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  1. Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    Very nice! I'll have to dig out my light bley parts again.
  2. [BL] 10179 Milennium Falcon - with a twist

    Very nice use of Excel to keep track of everything. Bricklinking sets for me is challenging but this streamlines the process.
  3. Duel on Naboo Video Review

    Thank you for making this review. I was on the fence about buying this set but after watching it, this may be my next purchase...
  4. [MOC] T-65 X-wing Starfighter

    That is an amazing model, I especially love the use of snot and the display stand. Build on - ClassicBricks
  5. My Star Wars (and few others) decal collection

    These are some great looking designs and I may use some in the future. If I do, I'll ask permission first of course.
  6. Long Term Sail Storage (advice, tips, and tricks?)

    Thank you posting these tips, I am rebuilding some 1990's pirate sets and needed a guide to store the sails. Cheers - ClassicBricks
  7. [MOC] Grass Plains Battle Redux WIP

    Amazing as always, ACPin! I was fortunate enough to see you and your displays in person this past summer at BrickFair Va '16.
  8. [MOC] Operations on Sullust

    I like the incorporation of the brick-popping-out snot texture. All in all, small details like this really makes a MOC stand out.
  9. [MOC] The Battle of Umbara

    Great job with the terrain, the black and purple really distinguish this terrain from any other MOC.
  10. [MOC] [LDD] [WIP] Millennium Falcon

    Very nice! Using the SNOT technique to this degree allows for much greater accuracy and detail. I cant wait to see the finished product.