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  1. OrangeGareth

    Dwarven Ballistas

    Love the olive green and dark brown combo.
  2. OrangeGareth

    Fresh Baked Goods!

    The different colors on the walls add a great flare!
  3. OrangeGareth

    Prelude: Northern Conversation

    Cool background details!
  4. OrangeGareth

    Mitgardian Farmhouse

    Nice wall work!
  5. OrangeGareth

    Calbridge Castle

    Excellent mini scale castle. Great incorporation of castle and rock.
  6. OrangeGareth

    [Brains] Cat B - The Hideout

    First post on Eurobricks - yay! I'd like to thank Graham Gidman, who helped me immensely with this build.