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  1. Mine arrived in great condition! Thanks CopMike!
  2. CopMike you rock! Thanks for all the effort you are putting in to this!
  3. Thanks CopMike for doing this again! Due to my recent move, all my lego is still in boxes... so I made a digital entry. All I want for Christmas this year is a nice cozy chair in my new home:
  4. Jippon

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013

    Great entries so far! Love this raffle! Here's my entry, thought I'd wish the monsters a merry christmas this year: Good luck everyone!
  5. Thank you Sandy for the nice feedback! Really great that you took the time to rate all the entries. I'm hesitating to join the Guilds of Heroica RPG, so maybe you'll see me there soon!
  6. Wow! The entries look amazing, I love how many unique ideas people have come up with whitin the same theme! I just finished and posted my entry, hope you like it! Best of luck to all contestants!
  7. Hey all! Here's my entry: The old outpost Here’s the back-story for my moc, I tried to write it like the set-up for a quest: On the outskirts of Waldur Forest, near an old passage through the Mountains of Nathuz, lies a long forgotten outpost. Once used in days of old by the soldiers of Fortaan, it has long since been abandoned. Or so we thought. Recently, strange murmurings have been heard around the watchtower, and light has been seen flickering behind its crumbled walls. Rumor has it that an old (and slightly mental) druid has been wandering in the forest and occupied the ruin. From here he carries out his evil plan of overrunning Ennon with slimy marshes that he summons from his left hand. Enjoy! Best of luck to all contestants!
  8. I'm not very familiar with the world of Herorica, but this contest is a good excuse for getting to know the RPG a little better. Already got a fun idea for an entry, good luck to everyone who enters!
  9. Jippon

    Legoland Entrance - LDD MOC

    Thanks for the support people! Thank you both for your feedback! I'll try and add tiles and more details next week, i'm a little busy now and rendering takes lots of time. Thank you for the kind explanation and title edit, I edited my post to be more focussed on the model itself than on the CUUSOO project. Hope it's okay now.
  10. Hey all, I would like to share my new LDD MOC with you, a scale model of the entrance to Legoland Germany. I had a lot of fun building it in LDD and would love to see it realised as a real set with CUUSOO. That's why I decided to upload it: The Legoland Germany Entrance on CUUSOO Imagine taking this home as a souvenir from the park. Feedback is more than welcome, thanks for reading!
  11. Jippon

    FAPC Voting Thread

    18. Space War Horse - sparkart - 2 points 21. Frog Terraformer Project - legoalbert -1 point 22. Pigs VS Cows - Ninja Nin - 1 point 24. BannanaTank - alex54 - 1 point
  12. Jippon

    MSFC Voting Thread

    9. Micro Blacktron Base - jedi1984 - 2 points 13. Invasion! - 4estFeller - 2 points 15. Landing on Xurus - K.Kreations - 1 point
  13. Jippon

    Avatar Contest Voting thread

    18. Camelboy - 3 points 31. The_nreator - 2 Points
  14. Jippon

    Expand the Winter Village Contest III Voting Topic

    1. Stebai - 1 3. HundredHander- 1 10. Righty - 1 32. TheLegoDr - 1 39. Cara - 1