , eating each other, which is not very kind . Space marine have just arrived there, and are opening fire. The Space Commander " Hammer" is leading the evacuation team . A Techno-blue elementalist is helping them. They used to call them : Blue wasp , on the battle field ... But we don't know if they will find any survivor there ... The last report was talking about : - 6 scientists , one of them is from Calamardland - 7 Blactrons The "Hammer" team is about Hammer , three marines and a Techno-blue elementalist ... We are now, receving images ... Two Hammer's marines are coming from the roof thanks to metallic rope , the blue wasp is going by there too but his shoes allow him to run on any surface ( gravity doesn't matter ... ) Hammer is going ahead but, he engaged the enemy but as usual didn't activate the battle mode of his armor. The sergeant "ChainSaw" Pasuon is engaging the ennemies too ! IMG_0329 , sur Flickr Some scientists are running, two of them are alived and safe ... IMG_0330 , sur Flickr IMG_0331 , sur Flickr Would you have a taste of my hammer ... IMG_0335 , sur Flickr IMG , sur Flickr Sergent Chainsaw is cutting a zombi in two part and firing another one in order to protect an escaping scientist ... IMG_0334, sur Flickr Too late to save this one ... They are sharing him ... IMG_0340 sur Flickr It's unacceptable, i will stop this ! IMG_0338 sur Flickr Hope you like it, see you ^^
  10. Hello everyone, first time ever on a Lego forum and in a contest ^^ but the theme was too funny . I apologize for the amateur look of the entries but we had fun building them ( my son and i , well, it's based on the Chevrolet set ). The new Interceptor ( the chevrolet ) IMG_0393 sur Flickr is quite usefull when you need crossing a field full of zombis ... It's well armored , and need a two person crew. IMG_0388 , sur Flickr IMG_0397 , sur Flickr Its weapons are : - a roof doble canons and doble machines guns ( managed by one of the crew member ) , it is able to rotate 360┬░ so zombis can come from any direction, it doesn't matter ... IMG_0402 , sur Flickr - two flamethrowers on each side of the car ( able to move from the front of the car to the backside ), which allow the driver burning some of the zombis. "Old one" EDIT : In order to follow better the rules of the contest, and after asking, i made this "little" modification, trying to make something which doesn't change the vehicle to much. Now the velo is part of the vehicle, tied ( attached ) to the boot. The chair is here too. The sabres are on the roof canon's chair, they take them and put them on the velo when needed ... IMG_0407 sur Flickr IMG_0408 sur Flickr - two high voltage electric canon on each side ( schocking the zombis ) IMG_0412 sur Flickr IMG_0394 , sur Flickr - two missiles in case of really big trouble, ( they have two positions : like a close or open to fire function ) ... IMG_0388 , sur Flickr ( old one ) IMG_0409 sur Flickr ( new ) - and some chainsaws in order to cut zombis in more parts, which made them easiest to move ... And of course, to cross a field full of zombis, you need a zombiplow ! IMG_0387 , sur Flickr IMG_0411 sur Flickr ( new ) We have fun making this one, the driver choice was an hard one, we took the girl samourai. ( The sheriff from minifigure serie 16 was an option too ) ... IMG_0398 , sur Flickr and the new kai, because he is really well-done ! Hope you will enjoy it ... Comments are welcome of course ^^ To finish this edited post, as a bonus some pictures "in action" : IMG_0415 sur Flickr ( new ) IMG_0414 sur Flickr ( new ) IMG_0400 , sur Flickr IMG_0401 , sur Flickr My son and i, are new to this ( excuse my english by the way as we are french ) . i don't know if we had the right to used the chevrolet as a starting point, if not, we had another idea that we may post by there, and i don't know how to allow people to see the photo in flick by clicking on the photo ( to see them at a normal size ), well in any case, thanks for watching ^^and comments, advices are welcome , see you ! In case of REALLY BIG TROUBLE, like the new interceptor can't move anymore, the crew has to open the boot an ride as fast as possible ! EDIT; the crew have to take the velo, the sabre and ride as quickly as possible ! IMG_0373 , sur Flickr IMG_0374 , sur Flickr IMG_0383 , sur Flickr IMG_0378 , sur Flickr IMG_0386 , sur Flickr EDIT : We made modification in order to introduce the velo one which was our second idea, hope you enjoy it, see you,